Mt Mitchell, one of two peaks on either side of Cunningham's Gap, is a good track walk which provides great views of Main Range, the Moogerah Peaks and through to Mt Barney. There is a wide variety of biome types along the track, including luxuriant rainforest, eucalyptus forest, and montane heath, as well as impressive natural rock formations, making this an incredibly scenic walk.

Bird Watching
No Dogs Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

From Brisbane follow the Cunningham Highway towards Cunningham's Gap. At the top of the gap turn right into 'crest' carpark adjoining the highway. The Mt Mitchell track leaves on the opposite side of the road, so take care when crossing! Note that the carpark is rather small, so try to get there early to maximise your chances of securing a spot.


The track is clearly marked so no map is required, however the Sunmap Cunninghams Gap sheet covers the area.


Nice walk to get your heartrate up, watch out for stinging nettles beside the paths!

Sasha Thiedeke on 21 Aug, 2022

Lovely walk along a very defined path - at a quick pace, it took us ~1hr to reach the summit for sunrise, and took ~1hr to get down as well. The carpark can fill up pretty early. Be prepared for the wind chill at the top.

Ben on 21 Aug, 2022

Fairly easy track with an awesome view out across most of the main range and Barney/maroon at sunrise. Was about 1°C with wind chill on top of that. The wild wind was forming layers of cloud that were rolling fast up and over the south west side of mount Cordeaux and Mitchell which looked absolutely spectacular. Walking back down it was like having a whole new hike, as we couldn't see the beautiful rainforest in the dark on the way up.

asherbasher on 12 Jun, 2022

Finally we have conquered Mount Mitchell today! Feel satisfied now! It's not as hard as I thought but the track was muddy after a few rainy day, still doable though.

Mai.H on 16 Apr, 2022

Went off-track and climbed the west peak too

trowland on 3 Apr, 2022

amazing walk. little bit of mud in places, but well maintained and popular path.

Chris on 13 Mar, 2022

Great walk for kids. View on top is just amayzing. Easy and safe walk

Dominik on 13 Feb, 2022

Sunrise hike. Something different for Christmas this year. Nice hike got there for 5.30am Not a good sunrise cool windy and cloudy. No rain as was forecasted and even better only the two of us up there. Good way to spend the morning.

ian parker on 25 Dec, 2021

First Solo Hike - 4am start

Sharon on 19 Dec, 2021

Really excellent walk! Lots of wildlife and incredible views on a clear day.

alpinpapillion on 17 Oct, 2021

My new favourite hike. The views are beautiful on a clear day, you can even see Brisbane in the distance. We got up and back in about 2.5 hours. I’ll definitely be doing this one again. Sunrise would be amazing.

K8 on 16 Oct, 2021

A lovely cool morning to do this walk. Took 2 1/2 hrs to complete after staring at about 8am. Some birds around including bellbirds, whip birds, wrens, yellow robins and yellow spotted black cockatoos. Was quiet on the track, only passing a few people. Awesome views from the summit but a bit hazy and cloudy so we couldn’t see all the way to Brisbane.

S K on 18 Aug, 2021

Fairly easy but longer and more winding than expected

Bruce on Aug, 2021

Amazing walk, with great scenery and a surprisingly diverse array of habitat types, ranging from lush rainforest to dry, rocky bush. Quite an easy walk too, which was surprising given the elevation. I'll admit that the final part was a slight challenge for me due to my discomfort with heights, though the magnificent views made it completely worth the while.
Here's a short YouTube video featuring some of the wildlife I found on the hike:

Jackson Nugent on 13 Jul, 2021

Moderate incline the whole way up, so a good heart starter but still very enjoyable. Took about 2.5hrs including a short break at the top. Stunning views.

wheres_wally on 12 Jul, 2021

Been wanting to do this walk for a while and did it today in blistering winds (which is not recommended by the way). Last time I walked Mitchell was around 28 years ago, and still remember how it good it was and it didn't disappoint. The end of the track is not for the faint hearted but the views are unbeatable.

Diddy on 10 Jul, 2021

Some undergrowth coming in, can certainly see that fires have come through. Southern section looks seems untouched by the forest though. Nice walk, not too difficult

Lobster on 12 Jun, 2021

Relatively easy but long walk to the top. The middle section is quite overgrown so I would recommend wearing long pants. The top third of the walk is beautiful! Amazing views. Recommend.

Rosey Stone on 3 May, 2021

Very nice and pleasant walk. Relatively easy, I saw even 4 years old doing it and old people too :) Awesome views on Cunningham Hwy

Asha on 1 May, 2021

Amazing view in particular at Sunrise. Strongly recommend this track. Not a very hard track.

Mohsen on 25 Apr, 2021


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