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Aussie Bushwalking is a user-supplied list of bushwalking and hiking tracks in Australia - made by bushwalkers, for bushwalkers. It helps bushwalkers find new walks, share walks and track conditions and remember their Australian bushwalking/hiking activities.

New Walks

  • Mt Bangalore

     (Main Range National Park - 14km return)

    An off track adventure up a mountain that barley anyone has heard of and even fewer have attempted. Navigation skills are a must, be prepared to spend copious amounts of time in long grass and spider webs.…

  • Mount Wongawallan

     (Gold Coast - 1.4km return)

    Walk from the end of Wongawallan Drive along at first 4wd track then single track as the gradient steepens for the final climb to the summit area where there is a deep hole probably an old mine shaft beyond…

  • Ridge Track

     (Main Range National Park - 5km return)

    This steep circuit that rewards you with views into the Dalrymple Creek valley in the Main Range National Park.

  • Kahlpahlim Rock Circuit,

     (Far North Queensland - 17.5km return)

    Dinden national Park, Cairns
    Steep climb to top of rock
    Very challenging
    Also hard walk down

  • Toohey Forest Park Loop

     (Brisbane City Council Local Walks - 8.2km return)

    This is a nice loop of Toohey Forest Park. Beautiful bushland, but not really fond of the paved path. I guess it does support erosion control though. Otherwise, great ecosystems throughout, going from…

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Mount Beerwah
was ticked by obamajongun
2 hours ago
This was my first mountain climb ever and I have never done rock scrambling in my 18 year life. The first part of the climb freaked me the **** out, there were numerous points where I felt like I had nothing stable to hold on to but my mate who worked on the Glasshouse Mountain rescue teams helped me get past these points. Didn't help that he frequently pointed out places where people had suffered injuries along the way haha. After the first 15 minutes or so the climb tapers off and the view at the top is amazing. Like someone else said, I surprisingly found coming down the mountain far easier as you can just shuffle down on your backside. Would 100% recommend the climb, however be very careful at the beginning because even a small slip can result in a substantial fall down the volcanic rock!

Mount Beerwah
was ticked by obamajongun
2 hours ago

6 hours ago

Bauraba Creek
was ticked by Caitlin
6 hours ago

6 hours ago