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Mt Cordeaux (Main Range National Park)
27 May, 2020
6.8km return
2.5 hrs
We took 3.5 hours for this. Took our time and a 5yo in tow. We took 100 pictures and spent 30 min + at the top.
This is one of the best views I have seen in a while. Especially for such an "easy" ascent.
Only had to carry the little one for the last 800 meters and another 500 meters in between.
Keep a firm handle on the kids on the last 20 meters.
There is no railing and it goes down steeeeep.
But all up It's a safe and easy walk. Bit long for a 5yo but definitely not hard .

Insta: low_key_lo_co
Mount Tibrogargan Summit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
18 May, 2020
Very Hard
2.7km return
2 hrs
Almost made it ;)
Seriously way harder than I imagined. Physically I could have done it. But mentally I had to turn around bit over half way.
Twin Falls Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
May, 2020
4.6km return
90 mins
Beautiful little hike, our favourite with the 2 5 yo kids. It's relatively easy for them. 5k is a good distance. It's safe too - not many opportunities to do anything silly. The waterfall is usually packed but beautiful;)
I go there often when I don't feel like exploring something new on the weekend.
Little cafe at the top - but twice it was closed so check before leaving if that's important to you

Insta: low_key_lo_co
Mt Warning Summit Trail (Wollumbin National Park)
1 Jan, 2020
8.3km return
5 hrs
Great idea to hike up.on 1st Jan to watch the sunrise. Well so did half the Gold Coast too.
Fantastic hike. The last bit with the chain is my favorite. Do not go in the rain. Would not recommend children under 7!!
Witches Chase (Tamborine National Park)
2.6km return
2 hrs
Beautiful hike. I went with a friend and we did it in 2 hours.
Would not take children under 5