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Pages Pinnacle (Queensland)
2 Oct, 2019
6.7km return
2.5 hrs
Absolutely no idea how anyone could do this hike plus the scramble, scratch that straight up climb, to the very end in anywhere under 4 hours on first attempt. Don't turn off the fire trail until you reach the tree with PINNACLE scraped into it in the photos, any other trails are rock climbers trails and you'll waste you time and energy (like us ahah) if you are looking for the pinnacle. The scramble along the razorback took myself and my friend 2 hours but was exhilarating and pant-wetting and I'd definitely do it again. Do not do this climb/scramble unless you have proper hiking boots you are temping death on sheer cliffs and slippery rocks. Fantastic all round, reminded me what it feels like to be alive.
Natural Bridge (Springbrook National Park)
1 Oct, 2019
Very Easy
1km return
30 mins
If you go at night to see the glow worms please bring a red light and don't shine lights in the cave at all. People flashing lights everywhere severely detracted from the experience : (
Castle Hill (North Queensland)
31 Jul, 2019
1.7km return
1 hr
Witches Chase (Tamborine National Park)
19 Apr, 2019
2.7km return
90 mins
Witches Falls (Tamborine National Park)
19 Apr, 2019
3.4km return
75 mins
Northbrook Mtn bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park Bush Camps)
23 Mar, 2019
4.5 hrs
Check out sunrise on the lookout it’s worth it!!
Buderim Forest Park (Sunshine Coast)
12 Feb, 2019
2km return
90 mins
Cedar Creek Falls (Tamborine National Park)
13 Dec, 2018
1.3km return
45 mins
Gins Lips Swimming Hole (Queensland)
23 Dec, 2017
2.5km return
1 hr