Latest Walks

Very Hard
40 km one-way
3 days

Numinbah Gap to Christmas Creek

A challenging 2-day or 3-day hike along the QLD/NSW border.

2-day option: camp at Echo Point
3-day option: camp at Bithongabel and Point Lookout

A good challenge for experienced walkers with good experience and navigation skills. Points of interest along the way include Bushranger's Cave, Mt Wagawn, Mt Hobwee, Dacelo Lookout, Merino Lookout, Bithongabel Lookout, Echo Point Lookout, Point Lookout, and the Stinson Crash.

This walk can be done in either direction. In any case, you will either have to do a car shuffle or very nicely ask friends or family to do a drop-off and pick-up.

Make sure that you take a PLB and proper emergency provisions (first aid kit, shelter, wet weather gear, warm clothes, extra food rations etc.).

10 km return
4 hrs

Springbrook - Purling Brook Falls & Natural Bridge

What can't you say about this majestic place. Around every corner is nature at its best with the bonus of waterfalls. This trek was a very easy 10ks with beauty that can not be matched. Enjoy. The 4hr trek was only because we were doing the tourist thing. I estimate 1.5hrs.

5 km return
2 hrs

Purling Brook Falls Circuit and Warringa Pool

Together with Twin Falls Circuit, one of the must do's in this Park. Viewpoints, waterfalls, swimming holes, wildlife, name it, it is there! Optionally add an extra 2km to reach the lower Warringa pool. Follow path clockwise to avoid walking up 450 steps!

6 km return
2 hrs

Musgravea Track

This track is a multi-use track for walkers and mountain-bike riders. It is the only track in Djiru National Park where bicycles are permitted.

This mainly flat track is suitable for dry weather access and requires a medium level of fitness. It follows an old forestry road used in the 1960s and 1970s to haul timber from South Mission Beach to the El Arish timber mill. The track heads north from the car park at the Licuala day-use area and exits on to the El Arish–Mission Beach road about 2 km east of the Lacey Creek day-use area. For safety reasons, the old vehicle bridges have been removed and detours to the two creek crossings have been marked for walkers and cyclists. Bicycles will have to be carried down several steps, through the creek and up several steps at each creek crossing. Creeks in this area are subject to flash flooding and caution should be exercised.

13.4 km return
4 hrs

Mt Borumba

An undulating hike along fire trails starting at the Borumba Dam wall, finishing at the summit of Mt Borumba.

32 km one-way
4 days

Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook Island

Simply Incredible!
The walk (32KM) takes you from Lucinda by boat, taking a magical ride around the western side of the island to the north and then meandering through the river systems to your arrival point.
The journey starts with a walk along the beach, taking in the beautiful colours of the Coral Sea, before you enter the rainforest of the Island. You will traverse an array of different conditions, gradients, difficulties and various stunning scenery. There are bays, rocky outcrops, fresh water pools and amazing waterfalls. The trip take 3-5 day to complete. This hike has everything for everyone. Take your time, breath it in and feel a part of the World Heritage Listed Island/Walk. There is a maximum of 40 people on the walk at any given time, so book ahead with NPWS to secure your time/ days for the month you wish to walk.

7 km
2 hrs

Mt Kootaloo

This track branches off from the Island walk - so both can be done together if you dont mind the backtrack. Can be steep in some sections

3.9 km return

Bicton Hill Circuit

A rainforest circuit leading to the summit of Bicton Hill in Clump Mountain National Park near Mission Beach, North Queensland. A series of lookout points along the circuit provide views of Bingil Bay, Mission Beach and surrounds, and the Family Islands.

15 km return
4 hrs

Yul-yan-man, Tibrogargan, Trachyte Circuit

Simply a stitched together circuit of three existing tracks that together, provide a lot of good views, a good variety of landscape and plants and lots of birdsong and flowers. The Yul-yan-man part includes some rock scrambling, the other two parts are mostly flat and easy.

5.5 km return
2 hrs

Mount Perry Summit Walk

Mt Perry. The walk up to the tree line is the hardest part. About 1km , constantly going up, in the sun and warmth of the morning really takes it out of you. The track through the trees and up to the peak is quite a good one and anyone who enjoys a good bush walk should have no problem reaching the peak. Once there the views are fantastic.

2 km return
1 hr

Joggly Point

A lovely easy walk in the Dirawong Reserve (Dirawong is the aborigine word for goanna) for all the family along the sandy pathways and through the low coastal scrub to great views from the headland.

90 mins

Western Circuit

A fairly easy but very picturesque walk. Lots of wildlife, beautiful wildflowers and eucalypts.

3.4 km return
90 mins

Wrights Lookout Walking Track

Wrights lookout walking track takes you through a lush world of ferns and wildflowers to a rocky plateau with spectacular panoramic views looking down to Bellinger River.

The walk to Wrights lookout takes you from the lush world of ferns and mosses to a rocky plateau with spectacular panoramic views.

It’s a bit of a scramble to get to the top (short section of steep slippery rock but not much of a scramble), but you’ll be rewarded at the end, standing on the top of an ancient trachyte remnant of Ebor Volcano, looking down to Bellinger River in the valley below.

Pack a thermos and enjoy a hot cuppa and a picnic with a view. The views from the top are beautiful all year round, but in spring the heathlands burst with colourful wildflowers. For the birdwatchers, keep your eyes out for honeyeaters as they come to feed on the flowering banksia.

4 km
90 mins

Tea Tree Falls Walk

This one starts from the Thungutti camp area adjacent to the Styx river in the New England NP NSW. Listen out for the Honey eaters amongst the Banksia and tea tree. And walk through forests of hanging moss and Sphagnum moss form on the path you walk. A true walk back in time to Gondwana land.

5.5 km
3 hrs

Lyrebird Walk

This one can be taken from a couple of points to get the loop in. Be prepared to traverse along rocky and tree root covered paths. beware of the odd land slip and there are many step worked into the root system of trees going up and down. Whilst of the trail make your way down to Fern Tree Valley, where you`d swear you could possibly see something out of the prehistoric age appear at anytime. You'll also come to Weeping Rock.

2.2 km return
1 hr

Eagles Nest Walking Track

See the best that the park has to offer in just a few hours on the Eagles Nest walking track. Experience World Heritage rainforest, snow gum forest and outstanding views.

Eagles Nest walking track takes you on a journey though World Heritage rainforest and snow gum forest, with outstanding views along the way.

Climb down into the ageless world of Gondwana rainforest. Marvel at the huge mossy Antarctic beech trees covered in fungus and dotted with beech orchids. You’ll see water trickling from the rocks, often freezing and forming chandeliers of ice that glisten in the winter light.

Climb back up to the escarpment near Banksia Point and return to Point lookout through the snow gum woodland. Look out for the brilliantly coloured crimson rosellas as you wander through the forest. In spring, you’ll be treated to the beauty of snow gum woodland carpeted with snowgrass tussocks and colourful wildflowers.

Finish with the breathtaking views from Point lookout, knowing what incredible natural wonders lie in the wilderness below.

500 m
15 mins

Point Lookout

Spectacular views on a clear day, a 180-degree panorama takes in this World Heritage Area right out to Pacific Ocean, 70 kilometres away. This one is wheelchair friendly for 100m till the first lookout.

1 km return
1 hr

Illawarra Lookout

Don’t have much time, but want to discover the wonders of this fragile environment? A walk to Illawarra lookout is a must, with spectacular views, colourful spring wildflowers and amazing birdlife.

Starting from Barren Grounds picnic area, this short trail moves along an undulating path through woodland and heath. Before you know it, you’ll arrive at Illawarra lookout, perched on the edge of the escarpment looking down across the hinterland, rolling green hills, and the stunning coastline.

Breathe in the fresh air, take in the spectacular views, then wander back to the picnic area for a relaxing lunch and a hot cuppa.

Along the way, you might spot an echidna waddling across the track, and you’re bound to see an abundance of birdlife. You'll be walking through the prime habitat of ground parrots and eastern bristlebirds, so keep an eye out for these threatened birds.

5 km return
2.5 hrs

Flying Fox Pass

It is the site of a former flying fox cablecar which lifted valuable timber from the valley to be transported by road and rail systems.

8 km return
4 hrs

Griffiths Loop

Escape from the city and get back to nature on Griffiths walking track, offering outstanding views, great bushwalking and amazing birdwatching opportunities.