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Aussie Bushwalking is a user-supplied list of bushwalking and hiking tracks in Australia - made by bushwalkers, for bushwalkers. It helps bushwalkers find new walks, share walks and track conditions and remember their Australian bushwalking/hiking activities.

New Walks

  • Fortescue Bay hike

     (Tasmania - 17km one-way)

    This is day two of the three capes hike. Today the group will hike 17 Klm's and take up to 7 hours. You will see great views from cliff tops go through rain forests and if your lucky see a water fall.…

  • Cape Raoul

     (Tasmania - 14km return)

    This walk is part of the Three Capes walk. This is day one of the three capes. It took the group 5 hours to do 14 Klm's. There is hills, steps and great views.

  • Skipp


    Spring mountain



    2 day/1 night along two different sections of the Great Wall. Overnight stay in a Watchtower.


     (Overseas - 14km return)

    Overnight hike on the Subashiri Trail to the summit of Mt Fuji.

Recent Articles


Mount Samson
was ticked by Vonsnrub
10 minutes ago
Did this after a lot of rain so was very slippery for a lot of it. No scrambling persay just steep tracks on loose ground. The majority of it is along a fireroad which hosts some fairly awesome views of Brisbane CBD (enjoy it because there is no view at all at the summit). After the fireroad the track is quite evident until right near the top. Can still find your way up alright but back down can be a bit tricky if you don't know where you're going. Lots of lawyer vines, lots of lantana (including one thick bush that has a path cut through it), and lots of spider webs, never seen so many spider webs, we were covered in them by the end. Was primarily an exercise to test out my new GPS but was a nice walk nonetheless. Similar in difficulty to Flinders Peak (except no view, more spiders, and a lot more falling over). Took us about 3hrs return.

Mt Mitchell
was ticked by Vonsnrub
21 minutes ago
Really nice easy walk. Took me the same amount of time to go up as it did down because it's such a gradual climb to the top. Around 2 hours return with some time at the summit. The track curls around the mountain and you can enjoy some nice scenery along the way. The summit is like a 5 meter wide ledge with a massive drop off on either side. Feel completely safe while you're up there though. Track was very well marked with a big carpark on the other side of the road.

Mt Ninderry
was ticked by Vonsnrub
47 minutes ago
Did this one on our way back from Mt Cooroora. In comparison a lot easier, steady well marked climb to the top that is still enough to get the heart rate going. Really nice view at the top, better than Cooroora. If you walk up a bit from the main lookout there is a nice rocky outcrop that you can sit on and get a nice view on the Sunshine Coast in private.

Mt Cooroora
was ticked by Vonsnrub
50 minutes ago
Starts off quite nice and undulating then it quickly becomes pretty much a steep staircase with some light scrambling. I saw the record was 22 minutes so did it without a break to see how I went. Did it in 29 minutes and felt reasonably impressed until I learned the record included a run from the town!! Not a bad view from the top, good way to kill an hour or so.

1 hour ago
This was a very informative hike as we went with a group.

Fortescue Bay hike
was ticked by HR
1 hour ago
A long hike for day two of the three capes hike but worth every step.