A steep climb up the northwestern ridge of Flinders Peak, passing over several crests giving expansive views north to Brisbane on the way up. As it climbs higher, views expand to include the Fassifern Valley and south west to Lamington plateau.

The final segment descends from Little Flinders across a col and ascends again to Flinders Peak. This is the most rugged section of the track and extra caution is required. Rock scrambling skills and strong boots are essential. Views from the peak can be stunning.

Picnic Facilities
Scrambling or Climbing
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Commences at Flinders Plum Picnic area.  Take Mount Flinders Road off the Ipswich-Boonah Road near Peak Crossing.


QTopo: FLINDERS PEAK 9442-24 (1:25,000)

Route/Trail notes

This is a challenging track with rough surfaces, steep inclines, cliff edges, limited signage and no water sources.

Starting from the picnic ground, a wide clear track leads south up the ridge line. After a few hundred metres, the track narrows to an obvious footpad and begins to climb steeply. The track is unformed and the ground is loose in places. After a climb of 10 minutes or so, a group of rocks on the east provide the first good views north and a chance to catch breath. After another short climb, an open wooded grassy ridge affords good views through the trees to Brisbane to the north. Another ascent, with views over the Fassifern, leads to a steep climb up Little Flinders which is progressively more boulder strewn. The track disappears as the ridge flattens out, but there are occasional triangular trail markers leading through the rocks to the peak and views along the Main Range down to Lamington Plateau. Flinders Peak proper can be seen from here, with a descent to a col between the peaks and a steep ascent on the far side (approximately 130 metres elevation gain). Picking your way through the rocks takes care and effort, but although the climb is difficult in parts, there is little exposure.

Views from the Peak can be had in any direction - take the time up here as that's what you came for! You share the summit with a helipad and a UHF transmitter.



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Hard trail and a lot of fun. It was a clear day so the views were awesome both on the way up and at the peak.

WildflowerBell on 19 May, 2024

Great walk - steep with lots of rock scrambling toward the top. Would not try in the wet. Would be a great spot for sunrise.
2 hours 40 minutes up (with plenty of stops for water / view / catch breath), 2 hours down. 635m elevation gain.

qldnick on 18 May, 2024

Hard but worth it!

Sam on 1 Apr, 2024

It’s all open again. Dirt road in was nice and flat, a little water on the causeways but my civic got through no issues.

Tough hike but some great views.

pulsade on 30 Mar, 2024

The Flinders Plum picnic area is closed. I took a risk and walked the extra 1.6km from the gate to the picnic area. (Looks like others have done the same as there is a well-used section to get under the fence) This hike is satisfyingly hard; there were many more rocks than I anticipated. I'm 36 and consider myself to be reasonably fit. I'd been hiking for around 1 hour and 50 mins and unfortunately, I didn't make it to the summit despite looking close on the map I couldn't tell if it would take me 15 more minutes or 30 minutes and it was approaching 5 pm. Given I was solo, I opted to keep myself safe and not risk navigating the rocks in the dark. Pretty incredible sunset witnesses at the intersection to to turn onto the highway.

Make sure you check the council website as it turns out the hike was closed on the 27th https://www.ipswich.qld.gov.au/explore/parks_reserves_precincts/parks_search/flinders-goolman-conservation-estate-flinders-plum-picnic-area . There are no signs at the gate telling you why it's closed and I had no phone reception to check facts. Interestingly when I first did a google search of the hike, the first listings are hike track information, when I double checked the link provided here was the 8th listing on the page. If I had known it was closed I wouldn't have gone, but since I'd driven there, I didn't want to drive all that way and not hike. I didn't see any signs of fire, but the area is very dry. If I didn't have the extra 1.6km each way I think I would have made it to the top in plenty of time to get back before dark.

Clare_Ellen on 30 Oct, 2023

A rocky and challenging walk with great views. Reading previous walkers comments their opinions vary. I'm 60 and it took 5hrs return with regular rests and a long break at the top. A fitter person could do it in 3.5 to 4hrs. The climb is steady with some steep pinches requiring both hands. It also has long sections with uneven and broken rock so good boots a must. We started at 12pm which made it a bit hot for the ascent (October) as there isn't a lot of shade Great views once you reach the narrow ridge. However, be careful as there is a sheer face on the eastern side. We had no trouble navigating the track, which mainly keeps to the ridge, however, walking in low light might be difficult. Fantastic facilities in the car park. Felt like a cold beer when I'd finished!

Dave Esser on 10 Oct, 2023

Completed this walk today, just shy of 3 hours walking; 1hr 45 up and 1 hr 15 down.
Although challenging, the diversity of the challenge including the scrambling and rock hopping kept it really fun and interesting. The orange way markers were super helpful and we found the route easy to navigate.
Beautiful weather for it, I was surprised that we only met a small handful of other walkers after doing Mt Maroon a month ago with what seemed like half of Brisbane joining us !
I agree with the comments about taking plenty of water.

Lisa on 24 Sep, 2023

Second time I've done this but today I did a solo hike. From start to finish including many short breaks and a good 45 minutes at the top it took me 5 hours. Cool at the bottom at 6.30 am but very warm near the top and all the way down. Very steep most of the way and very dry. You need plenty of water.

ian parker on 15 Sep, 2023

Loved this hike. A fair few lookouts along the track with stunning views. The track itself is steep with loads of loose rocks at the beginning of the track. Plenty of fun rock scrambling all the way along. This track will need a moderate fitness level. The peak was somewhat of an anti climax as the helipad and telecom tower were a bit of an eyesore, however still plenty of great views at the top. And lastly what goes up, must come down so the return is a bit tough on the legs, watch your footing. Definitely worth doing.

Jaye on 6 Sep, 2023

Always a good hike. With the slightly technical chimney and rock scramble, a decent challenge for a hike. Views from the top are great with a few vantage points on the hike edges along the way too.

Chris Park on 1 Sep, 2023

Loved this walk, but my legs didn’t. I should have done some more prep before completing it. The views are amazing. Go early in the day as it can get hot.

Brenden on 16 Aug, 2023

A challenging track with many climbs, but all of them are not on vertical walls, so all was doable. 7km roundtrip from the parking, around 4 hrs. Bring water!

ovel on 25 Jun, 2023

Well maintained and safe trail, plenty of beautiful vistas most of the way up, spectacular views from the summit. Its pretty challenging but very doable and well worth it

Angus Small on 27 May, 2023

Definitely one of my favourite hikes from Brisbane. Amazing views! Best for Sunset. It does require some effort in fitness to get to the top. But in no way is it difficult. There are 2 sections that will require you to use your hands for assistance. You can view this video I made to see the hardest section of the hike (not that hard). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIEHvLXCiV4&t=14s

JosexKristyAnna on 16 Apr, 2023

Scrambling, rocky ridge, chimney and many views. Has it all.

Wanderlust on 10 Apr, 2023

Ignore the comment from Jozef Keseg - he's trying to flex. This is a tough track; steep, rocky, poorly marked and in some sections quite exposed. I am 47yo, been a rock climber and mountaineer across the European Alps and competitively indoors, since I was 14yo. You will break a sweat, regardless of your fitness level. But it's great, amazing views and satisfyingly rugged.

Bishster75 on 10 Apr, 2023

I am 60 and did this hike without breaking a sweat so its not hard. What is the biggest challenge is the loose ground and its quite easy to slip and land on yo arse. The other problem is that you may get lost a bit. I used a hiking app and it was super useful to see where we were in relation to the track when we knew we had wondered off.
View from the top are nice as you can imagine.

Jozef KESEG on 9 Apr, 2023

Steep, tough but definitely worth the effort.

Marc Wingelaar on 9 Apr, 2023

Flinders Peak was my 'very first hike' and it nearly killed me! It was HARD!! The group I went with advertised this hike as a 'casual stroll up Flinders Peak', hence the reason I thought I could conquer it with ease. I have since learnt to do my own research before embarking on a hike. Don't rely on other's! What one might consider a 'casual stroll' may well be a difficult venture for another.

Completed hike in: 5.5 hours (6:30am - 12:00pm).

Faith on 18 Feb, 2023

Total time up is about 2 hours, and 1.5 hours down. Did this hike solo, which is best described as broken up into four sections.

The first section after the wide forest trails is about a 30-45 degree climb, reasonably easy, but do go at your pace, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the views as you climb.

The second section is about a 45 to 75-degree hike and scrambles in some sections. This is the longest section by time spent, with a lot of dirt and loose rocks, so take your time with this one to ensure your safety.

The third section is what I'd describe as akin to a plateau run from LOTRs, though it is more rocky ledges than green expanses. Very enjoyable; make sure you have good hiking shoes or boots. Not physically taxing, and I would even recommend that some stop the hike here and go back around.

The fourth section is the last push before the summit, a bit more steep climb and scrambling, with plenty of orange markers to guide the way. The summit is somewhat anti-climax, as it doesn't offer the best views. You get close to 360 views, but the telecom tower and the helipad kind of ruin it.

A fun little note is on the way back down. In the fourth section, an alternative misdirection route gets you into the secret cave. Very cool if you find it, though it is off-track.

supamanwalks on 10 Feb, 2023


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