Warrie Circuit

Springbrook National Park
Many walks are currently closed due to COVID-19. Please,
  • check the walk's official website to confirm if the track is open
  • turn back if it looks like the track is too busy when you get there

Beautiful walk through the valley. Pass and go through lots of waterfalls and rainforest.

Stop at Apple Tree Park for toilet stop on way. Circuit is another 5-10min drive from there.

Public toilets are also located at Tallanbana Picnic Area approximately 300m on the right before Canyon Lookout where Warrie Circuit begins - toilets are set back off the road and can't be seen from the road, but, they're there just behind the picnic tables.

Cuts across the Ngarri-dhum Falls a few times in one half, and the Little Nerang Creek in the other half. The half way point is the Meeting of the Waters where (as the name suggests) the two creeks meet.

Picnic Facilities
Maximum Elevation

Getting there

Exit 79 on the Pacific Motorway. Follow Springbrook Road about 27 kms up the plateau. Turn left at a sign that says "Canyon lookout 0.2". Park at the Canyon lookout.



Route/Trail notes

From the Canyon lookout turn right and follow the path. The path is extremely well signed and marked. There are a few turnoffs for the 4km Twin Falls circuit, but stay right. It's virtually impossible to get lost. The first few kilometres head downhill past a few beautiful waterfalls. After while you lose altitude into the rainforest. A few switch backs downhill and you end up at the half way point, where all the creeks meet. Beautiful place to stop for lunch.

The walk back up hill isn't steep with lots of switch backs. At one stage near the top you get near another waterfall. There's a sign pointing to the Twin Falls circuit, but turn right and walk behind the waterfall. Best part of the trek! Follow the climb back up and walk along the ridge back to the car, checking out views all the way to Surfers Paradise.



Other References

Take a Walk in South-East Queensland, p168, ISBN 9780957793170


Beautiful walk. So many waterfalls

Kel on Jul, 2021

Doing this walk in winter was a great choice. We did ~14 kilometers in 3.5 hours. I would say it’s more of a medium difficulty as I’m not crazy fit and didn’t have a problem with the final uphill portion.

Koenigen on 12 Jun, 2021

Very good lots of waterfalls very easy elevation if you go anti clockwise

Ben Dyer on Jun, 2021

Beautiful hike with waterfalls or rapids every ten minutes or so. Moderately easy track. Took us 5:5 hours including morning tea and lunch break. 19 kms total circuit starting and finishing from Tallanbana Picnic Area. Perfect weather on the Gold Coast today. Well worth it.

Olwyn on 15 May, 2021

Starting from Canyon Lookout and hiking in an anti-clockwise direction, this is a beautiful hike, so many waterfalls after considerable recent rain. This is a 14 klm circuit that's mostly shaded with some areas, primarily at the bottom, a little muddy - didn't see any leeches. The circuit leads you through rainforest and bush with many spectacular waterfalls (two of which you can walk behind) and several creek crossings that were manageable without walking through water if preferred (though would depend on recent rain), by taking a little care and rock hopping. A good proportion of the hike has loose rocks and roots on the path which is quite easy to follow. We only saw about a dozen others during the hike and we took about 6 hours to complete the circuit, however, we didn't rush it and this included half an hour for lunch mid-way and many stops for photography along the way. Moderate fitness required particularly for the hike back up. Loved this hike and will do again.

Sunnygirl on 16 Apr, 2021

Wet, very wet, but waterfalls were in full flow

Harry Lamb on 8 Apr, 2021

Great walk, very wet and boggy, the waterfalls were in full flight

Jesse on 26 Feb, 2021

Today we hiked the picturesque Warrie Circuit which you will find up at Springbrook ⛰

If you start from Canyon Lookout, you will descend through lush, green rainforest with glorious ancient old tree's 🌴
You pass over creek crossings, top's of waterfalls that appear to drop off the edge of the world 🌏 through cave's, behind absolutely glorious waterfalls before you start to head back up the mountain with switchbacks, stairs and more waterfalls 🏞

Today we hiked 15.5 km taking 5 hour's.

The circuit is easy to follow but just take care after rain as it is very muddy and slippery 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

This isn't a strenuous hike but you do need the stamina to get back up the mountain 🥾

This truly is a magical experience

Enjoy 🙏💕

Instagram:- misslissy79

Mel on 11 Feb, 2021

My favourite walk! Stunning 🤩

Tracy Whitton on 4 Feb, 2021

Great walk! Started at 6am, just close to 5hrs - we weren’t going fast.

Nic on 26 Jan, 2021

Beautiful walk with the rainfall. Tracks were a bit slippery, so be sure to wear good quality footwear. Also beware of the leeches!

StephGee on 25 Jan, 2021

Beautiful walk. Tons of waterfalls and some places to swim. Very busy on the weekend.

Clem on 17 Jan, 2021

Absolutely amazing. Was pretty muddy in sections due to lots of rain overnight and also rained while we were on the circuit. Had hoped to do the pinnacle as well but the rain stopped any hope of that happening.

Chewie on 16 Jan, 2021

Did this walk this morning it is back open and as previous comment says some trees were down but they have cut thru them to expose the path again very nice walk

Nathan on 15 Jan, 2021

this is quite a calming walk to go on for hikers with reasonable fitness levels. but the latest time to start this walk would be around 12.15 pm during spring, autumn and summer. Any time later then that would be risky due to the rainforest getting dark earlier. advisable to get out of the rainforest by 4.30 pm the latest as it was already fairly dark in the rainforest. This is not a walk to be attempted during dark conditions as the rainforest paths could be slippery and very narrow ...

but the waterfalls that we come across make this a worthwhile walk especially the midpoint waterfall!

but if you are planning to go on a picnic at the mid point's waterfall.. it is advisable to start on this walk around no later then 9.30am to give yourself ample time to enjoy this walk at your own pace and have a relaxing picnic.. also to get out of the circuit at a reasonable timing.
Also do not attempt this circuit after rainy days as the path would be extra slippery. it is advisable to wear hiking boots to this circuit instead of trainers to ensure you have ample protection for your feet during hiking.
Would love to do this circuit again in future!

Lyn on 15 Jan, 2021

This walk is still closed. There is a huge tree down over a switchback on the second half of the hike, after the meeting of the waters. It is very easy to cut through the paths to avoid that tree. A second tree is down also in the second half towards the top. Easy to pass on the lower trail but the higher track where the tree was uprooted is a different story. It is definitely passable but unstable and will take them a while to repair it. There were a lot of people still on the trail even a family with their younger primary school aged children. They did seem like seasoned hikers however and the mother mentioned hiking the trail a week prior. Unfortunate that the trail will be closed for a little while longer for public safety but it is actually doable.
Heaps of active waterfalls because of the recent rains. The track is very slushy in some parts. Heaps of leeches, but they don't eat much 😉. There are a bunch of river crossings too so be prepared for wet feet! All in all a great hike which will challenge the intermediate hikers. We were passed by some fitness fanatics who completed the trail in 2 hours. It took us 5 hours with a small lunch break in the middle.

Court on 2 Jan, 2021

Cool walk heaps of waterfalls took us about 4 hours

Trent Harrison on 2021

This is now without a doubt our favourite walk in SE QLD. It took us a 2hr 38mins (not including a nice lunch and explore) at a steady pace.

While I wouldn’t consider it hard, it is definitely in the must do list. It has amazing scenery from start to finish. The waterfalls seem to be endless and the midway point when the creeks combine makes a perfect place for lunch. Enjoy the incredibly loud cicadas 🦗 🎶

The walk was closed due to unsafe conditions, but we progress regardless. There are a few large downed trees which you will have to navigate but none are insurmountable.

Andrew on 25 Dec, 2020

Did this in August - stunning variety of scenery.
Started it late - approx 1.30pm but at least it was not busy and was able to pace through it while still enjoying the beauty!

Carmen Havers on 21 Dec, 2020

This time I have chosen the arvo option. No shortage of padymelons on the way up after the halfway break.

Wanderlust on 27 Nov, 2020


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