Latest Walks

3.8 km return
90 mins

Fort Bribie Walk

Take a self-guided walk through the remnants of heritage-listed Fort Bribie. See gun emplacements, mine control huts, army field camp foundations and searchlight buildings. Signs along the walk give an insight into Fort Bribie and the men and women who served here from 1941 to 1945. Track markers on the beach help to locate the walk's access points.

Bring mosquito repellent the bugs here are notoriously plentiful.

11.5 km return
4.5 hrs

The Cream Track

The Cream Track is the name given to a track from the Tallebudgera Valley, up to the Springbrook Plateau, following a route that early dairy farmers used to get their product down to the coast. It is a challenging track, because of its gradient, and especially challenging after rain.

6.5 km return
3 hrs

Waterfall Hike, Belair National Park

The most challenging trail in the park takes you through Echo Tunnel and to the picturesque rock escarpments of the Upper and Lower Waterfalls.

The falls tend to only flow after heavy rainfall.

Most of the trail is on dedicated walking trail, but a few short sections near the lower end of Queen Jubilee Drive are on fire track, and are shared trails with cyclists.

You can walk your dog in this park providing it remains under your control on a lead.

Take care at both waterfalls, the escarpment lookouts are not fenced and can be slippery near the cliff edge.

The trail starts at the Pines area.

1 km return
30 mins

Cunnamulla Bushlands

1klm gravel path walking track showcasing Mulga Lands, Sandhills, Gidgee Stands, Mitchell Grass Plains, Brigalow Country and Wetlands.

Very Hard
10.7 km return
6 hrs

Mt Barney North Peak

This challenging route offers all the views normally associated with a climb up Logan's Ridge without the extremely precipitous sections. There are a few exposed sections where a rope may be handy, particularly if the rock is wet.

Very Hard
2.9 km return
3 hrs

Mount Beerwah Summit

The highest of the Glasshouse Mountains, the Mt Beerwah summit walk is slightly easier than Mt Tibrogargan but still quite challenging. It has extensive views of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Glasshouse Mountains.

4 km return
1 hr

Yerrabi Pond Walk

Circuit walk around a pond with water views.

Very Easy
500 m return
20 mins

Tom Beatson Lookout Razorback Hill

A short stroll up the walkway to and around the Joongurranahreean Plateau which offers great views to the coast and inland.

7 km return
2 hrs

Wickham Peak - Calytrix Circuit (Wickham Timber Reserve)

A sandstone adventure that climbs to the top of Wickham Peak which gives views of Brisbane City to the North and Mt Barney to the South. Once on top of the ridge the trail traverses heath country which has wildflower displays in Spring.
This walk is best in early morning or late afternoon in the summer months as it can be extremely hot in the middle of the day.

8.4 km return
7 hrs

Mount Kai-koma-ga-take 甲斐駒ヶ岳 (Nagano/Yamanashi Prefecture)

Mount Kai-koma-ga-take is one of the 100 famous mountains. It is situated in the minami alps national park and is a great day hike. The peak is covered in white granite, from a distance it looks like it is covered in snow. Some scrambling near the top, but nothing technical.
Chance of seeing rare raicho birds.

17.4 km return
7 hrs

Hallasan Mountain

A nice day walk up to the summit of South Korea's highest mountain Hallasan located on Jeju Island.

2.6 km return
45 mins

Bukit Timah

A hike up to the dizzying summit of the tallest mountain in all of Singapore at a staggering 164 meters.

1.4 km return
30 mins

Springwood Conservation Park

Circuit around a wooded gorge. Entrance points from various residential areas.

5 km return
90 mins

Gorge Discovery Track, Spur Track, Deloraine Track and Wheelchair Track

This walk has the stairs of death on the Gorge Discovery Track. We covered all the tracks, two are circuits and two end on a street, which we back tracked. There is a centre in the park where most tracks cross over. The tracks themselves are beautiful, with great views and man made. The stairs are do-able even for a gumbie like me and the Deloraine and Spur Track also have an good incline. There is a wheelchair track though very long but is beautiful asl well.

9 km return
3 hrs

Buhot Creek Circuit

This trail starts from the upper day-use area and allows visitors to explore Daisy Hill Conservation Park and adjoining Neville Lawrie Reserve. Take time by tranquil waterholes and enjoy views from the old quarry.

Very Hard
32 km return
4 days

Mt Ararat

A long difficult multi-day ascent of the highest mountain in Turkey and the supposed final resting place of Noah's Ark.

Very Hard
19.5 km return
2 days

Mt Olympus

A 2 day hike/scramble to the roof of Greece and the home of Zeus.

5.25 km return
2.5 hrs

Hidden Waterfall

Neat hidden waterfall near Lepidozamia firebreak

4.5 km return
3 hrs

Upper Kobble Creek South Branch

A nice rainforest walk that starts along and old logging trail then ends up going bush for the last stretch downhill to the creek and waterfall.

1.6 km return
45 mins

Skyline Lookout

From the car park a fairly level track leads to two viewing platforms that look south to Virgin Rock on Mount Zamia and the Springsure township, and north to the rich farming country beyond Eclipse Gap.