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Mount May (Mt Barney National Park)
24 May, 2020
4 hrs
Great hike with awesome views. We did the recommended loop and crossed the saddle between the peaks which was easy to do. Beautiful day in May on Mount May.
The Northbrook River Trail (Northbrook Gorges) (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
16 Feb, 2020
3 hrs
Mt Cordeaux (Main Range National Park)
15 Feb, 2020
2.5 hrs
Great walk after the rain. Heaps of waterfalls on the way up. Summit was covered in cloud so no view except cloud. Highlight was walking up close to a Albert's lyrebird
Mt Greville via Razor back ridge, waterfall Gorge, Bare rock, the ladder, the peak (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
27 Jan, 2020
Very Hard
7km return
5 hrs
Super tough hike - make sure you’re good with heights. 4 hours to summit and 40 mins back to car down SE Ridge
Caves Route (Glass House Mountains)
5 Jan, 2020
Very Hard
3.97km return
Enjoyable way to the summit. The hardest part I found was entry to the chimney which is about 10 feet of climbing. Whilst ascending the chimney I heard a noise looked up at the summit and saw a BASE jump happen right before my eyes. Crazy.
Mount Amos (Tasmania)
16 Dec, 2019
4km return
3 hrs
One of my all time favourite hikes - killer views at the end. Took my 8 and 10 year old boys up and whilst they’re weren’t many/any children doing it they loved it (they’re experienced scramblers).
The Cream Track (Springbrook National Park)
27 Oct, 2019
6km one-way
3 hrs
Good walk. Nothing technically challenging just hard constant uphill slog. There’s a section in the middle where you can walk off track a bit along a razorback ridge which was probably my highlight of the whole walk.
Mt Cougal (Springbrook National Park)
27 Oct, 2019
5 hrs
Closed as of 24th Oct 2019 until further notice due to burning
Mt Cotton (Queensland)
6 Oct, 2019
5km return
2 hrs
I walked up from Billiau Road which was a fire trail the width of a regular road and covered in bitumen. Reasonably good views at the top but nothing super amazing - just some country fresh air.
Flinders Peak (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
25 Aug, 2019
6.5km return
3.5 hrs
Took the boys (7 and 9) up and they loved it. Leave early even in winter as it gets to hot and dry up there.