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Great short walk up with good views out to Moreton, Moreton bay and Stradbroke islands and to city, Glasshouse Mountains, and mountains to south and west. The view makes this one of the most rewarding walks in the area. Park at foot of 640 West Mt Cotton Rd near roundabout opposite the quarry entrance.

Picnic Facilities
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Several routes:

Via West Mt Cotton Rd and up the fire trail in the reserve. Park at the roundabout near the quarry on West Mt Cotton Rd (use 640 West Mt Cotton Rd, Sheldon in you GPS to find the roundabout). There's a signed entry to the bush on the eastern side of the roundabout.

Off West Mt Cotton Rd and up the Billau road fire trail - Left off Holzapfel Road. You GPS/Phone might not name these: they are about 400metres north of Talty Rd. This may be the steepest and shortest public route up.

Via Karingal Rd and then via trails from the scout compound.

Via Mount View Rd, a road reserve runs from the end of Mount View Rd to the top of the mountain, however it is difficult to navigate this without trespassing on the adjoining properties. Considering there other approaches to the mountain it is recommended that you don't use this approach. Road reserves are accessible to the public under Queensland law, but in this case there's no need to use this to reach the peak. To be clear, this road reserve does not go through the gate for the Rainforest Gardens.


Google is your friend or use an app like, very good as most walking trails are on the download maps.

Route/Trail notes

From West Mt Cotton Rd and up the fire trail in the reserve -  Follow the track, keeping right at each intersection until you reach the road close to the top. At that road turn left and follow the track up to the summit. From this entry it's approximately 3.5km return and about 150m elevation gain. This is the best entry for the public.

Off West Mt Cotton Rd and up Billau rd - obvious route straight to the top: Steep. When parking at the bottom do keep out of the way of the Farm driveway - they swing trucks in. At about 60% of the way up gain good views of Brisbane CBD.

From Karingal there are many trails/fire trails.

Walking is easy with a couple of steeper sections that will get your heart going. The fire trail route is pretty straightforward up to the top.

After you reach the summit and enjoy the views, make sure to follow a little further along the ridge to get a great lookout to the west. The vista includes Mt Lindesay, Mt Barney, Mt Maroon, and Flinders Peak.


No permits or costs, just be careful of private property.


nice walk, lots of bike trails, nice view at the top

Guy on 3 Jan, 2021

Amazing view of Brisbane City from lookout.

Peter on 24 Dec, 2020

Billau Rd entrance - 1.30h return with a pusher and 10kg and a 9yo. Late afternoon. No Standing/No Parking from 50m before path gate (farm entrance to the right). Walk: Sealed road to the 1st tele-com tower but blocked off for cars at base; then fire trail to 2nd tower; 3rd pair of towers apparently priv. property but didn’t go that far. Was a big push up the hill as I am unfit. Great view in my opinion - city, Glasshouse Mountains, mt Tamborine and further SW mountains, Moreton island and Moreton Bay islands, Stradbroke island.

truesouth on 1 Nov, 2020

Nice walk, considering it's mainly just a fire trail. Surprised at the top was quite a nice grassed area, a few benched and a couple picnic tables too, with a great view towards the north east towards Moretan Bay and the surrounding areas.

Maverick on 1 Nov, 2020

It's not a bad little walk, sort of similar to Mt Elimbah in terms of physical exertion. There is a bit of a confusing network of trails but if you keep heading uphill you will get to the top. There are some alright views, and on a clear day you can see Mt Lindesay and Barney out in the distance.

Vonsnrub on 15 Aug, 2020

Mediocre walk, mediocre view at the top.

Good: quiet, not busy, family friendly, dogs allowed.

Bad: almost no sign, a few sections a bit steep for young children.

Ricky on 2 Aug, 2020

The walk was honestly super easy. I don't really know how long it tooktp reach the top, l think about 1 hour walking slowly. The veiw at the top is mediocre and the landscape around is okay but nothing really exciting. We enjoyed the walk, it was something to .

Daniela Paroletti on 21 Jun, 2020

Did the summit walk. Parked on the opposite side of road near roundabout on West Mount Cotton Rd (near entrance to quarry). Was a good walk, not long but very steep. When you think you are at the top remember to cross the road and keep going as there is a little bit more before you get to the proper summit. Distance = 2.72km, time = 54:38.

Vic and Ale on 2 May, 2020

Walked this from gated entry 1km prior to roundabout. Stick right at all turns until you find the main trail up to lookout. Turn left once, then back to sticking right. Really easy to follow on map like PocketEarth App. Took us (two young, fit women carrying baby) 1 hour 45. Good picnic area at top. Lovely start to day.

Glang on 7 Oct, 2019

I walked up from Billiau Road which was a fire trail the width of a regular road and covered in bitumen. Reasonably good views at the top but nothing super amazing - just some country fresh air.

Juiced Pixels on 6 Oct, 2019

Short but good walk mostly up hill and will get your heart rate up

Robert on 29 Sep, 2019

Short but steep hike. 40mins round trip

Exploringonfoot on 10 Sep, 2019

I walked up here for sunrise . . . trees at the first hump block the view so prepare to be somewhat disappointed.

There is a transmission tower on the peak, the humming of electricity and knowing that radiation is travelling through your body is unsettling . . . It’s also marked as private property . . .

Christopher Dawson on 6 Sep, 2019

Enjoyed this walk. Not too taxing, steep climbs but very manageable. Took 25mins to get to the top. Continued beyond the lookout to see great views to the west. We started from 640 West Mount Cotton Rd and after walk, drive down the steep hill and wandered around the little creek at the bottom, really lovely walking along the edge of the steam.

Curry Bunch on 11 Aug, 2019

Definitely a couple of steep parts and not as much of a view as I’d like.

Sal on 2 Jul, 2019

Great walk, but steep! Views to the city at the top were amazing. Make sure you don't take the fork to the right on the way down, sends you off on a fire trail to another conservation area.

insidelane on 25 May, 2019

Steep, but surprisingly rewarding. Definitely worth the short climb!

ChrisK on 12 May, 2019

Nice walk almost panoramic views where the tables are. Parked by 640 W Mt Cotton rd

MiuMiu on 6 May, 2019

We were a little hesitant doing this walk after reading about how steep it was, especially since our group included a 6 year old, a bunch of not-particularly-fit adults and someone wearing thongs. We went up the fire trail starting from West Mt Cotton Road. Not much parking there so it could be good to carpool if you are a large group. The walk was steep for most of the hour we spent walking, especially at the beginning and end. There were several loose gravel areas, but we managed it and even found a few geocaches along the way.

We arrived at the top around 9:30am. The sun was reflecting off the water and making it a little hard to see the view, but it was still stunning. I think you would get a better view if you walked up super early to watch the sun rise or in the late afternoon. There is also a picnic table at the top of you wanted to pack a picnic!

On the way back we ran down the tar road to Billiau Road which was a lot of fun and only took 20 minutes. We did pausehalf way to admire the city view. We then walked along the main road to the Mt Cotton nursery cafe and had someone pick us up to take us back to our cars. You can walk back along the road but there is one very very very steep hill (-27.6107079, 153.2039300)

Note: Google Maps makes it look like you can drive to the top along Mount View Road but as mentioned in the description I think Rainforest Gardens was built in the middle and split the road in two.

Also, we camped at the Karingal Scout campground and asked if they could recommend a fire trail to walk to the summit but they haven’t mapped it out yet.

AmyBCD on 11 Apr, 2019

This walk was very hard to navigate. There are no maps and there are tracks everywhere. Walked around for an hour but didn't reach a high point with views.

Bobbe on Mar, 2019


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