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Aussie Bushwalking is a user-supplied list of bushwalking and hiking tracks in Australia - made by bushwalkers, for bushwalkers. It helps bushwalkers find new walks, share walks and track conditions and remember their Australian bushwalking/hiking activities.

New Walks

  • Three Sisters Walk

     (Blue Mountains National Park - 800m return)

    A walk to the largest of the iconic three sisters at Katoomba

  • Bukit Lapai

     (Overseas - 2.4km return)

    A short but steep hike up Mt Lapai where you are rewarded with excellent coastal views around Kota Kinabalu.

  • Middle Island Summit

     (Queensland - 2.5km return)

    Walk from sunset beach to the far Northern point then across the Northern most of the two Eastern beaches and to the summit and back. No actual path some bush bashing and best view is from just before…

  • Kombartcho Sanctuary

     (Queensland - 1.6km return)

    Kumbartcho is a Flora and Fauna Sanctuary incorporating walking tracks around, lake, gardens, bridges, forests and a public park, BBQ and playground

  • Deer Reserve SF - T1

     (Queensland - 3.6km return)

    The northern half of Deer Reserve is a State Forest, containing native forest and hoop-pine plantations on steep mountainous slopes. It’s crisscrossed by management trails, which is perfect for hiking…

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1 hour ago

Mt Greville
was ticked by Renz85
3 hours ago

15 hours ago
After 2 years we came back to do this walk. I personally could not remember this place and Dion remembered bit and pieces. The walk took us roughly 1 ½, we walked at a decent pase but we stopped several times. It is pretty much flat so easy for everyone. Along the way you will see stunning views. Also there are a few beaches for a swim. The panorama at Hell's gate is pretty good. If you are in Noosa do it you won't be disappointed!
Thank for Dion Suda for coming with me 😍 love you!

Mt Cougal
was ticked by John F
15 hours ago
Don't be in a hurry to get to the start of the walk while you're driving out; the Tomewin Mtn Rd is very windy, but also very pretty. Slow down and enjoy the trip!
Last came up here about 1990, so I didn't remember much of the walk itself. It starts with a couple of hundred metres of a steep climb, then evens out to the cane/lantana mentioned in other posts. In contrast to some of the other comments, the track here seems pretty clear at the moment; not wide, but so sharply defined I'd think somebody's brought a brushcutter with them (!?) Didn't see any snakes here, but did see a land mullet - (black chunky lizard), then into rainforest all the way to the rock outcrop of East Peak. The last 400m or so up to the rock outcrop is very steep; not as fit as I was, took a lot of rests. The cave is hidden behind some boulders at the top of this slope; look for the dusty area. It's easy enough to walk in, but shrinks at the other end with a couple of overlapping projections; didn't fancy trying it!
Traverse right (it's an easy path) to find the track up to the top of E. Peak. From here follow the pink tape across to the top of W Peak; a little scrambling needed, but nothing too difficult. (As a purist, I don't approve of tape; as a solo walker, I'm very grateful to whoever put it there! :-) As mentioned, there are a few places it would be easy to take a wrong track to nowhere without it) The lookout back from W Pk to E Pk is close to a long vertical drop; be careful here. W Pk is a much larger area that E Pk, but more overgrown; very peaceful and I was lucky enough to have the whole trip to myself. Round trip about 6h15, including a long lunch stop at W Pk, and a few rest stops on the way.

20 hours ago
Been here a few times now. Great walk for kids. 8 month old loves splashing in the shallow pools. Note- Be Mindful of yabbies.

21 hours ago
My 8 month old and I walked out here before the rain started. Nice little lookout. Very easy walk.