Warrie Circuit

Springbrook National Park

Beautiful walk through the valley. Pass and go through lots of waterfalls and rainforest.

Stop at Apple Tree Park for toilet stop on way. Circuit is another 5-10min drive from there.

Public toilets are also located at Tallanbana Picnic Area approximately 300m on the right before Canyon Lookout where Warrie Circuit begins - toilets are set back off the road and can't be seen from the road, but, they're there just behind the picnic tables.

Cuts across the Ngarri-dhum Falls a few times in one half, and the Little Nerang Creek in the other half. The half way point is the Meeting of the Waters where (as the name suggests) the two creeks meet.

Picnic Facilities
Maximum Elevation

Getting there

Exit 79 on the Pacific Motorway. Follow Springbrook Road about 27 kms up the plateau. Turn left at a sign that says "Canyon lookout 0.2". Park at the Canyon lookout.



Route/Trail notes

From the Canyon lookout turn right and follow the path. The path is extremely well signed and marked. There are a few turnoffs for the 4km Twin Falls circuit, but stay right. It's virtually impossible to get lost. The first few kilometres head downhill past a few beautiful waterfalls. After while you lose altitude into the rainforest. A few switch backs downhill and you end up at the half way point, where all the creeks meet. Beautiful place to stop for lunch.

The walk back up hill isn't steep with lots of switch backs. At one stage near the top you get near another waterfall. There's a sign pointing to the Twin Falls circuit, but turn right and walk behind the waterfall. Best part of the trek! Follow the climb back up and walk along the ridge back to the car, checking out views all the way to Surfers Paradise.



Other References

Take a Walk in South-East Queensland, p168, ISBN 9780957793170


Great circuit with loads of waterfalls.

Tara on 9 Jun, 2024

Did the track anti clockwise as most people suggest. Took me 6 hours with a few stops & taking my time at the water crossing and stopping for lots of waterfall pics!. The track was in good nick and well signed. I lost count of how many stunning waterfalls there were, one at every turn. Amazing view of the GC sky line. Saw a sizable carpet python having a nap while I stopped for a snack. This was the best hike I have done so far, it did not disappoint.

Forbsey on 25 Apr, 2024

Loved the walk with my lovely friend Erika!
It took us 4.05 without our swimming stop at Meeting of the waters. We started at Canyon lookout and followed the path anticlock wise. There are a few waterfalls on the way, when we went all of them were pumping with water because of the ricent rain. The walk in the rain forest is really magical. We didn't see any spesific animals but we had a few leeches on us, so make sure to check yourself when you finish the walk.
Carpark is near the lookout and finding park is not too hard.
Overall l loved the walk and if you like waterfalls you should love it too, just make sure to go after a good amount of rain.

Daniela Paroletti on 29 Mar, 2024

My favourite hike. Done it in the wet the dry and in between. Lots of leeches when wet and need to be careful of footing. Closer to 14km than 17km I think but it always messes with my devices.

pulsade on 24 Feb, 2023

We did Warrie Circuit today, started at Canyon Lookout carpark and took the advice of other reviewers walking anticlockwise which proved to be the best option as there are more steep stairs and uneven surfaces on the way down to the “Meeting of the Waters” half way mark. A great spot to have a rest and snack with water flowing in all different directions - plenty of good water holes for a swim there. The walk took us 4hrs 15mins to complete the 13.67kms round trip. This was a very enjoyable walk due to the many stunning waterfalls and rainforest coverage the whole way. Will need moderate fitness to take on the distance and the ascent on the way back up.

Paul on 11 Feb, 2023

Lovely hike so many waterfalls and swimming holes. Bit of a longish hike for us older hikers. We did it anticlockwise and it was relatively easy getting down to the meeting of the waters and spending some time there for lunch and a bit of a dip in the water. Good spot for soaking tired feet. Bit of a slog from there back to canyon lookout car park. We took around 7 hours with quite a few breaks. We started before 6am and we were the only ones there (Just as we like it) luckily it was a shady track.

ian parker on 11 Feb, 2023

Today I hiked the picturesque Warrie Circuit which you will find up at Springbrook ⛰

I tend to start from Canyon Lookout and head in a clockwise direction.
From here you will descend through lush, green rainforest with glorious ancient old tree's 🌴
You will rock hop over creek crossings, top's of waterfalls that appear to drop off the edge of the world 🌏 through cave's, behind absolutely glorious waterfalls before you start to head back up the mountain with switchbacks, stairs and more waterfalls 🏞

Today I hiked close to 19 km's taking around 6 hour's.

The circuit is easy to follow with a well trodden trail and signage really quite good all the way around the circuit.

This isn't a strenuous hike but is rated moderately challenging. You do need the stamina to get back up the mountain as you will find big warning signs letting you know exactly how steep it is to hike back up out of the valley 🌿

Just make sure you do your research before setting out and make sure you have plenty of water 💧

This truly is a magical experience and if you are up for it, you honestly won't be disappointed.

Enjoy 🙏💕

Insta:- hikes_boots_dustytracks

Mel on 9 Jan, 2023

Glorious day to trek 16+ km of rainforest to delight in cascading waterfalls everywhere - with Abhi, Kristy, Lu, Fernando, Lisa, and Xiqian

Eleasa on 14 Jun, 2022

Accidentally took this route instead of the Twin Falls circuit - two females and our 8yo daughters. We reached Meeting of the Waters and couldn't get our girls across - panicked a little bit as we only had a few hours left of daylight under the thick rainforest canopy. Thankfully two hikers appeared out of nowhere and helped us navigate across and back until we had signal once more. Have learnt a few things in hindsight and will not be making that mistake again!

HTan on 28 May, 2022

Great hike. Especially after rain when the falls are pumping. Beautiful all the way. Make sure you go off and see the Waterfalls hiding down the little side tracks. Quite a slog all the way back up hill but even unfit me was able to manage. Did get attacked by leeches and did need assistance Crossing the creek on the way out as the river was roaring and the current strong. Go with a group.

Sharon on 23 Jan, 2022

Was a great walk. Muddy and slippery! But good fun! Plenty of leeches! Took us just under 4 hours with a lunch stop. Good incline walk at the end.

Tyneal on 16 Jan, 2022

Wow what a beautiful hike with everything to see, waterfalls, waterholes and pythons. Perfect.

Vanessak_23 on 16 Jan, 2022

Just amazing! Sooooo many waterfalls...and a couple of creek crossings. After recent rain the track was quite muddy & slippery in places. Couple of leeches too. Definitely worth it!

Suz on 3 Jan, 2022

Wonderful wet walk to see in the New Year. Rain made the creeks and waterfalls full of water and very beautiful

Calum Burn on 31 Dec, 2021

Beautiful walk with some opportunities for swimming if you don't mind the water being a bit cold. We went after the rain and had to take our shoes off for some creek crossings, so it might be worth bringing a small towel.

Jess&JonM on 4 Dec, 2021

Really fun walk, Warrie Circuit with The Pinnacle extention.
This is a fun walk with great views from the Pinnacle. This is a little scramble up with nothing very difficult but a head for heights would be good. A good general fitness would be required for the whole trip.
Wear a hat as it’s exposed at this point.
The walk back, anti clockwise, takes you to the Meeting of the Waters where a cooling dip can be had.
Then it’s a slog all the way back up to the car park. Now you’ll be thankful for the fitness you have!

Paul Tooze on 1 Nov, 2021

Fantastic hike. One of my favorites in Australia. 14.3km as marked by the signage on the walk. Several amazing waterfalls, beautiful rainforest, and lots of beautiful birds. One snake, which was not interested in being anywhere near us

Steven Dee on 17 Oct, 2021

This walk is definitely a must. Affectionately known as the ‘oh wow’ walk because of how many times you stop to admire the view and say oh wow!

Swimming opportunity at the bottom. Take some food
Loved and need to do it again soon

Sofia on 25 Sep, 2021

Did this walk in 4.5hrs going anti clockwise.

It is suggested to start the walk before 11am. We started it at 12pm and for the last 3km until you walked out of the base of the forest, it is very dark.

Was actually a pretty well rounded walk with plenty of views, changes if scenery and the water falls a rivers to cool down in. Give Twin Falls a miss and do this walk!

Zappy on 24 Sep, 2021

Started early, anti-clocwise; on a clear day. Did this walk last year and noticed how dry it was this time. Still, it is beautiful regardless. Very gradual but very steep return. Took 2hours 40minutes (I was on a mission :-)

Carmen on 19 Sep, 2021


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