Mt Warning Summit trail

Mt Warning National Park

A trail to the summit of Mt Warning that has beautiful 360 degree views of the great dividing range.

Currently CLOSED due to storm damage


Scrambling or Climbing
Maximum Elevation

Getting there

You can drive to the base of Mt Warning in a normal vehicle by following roads out of Murwillumbah. 


Maps of the Tweed and Northern Rivers of NSW cover this area

Route/Trail notes

On the way through the walk you encounter subtropical and temperate rainforest, wet sclerophyll forest and heath shrubland! The final 10% of the journey involves scrambling up a rock fact using chains as a guide and help. The top of the mountain has well established seating and lookout areas that have 360 degree views


You do not need any permits and there is no associated cost.

Other References

There are a number of other web resources available that detail how to get to the base of the mountain and other history regarding its previous volcanic history?


It is re-open now.The last hundred meters to summit is really challenging! Somebody put two bottles of water at the summit. Really life saving! Thanks for the great help!

superpig119 on 6 Jun, 2017

It was CLOSED and not sure when it will re-open.

KC on 30 Apr, 2017

Great walk, completed the circuit in under 3 hours for our first attempt. Keen to go back and try again taking in some more of the scenery!

Tahn333 on 24 Mar, 2017

I do this 2-3 times a week. A very well marked trail. Great incline to get the heart pumping. Slippery when wet but I can run down when dry. My best time is 2 hours return but do it comfortably in 2.5 hours.

Caroline on 28 Jan, 2017

Challenging hike in dark and wet conditions, and no view at top due to low clouds... great excuse to complete this climb in better weather!

Geo Kat on 5 Jan, 2017

This was a hard one for me...because I'm unfit.

Christian on 2017

Great climb. Went to see the sunrise. Quite strenuous but still very enjoyable. Be careful with your torchlight at night so to not disturb the glowworms that live all the up the mountain! Was way too cloudy at the top so will have to go again when its clearer.

Samuel Armstrong on 27 Dec, 2016

Good hike to do if in the area. Stayed at the camping area below Mt. Warning to get an early start on the hike.

SabrinaBlaas on 2 Dec, 2016

Hiked this today. Harder than I remember. Full review here:

Juiced Pixels on 30 Nov, 2016

Did the sunrise walk to the summit. Left at 315 am and was at the top within 1.5 hrs. Beautiful climb but be prepared for cold once you are still at the top waiting for the sun. Took about 1 hr down or so. Very stunning forest to check out in the sunlight on the way down. Looked as though it got quite busy during the day but the sunrise wasn't too busy. Make sure you head to the bathroom immediately before taking off... Also wear dark clothing or nothing special as the chain at the top stains your hands and clothes.
Would definitely recommend anyone to do this.

Hailey Hebes on 25 Nov, 2016

Great hike with a bonus scramble at the top. Animorph training came in handy. 1hr 50mins return. Ran most of the way down.

kvvs on 15 Oct, 2016

Hike was great!! Nice and quick!!! I thought I seen an animorph there!! Maybe that training did pay off.

Jo on 15 Oct, 2016

Start of track not to bad but gets harder. Well worth it. Thought friday after school holidays wouldnt be to busy wrong. 1:02 up and 38mins down. Dont recommend running back down

scott turnbull on 7 Oct, 2016

Have done this walk many times for sunrise. Love it every time! Can take anywhere from 3 - 5 hours. Pictures from all of my walks and climbs are on instagram @teniille.

A peak a week on 26 Sep, 2016

Hiked up the mountain on a beautifully clear day. So much appreciation for the views, definitely worth the effort. Once we were at the top underneath the viewing deck a bandicoot caught us by surprise munching on vegetation. Took us about 3 and 1/2 hours return stopping up the top for snacks and photo ops. Not anywhere near as difficult as I remembered now with an improved fitness level.

caus_91 on 22 Sep, 2016

First to the carpark. Started at 3am with the wife and 2 year old daughter this time. Carried my daughter the whole way up on my back with a backpack on my front. My 5 year old smashed it, but the wife stopped at the rock amphitheatre. A lot of work has been done here to make the track an easy walk. The very top is the grade 5 which is disappointing if you cant ascend and miss the sunrise. Otherwise its a great view on the right day, we were stuck in the fog unfortunately. Round trip of 7 hrs with the 2 year old insisting on walking all the way down #slowwalking

father&son on 17 Sep, 2016

Beautiful walk. Flowers out but slippery after the rain

Kay on 11 Sep, 2016

Very easy and very crowded, I'm glad I've ticked this one off the list so I don't have to do it again. The crowd makes it painful

CamronDixon on 10 Sep, 2016

Great walk. 2 hours up and 1.5 down approx. The chain climb was not as difficult as expected but gloves are handy for this. The views are beautiful but the rubbish and food scraps left at the top are disgusting. A few people walking today which is a Thursday. I would try to do this walk during the week if possible to avoid the crowds at the last climb and the top.

Kay on 11 Aug, 2016

Finally did the sunrise summit - I left way too early, got to the summit at 4am, and froze for the next two hours until the sun came up. It's terrifying to do the climb on your own, that early in the morning when there is zero light except the narrow beam from my head torch. It was eerily quiet and still, but somehow beautiful. The sunrise was worth every effort. It brought tears to my eyes, it's like nothing I have ever seen before. Highly reccommend the sunrise summit, but do it with other people.

Chantelle on 25 Jul, 2016


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