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Aussie Bushwalking is a user-supplied list of bushwalking and hiking tracks in Australia - made by bushwalkers, for bushwalkers. It helps bushwalkers find new walks, share walks and track conditions and remember their Australian bushwalking/hiking activities.

New Walks

  • Fort Lytton

     (Queensland - 1.5km return)

    Fort Lytton is a fortress located on the southern banks of the Brisbane River, Fort Lytton National Park is the perfect place to discover a unique part of Brisbane’s past.

  • Golden Beach to Bulcock Beach

     (Sunshine Coast - 7.7km return)

    This 2nd section of the Sunshine Coast Coastal Pathway (SCCP) is always busy with people taking a stroll or enjoying the beaches, water activities and the views across to Bribie Island.

  • Pelican Waters to Golden Beach

     (Sunshine Coast - 4km return)

    This is currently the southernmost start of the Sunshine Coast Coastal Pathway (SCCP) as it winds its way along the shoreline on the inside of Bribie Island. This section is very popular with visitors…

  • The Arch


    A short walk to a viewing area to see the rock formation The Arch

  • Port Campbell Discovery Walk

     (Victoria - 4.4km return)

    A walk from Port Campbell along the cliff line with views over Port Campbell and the cliffs east of Port Campbell.

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2 hours ago
This is certainly a steep walk and there are no level sections to give a break, it is steep or steeper all the way. However it is not a climb, there is no hand-over-hand stuff, just steep walking on concrete paving all the way. My partner and I are in our mid 60's and low to average fitness and we managed by taking it slowly. If you, like me, tend to avoid Glass House Mountains due to a fear of heights I would recommend this one. I have a paralysing fear of high, open spaces - will NEVER attempt Tibrogargan or Beerwah - but this one was no problem.

The Pinnacle
was ticked by Srna
9 hours ago

Witches Falls
was ticked by Aggy
12 hours ago

Witches Chase
was ticked by Aggy
12 hours ago

Sandy Creek Circuit
was ticked by Olly
18 hours ago
Nice short walk, came across a Lyre bird on a log

19 hours ago
Really enjoyable walk. Went after rains, rained twice during my trek. Went anti-clockwise, first half the walk is little to no views but the track itself is really pretty. Second half the scrub opens up and the views are worth the walk. Got lost at the T Junction where “Beware Feral Pigs” sign is located. Take the track to the right, on that almost immediately theres a fork, go left. If you end up walking through thick, high, dead, branchy scrub youve gone too far. After going left, you should soon come to a creek (dry) crossing, shortly after you should spot an old horse plow that has been left to fall apart (Will be on your left). If you find that & youre continuing on a track large enough for 4WD - youre going the right way. Shortly after the plows theres another fork, take the left (walking track) and not the continued multi use, larger track. The rest is easy 👍🏼