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Te Manga
was ticked by Vonsnrub
9 hours ago
Well first thing I'll say is good luck trying to find a clear weather window. I had the aid of a small team of meteorologists and even with their assistance it's a bit of a gamble. The cloud likes to rest of the mountain range - some days it will start off cloudy and then get clear as the day goes on, other days (like my day of ascent) it will start off clear then get cloudy as the day goes on. Fortunately it didn't rain and hadn't rained for a few days prior, but everything is still perpetually wet up there anyway. I used the GPS track from Alltrails and loaded it onto my phone and found it to be pretty reliable. However, the AllTrails track doesn't go all the way to the summit, it stops about 5-600 meters prior for some reason, not sure why. The track keeps going so I kept going. A friendly dog started following me from the road below and he was quite good company. When I passed the first vertical sections I figure that was the last I would see of him but a few minutes later he was right back behind me so either he knows an easier way, or he is a spectacular climber. I did watch him on the descent to see how he did it and he kind of just ran down the vertical wall then used the bushes or trees to slow his descent - falling with style. The 2nd wall stopped me for about 5 minutes while I tried to figure out how I would ascend. It is a little tricky and a mistake or a snapped rope could result in a 2 story fall onto the rocks. I made it to the first summit and thought it was the actual summit. It was only when I went to descend and found myself climbing again that I realised there was more to go (I didn’t notice the Y intersection so I ‘descended’ straight up to the main summit. Up there you will find the climbers log book and a dog bowl which I filled with water for my K9 companion. If I had known he would have escorted me the whole way I would have brought some treats. The descent isn’t quite as tricky as the ascent because you don’t need to rely on the rope quite as much. Although navigationally it can be a bit tricky because there are a few places it’s quite easy to take a wrong turn. My dog guide faithfully followed me in the wrong direction a couple of times as if to say “You have to solve your own problems, I’m just along for the ride”. Shame I didn’t have clearer conditions, but a good challenge nonetheless. Passed a group of 3 coming up as I was descending. They were just about to get to the roped sections so would have been quite curious to see how they went.

Te Manga
was added by Vonsnrub
9 hours ago

Passage Peak
was ticked by Gayle Powell
10 hours ago