Three Falls Trail

Mount Field National Park

Mt Field National Park is Tasmania's oldest and most loved NP. The park has a wide variety of scenic features and wildlife and offers a great range of facilities for visitors. Few other National Parks in Australia offer such a diversity in vegetation, ranging from tall swamp gum forests and massive tree ferns at the base of the mountain. The park essentially has two visitor sections. The first, near the park entrance, includes picnic facilities and the famous Russell Falls. Stunning walks through enormous fern forests and some of the tallest trees in the world are available in this area.

Picnic Facilities
No Dogs Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

From Hobart, take the A1 north to Granton and then A10 to New Norfolk. Stay left of the river and take the B62 Glenora Road, then B61 Glenora River Road that signposts you to the National Park.


Mount Field National Park

Route/Trail notes:

From the rear of the Visitor Centre, a well defined, busy and signposted track leads you through the fern forest to Russell Falls and then continues up to Horseshoe Falls. Few people continue from here up to the Tall Trees area, where there is a clinometer to estimate the height of the trees and interpretive signage giving you a feel for just how this forest has developed.

Continuing on the wind trail will bring you to the just as spectacular Lady Barron Falls, before meandering along the creek and then a 150 step staircase that leads you through a recently burn out forest area (2015) and back to your start


A Tasmania National Parks permit is required. If you don't have one, a pass can be purchased from the on-site Visitor Centre.

Other References/Comments:

As the introduction suggest, this area abounds with alternative walks and adventures. With various camping options within the park, you could lose yourself for a week here and still not see everything! Although this walk is at a moderate 275m, you can go right up to Mt Field West at 1,434m, but take some warm cloths.


Saw and heard so many birds and pademelons on this walk. Amazing.

Elaine P. on 2 Dec, 2023

I did the three falls circuit as a solo wander. It was a great, very easy to navigate track. Quite heavily foot trafficked, lots of families with kids and tourists.. especially to the first point -Russell falls. I did the loop in 1hr45 with an hour of actual movement according to my tracking app. the rest were times stopped to enjoy the waterfalls and take in the beauty. I also did the added on tall trees circuit. There's one section at the end of the full loop near lady Barron which is all stairs which had me gasping for air as I tried to run up it. There were quite a few flights! Hahaha I would love to come back and tick off some of the more challenging hikes but this was a good one to break up my work week.

Nicole Howarth on 12 Jan, 2023

Wonderful stroll

HellsBells on 6 Sep, 2021

The moss, lichen and fungi in this area was amazing - it's all so green! Our GPS shows this walk as being 8.35km for 2.5hrs. Just beautiful.

Robyn on 9 Jun, 2021

Truly spectacular walk, more like a slow stroll to take in all the beauty.

Wanderlust on 7 Dec, 2020

This loop track is terrific! Russell Falls is amazing & had a lot of water flowing over. About 200 stairs later, you get to Horseshoe Falls then a couple of kms later, Lady Barron Falls. The remainder of the walk has the biggest staircase I’ve ever seen - about 240 stairs and then an amazing walk through open forest where we saw some terrific birdlife. The visitor centre has a cafe, information centre, toilets and a gift shop.

S K on 18 Dec, 2019

Russell Falls is amazing & had a lot of water flowing over. About 200 stairs later, you get to Horseshoe Falls then a couple of kms later, Lady Barron Falls. You can hear the birdlife but are lucky to see them! We were fortunate to spot birdlife toward the end.

Anoogle on 18 Dec, 2019

Very lovely and easy walk. There are a few steps but nothing too impegnative! The rain forest is amazing almost surreal and magic. You will see tall trees, moss, ferns and falls. Dion liked it and enjoyed me reading interesting facts about the forest.

Daniela Paroletti on 28 Jan, 2019

Lovely walk with three beautiful waterfalls. We have seen a lot of waterfalls but Russel Dalls has to be among the best if not the best we have seen.

Ian and Sue on 6 Jan, 2018

The most amazing set of waterfalls on this walk, you think you've seen it all, until you look up!

Peter Hill on 14 Aug, 2017

the most amazing set of waterfalls on this walk, you think you've seen it all until you look up!

Peter Hill on 14 Aug, 2017

A clear objective of our recent visit to Tasmania, was to tick off Russell and Horseshoe Falls in the Mt Field NP. What we found, was much much more. We added a third falls and the 'Tall Trees' area. This entire area's flora is so different to what we usually experience in SE Queensland, it was amazing.

F.A.B. on 31 Mar, 2017

Not sure if did whole walk

gracilicaudatus on Apr, 2014


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