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New Walks

  • Euglah Rock Lookout

     (Mount Kaputar National Park - 600m return)

    This easy stroll leaves from the bottom of Bark Hut Campground and leads to a lookout overlooking Euglah Rock to the south; another spectacular volcanic remnant.

  • Mount Coryah

     (Mount Kaputar National Park - 4km return)

    Mount Coryah walking track offers scenic views of Euglah Rock and great bird watching opportunities within Mount Kaputar National Park.

  • Sandstone Caves

     (Pilliga Nature Reserve - 2.3km return)

    Situated around a large sandstone outcrop, the Sandstone Caves are a series of cathedral type caves and overhangs displaying an array of interesting colours and shapes. They have been formed over tens…

  • Burbie Canyon

     (Warrumbungle National Park - 2.4km return)

    Avid birdwatchers will love Burbie Canyon walking track, which offers a gentle stroll along the creek and through a narrow sandstone gorge. Indeed, the birdlife is so varied here, you can’t help…

  • Wambelong Nature Track

     (Warrumbungle National Park - 1.3km return)

    Short and easy, Wambelong Nature Track is big on rewards and ideal for wildlife and bird watching. The track rises steeply with an awe-inspiring vista of the valley and Split Rock, where you’ll gaze…

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12 hours ago
It's a great day when you can take four different walks, covering the north, south, east and west of Mt Kaputar and enjoy a different aspect each time.

Wineglass Bay
was ticked by John Ludlow
12 hours ago

Boolimba Bluff
was ticked by candycroc
Did this bad boy for sunrise. Wow it was spectacular!! Left the car park around 4.15am and it took 45min to get up the the lookout. It was beginning to get light at 4.30am. Full sunrise was at 5.45am so I had plenty of time to rest and enjoy the view. I really needed the rest because that ascent was soooooo intense!!!
There are 2 lookouts and a rock you can use as a lookout (but I don't think you are supposed so). It was great doing it for sunrise because the beauty of the gorge was a gift on the descent.

You will need water, good shoes and a head torch.

This was a fantastic walk. I tried to walk to Big Bend but I had trouble finding the path so I didn't push through. The path is quite clear up until this part of the gorge so it's easy to follow and not difficult physically. It was very hot and sunny which was the exhausting part. Take plenty of water unless you have a filtration straw/system and then you could take straight from the river as needed. There are 5 river crossings and some loose rocks so good footwear is better.

The Art Gallery was gorgeous. The stencilings and engravings look so fresh even though they are thousands of years old! There are information boards so you understand the messages being conveyed. On the way back I stopped in all the other sections. It was well worth the 10hr drive to see this place.