Mt Cordeaux forms the Northern side of Cunningham's Gap. The track ends at a platform just below the main peak and is ideal for viewing South, down the length of Main Range National Park. There are also good views of the Moogerah Peaks, Mt Barney and North to the Mistake Mountains.

Getting there

From Brisbane follow the Cunningham Highway towards Cunningham's Gap. At the top of the gap turn right into a carpark adjoining the highway. The Mt Mitchell track leaves on the opposite side of the road, so take care when crossing!


The track is clearly marked so no map is required, however the Sunmap Cunninghams Gap sheet covers the area.

Further Walks

The Mt Cordeaux track continues on to Bare Rock/Morgan's Walk and is worth the effort if you have the time.


Completed this walk in the rain on a Monday. It was peaceful as we had the mountain to ourselves (we didn't run into another soul except for the odd leech and marsupial!). Definitely recommend being vigilant for leeches. Found the trail to be well maintained, though slippery in some muddy parts (muddy from the rain) but that's not an issue if you have good shoes (as we did)! Overall, very enjoyable and easy walk. It was a lovely area to walk through and unwind to while listening to the sounds of nature and singing birds.

Astrid on 4 Dec, 2017

An easy walk and great views from the top.

Suzey on 24 Sep, 2017

Great little walk. Not really a class 4 but long if you include bare rock which is worth the extra 2.8KM

Leigh on 19 Aug, 2017

Loved this. Amazing views, easy walking.

luvwalking on 17 Aug, 2017

An relatively easy walk and well worth the short detour to Bare Rock. Views are stunning but can get cold in the afternoon. Stay a while at the summit and look at this incredible place we are lucky enough to call home.

Natalie on 13 Aug, 2017

Amazing. Bloody amazing. We added on the bare rock track 2.8km. If you don't want to walk the extra 5.6km return on top of the mt cordeaux walk at least go approx 800m along the trail to see the stunning view.

Sharon Abbott on 12 Aug, 2017

Beautiful walk, lots of shade and very cool under the canopy.

TJ on 5 Aug, 2017

This is one of my favourite walks. Starts with rainforest and then some spectacular views once you get higher up.

Brendan on 31 Jul, 2017

Much easier than I was expecting. Some good views while the sun shined. Kept going to Bare Rock which was covered in fog 😔

Juiced Pixels on 16 Jul, 2017

Lovely walk. Not difficult in terms of skill level but is a long walk up and good to get the blood pumping. Can be done with kids. The look out is beautiful however please note you cannot actually go up to the peak as that is closed. Worth the extra 40 minutes or so to go to Bare rock as the views from there are better.

Ashwin on 8 Jul, 2017

It hadn't rained but this walk was still damp enough on the track to keep an eye on the feet at times. That is of course what you expect during any rainforest section of a walk. The ascent would make any walker puff, but not too much. It's a great cluster of peaks in this area.

Dvette on 3 Jul, 2017

Didn't expect such a beautiful rainforest landscape at the beginning of the route. The forest is stratified and there are many buttress roots all over the places.
The route to the summit is gentle and clear.
It takes about 1.5hour to the Mt Cordeaux outlook from the carpark. The view is excellent! Great walk!

Gordon Cheng on 23 Jun, 2017

This beautiful hike will take you through some stunning rainforest with moss covered ancient old tree's and boulders 🌳glorious Crows Nests, Staghorns and ferns 🌿 The crisp Winter morning air on your cheeks and the sound of Bell Bird's and frog's 🦅🐸 can be heard throughout the forest as it starts to come to life. My kind of magic 😉 and that's even before you reach the summit!

The view from Mt Cordeaux is very beautiful with views South, down the length of the Main Range National Park, Moogerah Peaks, Mt Barney and North to the Mistake Mountains ⛰

I would highly recommend hiking the further 2.8 km (about 20 min) to Bare Rock. Here you will be greeted with spectacular views of the Scenic Rim and what a pretty bloody glorious place to stop for something to eat 🍏🍉🍓

I would not classify this as a hard hike but a reasonable level of fitness would be recommended 💪
It took me about 1.5 hours at a reasonable pace to reach Bare Rock stopping to take MANY photo's along the way 📸
I spent about 1 hour on top of Bare Rock just soaking up the Winter sun and watching the clouds roll in and out of the mountains and valley's 🌬
The hike back down only took about an hour.

Facebook:- Melissa Anderson
Instagram:- misslissy79

Mel on 18 Jun, 2017

Beautiful easy going hike for stunning views of scenic rim!

courtlalala on 6 Jun, 2017

Beautiful walk on a clear, crisp and sunny day. Views are spectacular.

Easy, well-maintained track.

ShavenWalrus on 1 May, 2017

uphill all the way but worth it

newt666 on 19 Feb, 2017

Easy walk to Mt Cordeux Lookout, Morgan's walk, Bare Rock and back. Barely broke a sweat. Fabulous rainforest - took 100's of pics along the way so no idea how long it took to walk :) The views from Bare Rock are well worth the extra time. Loved every moment I was on Mt Cordeux, every single second with so much to see, from huge miss draped trees pocked with ferns to tiny outcrops of bright orange fungus. Plenty of bird life, wee lizards an the occasional wallaby. I'll be back for more! Next week Mt Mitchell. Lovin the Scenic Rim!

Jennie Fyson on 4 Jan, 2017

About 13km if you include Bare Rock. A relatively easy walk with some very stunning views, on a clear day!!

Grant on Jan, 2017

A graded walk through rainforest up to the summit of Mt Cordeaux. The traffic noise from Cunninghams Gap is almost a constant hum. I have bad knees and found this track manageable as it is mostly switchbacks.

As an aside, I ended up in hospital four days after the walk on an IV drip due to an infection from a tick bite, so I'd suggest using DEET insect repellant all over, not just in some places (note to self) ;)

kerfuffle on 19 Dec, 2016

This as a great walk, took about 45mins to reach the top. Completely deserted up there too, I spent a while exploring! I found two giant holes in the mountain, one just below the peak that goes straight down and another a little further down the trail that is horizontal. As a geology student it absolutely perplexes me what these things are? Sills? Volcanic intrusions? They're so straight they look like they were drilled tbh! Anyway, amazing view at the top, I would have continued on down the other side but a storm was coming over:/ maybe next time

Sophie Shoesmith on 28 Nov, 2016


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