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Sylvesters Lookout (Main Range National Park)
31 Jul, 2019
940m return
20 mins
A nice short easy walk with good views, worth doing in conjunction with Mount Castle lookout.
North Branch Track (Main Range National Park)
30 Jul, 2019
7km return
3 hrs
A nice easy walk 50 mins each way along Darylmple creek. Good to check out if you're in the area doing the other walks but not as good as Cascades circuit.
Winder Track (Main Range National Park)
29 Jul, 2019
12km return
4 hrs
An easy but longer walk than the others in the immediate area. The winder was a but underwhelming but an interesting piece of history. I didn't see any pigs but lots of digging and two large cage traps were setup. No real views from the ridge due to trees as others have said.
Cascades Circuit (Main Range National Park)
28 Jul, 2019
9km return
4 hrs
The best walk in the Goomburra section in my opinon, beautiful forest scenery with creek crossings and rockpools to enjoy. Vegetation changes a number of times as you move through and change elevations. An easy walk completed in 2hr 20min.
Mt Castle Lookout (Main Range National Park)
27 Jul, 2019
960m return
30 mins
A nice short walk, good view from the lookout of the "castle" feature. Worth doing with Sylvesters lookout.
Araucaria Falls (Main Range National Park)
25 Jul, 2019
3.6km return
90 mins
A nice easy walk, not much water flowing in the waterfall but there's some nice rock pools and scenery to enjoy.
Mt Maroon (Mt Barney National Park)
14 Jul, 2019
6km return
5 hrs
A nice hike, challenging, great views from the top.
Buhot Creek Circuit (Daisy Hill Conservation Park)
4 Nov, 2015
9km return
3 hrs
I completed Buhot Creek Circuit today and being my first time at Daisy Hill, I got lost a couple of times as it's not always clear which track to take when you have more than one to choose from (and no signs mentioning Buhot). I didn't take a map of the walks so more human error than anything else. It was a bit hot & humid as it got toward the end of the walk but otherwise quite pleasant. Including detours, distance was 11.9km and took just a little over 2 hours.