Mt Warning Summit trail

Mt Warning National Park

A trail to the summit of Mt Warning that has beautiful 360 degree views of the great dividing range.

Scrambling or Climbing
Maximum Elevation

Getting there

You can drive to the base of Mt Warning in a normal vehicle by following roads out of Murwillumbah. 


Maps of the Tweed and Northern Rivers of NSW cover this area

Route/Trail notes

On the way through the walk you encounter subtropical and temperate rainforest, wet sclerophyll forest and heath shrubland! The final 10% of the journey involves scrambling up a rock fact using chains as a guide and help. The top of the mountain has well established seating and lookout areas that have 360 degree views


You do not need any permits and there is no associated cost.

Other References

There are a number of other web resources available that detail how to get to the base of the mountain and other history regarding its previous volcanic history?


Lovely wildlife~ saw a 2m long carpet python, many birds and a bandicoot!

Lisa on 30 Oct, 2017

Started up at 3:45am. Raining, windy and pitch black the whole way up. Nobody else ahead, so lots of spiderwebs.
Reached the top at 5:15am and hunkered down to wait for dawn, but it was a wall of white as low cloud and fog flowed up the mountain.
Because of the rain I was glad someone suggested wearing gloves - made grabbing wet, cold rock on the final section easier.
The walk down was beautiful. Forest sounds punctuating the misty quiet.

Rey Leon on 22 Oct, 2017

Started walk at 10am which was enjoyable as track traffic was reduced. Track was very dry and destruction in some parts from rain event in April was apparent.

Susan on 29 Sep, 2017

Probably one of the longest mountains to climb. Trail is nice and defined so you'll just need a bit of endurance for this one. Plenty of places to stop and rest though. I thought the rock scramble at the end would be tricky, but just take your time and it's not bad at all!

Kristy on 27 Sep, 2017

Beautiful views even though it was a cloudy windy day. The last four hundred metres to the summit is a bit scary but you have a chain to hold onto while scrambling up the rocks, it helped a lot. Definitely a must do.

Sinead O'Sullivan on 13 Sep, 2017

Always a lovely walk if overloved. Weather had been sublime, but an overnight cold change meant it was freezing at the top. 3rd time this year, and after climbing Mt Cougal two days previously, I'd opt for the less travelled paths - less passing and less people feeling the need to broadcast their beats to the world while they walk.

glenn mead on 20 Aug, 2017

Great walk!!! :)

J_Jenwren on 12 Aug, 2017

Amazing walk. The walk up was in the dark as we were headed for the sunrise. Waking down felt a little unsteady, but I still loved it.

Amie on 6 Aug, 2017

Great walk, a little slippery on the rock scramble when wet but the views are amazing. There were some young kids 5/6 yrs old on the walk with their parents as well.
One of my favourite walks.

Evo on 14 Jul, 2017

Great walk/climb well worth the scramble to the top. Carried a 2 year old in a carrier all the way but would advise not to bring a walking child until about 3+, lots of steps and rocky paths. Awesome views of the ocean, gold coast and the range. Pee before you go haha.

REM on 1 Jul, 2017

This was my third time up Mount Warning in recent years. It's one of my favourite walks! The climb is lengthy but not very technically challenging as the track is well-maintained. There is a fun rock scramble at the top with chains to assist.

Tularip on 30 Jun, 2017

Very enjoyable walk! My 9 year old boy whent with me a had no trouble at all! He loved the rock climb near the top.

matty on 26 Jun, 2017

It is re-open now.The last hundred meters to summit is really challenging! Somebody put two bottles of water at the summit. Really life saving! Thanks for the great help!

superpig119 on 6 Jun, 2017

It was CLOSED and not sure when it will re-open.

Anonymous on 30 Apr, 2017

Great walk, completed the circuit in under 3 hours for our first attempt. Keen to go back and try again taking in some more of the scenery!

Tahn333 on 24 Mar, 2017

I do this 2-3 times a week. A very well marked trail. Great incline to get the heart pumping. Slippery when wet but I can run down when dry. My best time is 2 hours return but do it comfortably in 2.5 hours.

Caroline on 28 Jan, 2017

Challenging hike in dark and wet conditions, and no view at top due to low clouds... great excuse to complete this climb in better weather!

Geo Kat on 5 Jan, 2017

This was a hard one for me...because I'm unfit.

Christian on 2017

Great climb. Went to see the sunrise. Quite strenuous but still very enjoyable. Be careful with your torchlight at night so to not disturb the glowworms that live all the up the mountain! Was way too cloudy at the top so will have to go again when its clearer.

Samuel Armstrong on 27 Dec, 2016

Good hike to do if in the area. Stayed at the camping area below Mt. Warning to get an early start on the hike.

SabrinaBlaas on 2 Dec, 2016


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