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Aussie Bushwalking is a user-supplied list of bushwalking and hiking tracks in Australia - made by bushwalkers, for bushwalkers. It helps bushwalkers find new walks, share walks and track conditions and remember their Australian bushwalking/hiking activities.

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Box Forest
was ticked by Ashwin
21 minutes ago
Lovely walk, best to do it after some rains so you get the best out of the waterfalls. Best to do it anti clockwise so you save the best waterfalls for the end. Either ways it is a beautiful walk and can be done with kids. Elabana falls are beautiful but my favorite was the box log falls the sheer force of it and the cliffs surrounding it give it that magical feel. All in all definitely recommend doing this one if you love chasing waterfalls. A bit of rock hopping to do to get across a few falls bit nothing too dangerous

28 minutes ago
Lovely hike.. Straightforward walk along the firetrail to begin with and then a bit of a climb which is what you expect from any hike, this goes on for about an hour and a half to two hours with some good views.. then starts the fun.. you have to cross over a razorback which is a bit exposed so you will have to have a good head for heights.. not difficult though. After that the proper climb/scramble starts with a lot of it being exposed you will have to hang out to roots and trees and pull yourself up. Lots of arrow markers in place so you shouldn't get lost using this route. Amazing views of the valley and Mount Earnest and Mount Lindesay all the way to the summit. The descent via peasants ridge is a lot easier the first bit involves a lot of sliding down the side of the peak but its not too steep so is ok. Lovely views of the West peak and the other smaller peaks of this amazing mountain. All up took us around 9 hours with around a half hour break on top. Great feeling once you have conquered this mountain. Good luck and have fun!!

Coalstoun Lakes
was ticked by Stalena
1 hour ago

Mt Ngungun
was ticked by Caitlin
2 hours ago

8 hours ago