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Mt Barney East peak south east ridge (Mt Barney Summit)
7 Jul, 2019
9km return
8 hrs
This was a tough climb, we had summitted mount Beerwah & Tibro in the same day a few months earlier so wanted a more challenging climb. In this one we found it! we left late in the morning, i wouldn't recommend starting later than 8am (we started at 9am) otherwise decent will be likely in the dark. The entire mountain was surrounded in white out. We passed only 3 other humans who were on their way back down as we headed upwards, 2 were park rangers who recommended we didn't travel up to the summit. It was wet, raining in parts with low visibility but we pushed through, the climb was long, and challenging as we went off track several times accidentally. We hit multiple false summits, then the final summit was reached with no sight to see. The sun parted for a few seconds as my partner and i said 'i love you' to each other for the first time. Worth it for that singular moment alone.

The trek back down was difficult as we moved fast paced. We went way off course as visibility meant we had only a few meters in front and required navigational equipment to bring us back towards the track. We had come down the wrong side of the cliffs and with the waning light it was definitely a push of luck. We lost light at marker 4 and went off track again. We had to pull out headlights, retrace and travel back up the mountain to find the marker paths again. Due to it being cold in the middle of winter the sweat beads were turning into icicles on our clothes. It was overall a super tough climb but we will be back to do it again with the light of day and clear visibility. Starting much earlier.

Key points: Start as early as you can maybe even before daybreak
Take navigation equipment and headlamps
Have plenty of water and food on hand.
Mount Beerwah (Glass House Mountains)
23 Mar, 2019
Very Hard
3.6km return
3 hrs
We summitted 2 of the glass mountains in the one day, it was hard but we wanted a challenge. It was hot and the middle of the day when we started Beerwah. Tibro we started early, went up and down in good time. We stopped for lunch then started on Beerwah at midday. The rocks were burning hot by this time, (my hands blistered) so be aware that early climbs are best if you can in the summer.
There were tourists barely up the side of the first leg, burning their hands. We unfortunately witnessed one fall quite badly trying to turn around. If you are not nimble, cannot climb, or are afraid of heights... don't try it. simple as that. In saying that, i have seen children climbing it with ease.

Free hand rock climbing is something you need to be comfortable with. The views are incredibly rewarding and worth it, as are the sand stones all carved away by weathering.

Tips: climb early in the morning, take sunscreen, and HEAPS of water. bug spray is a must as mosquito's will get you first then bugs are thick and swarm at the top of the mountains.
Mt Tibrogargan (Glass House Mountains)
23 Mar, 2019
Very Hard
3km return
3.5 hrs
Tips: climb early in the morning, take sunscreen, and HEAPS of water. bug spray is a must as mosquito's will get you first then bugs are thick and swarm at the top of the mountains.
Be agile and good at free hand rock climbing, ensure you are not afraid of heights, wear well gripped shoes or be prepared to go barefoot in some areas. Not recommended for inexperienced climbers.

Views are unreal though, worth the climb. I've made the trip up several times now.