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Falls Circuit - Mt Field National Park (Mount Field National Park)
28 Jan, 2019
6km return
2.5 hrs
Very lovely and easy walk. There are a few steps but nothing too impegnative! The rain forest is amazing almost surreal and magic. You will see tall trees, moss, ferns and falls. Dion liked it and enjoyed me reading interesting facts about the forest.
Mount Amos (Tasmania)
24 Jan, 2019
4km return
3 hrs
Before starting the walk Dion was very worried. He thought the walk was very difficult with a slippery path and unstable surface but at the end it was not that bed. The beginning of the walk is nice and easy, quiet flat. After about 15 min walking the climb starts, there are big rocks all around and you will walk on porous granit pretty much all the time apart from a few spots where the suface isn't as porous as the other one because of the water that runs when it rains. You will have a beautiful view during the ascent but the best view it's at the top of the Mt. It is a bit steep in certain areas but just don't look back and don't stop, that's what l do. I saw old ladys climing the Mt with no problems, so u can do it!
It is very worth. Dion liked it very much!
Wineglass Bay (Tasmania)
24 Jan, 2019
6.4km return
90 mins
After doing Mt Amos and having a bit of food, we did this walk descending the beach and reaching Wineglass bay. It was an interesting walk, expect a lot of steps! The beach was great. The weather wasn't that great tho! Very windy and cold. Dion and myself swam it was lovely.
Remarkable Cave (Tasmania)
23 Jan, 2019
200m return
15 mins
Very remarkable cave. Short walk. We saw an echidna while descending the stairs and at the bottom we saw a dead seal probably it was carryed by the sea and trapped inside the cave it couldn't find the way out and died.
Cedar Creek Falls (Tamborine National Park)
1.3km return
45 mins
Me an Dion went there for a swim people were jumping from the waterfall