Latest Walks

20.5 km one-way
2 days

Stretcher Track

Long considered a "classic" walk in South East Queensland this walk retraces the route taken by the rescue party for the survivors of the Stinson plane crash. It is not maintained by QPWS and is extremely overgrown once the main plateau is reached. A compass and a topographical map is essential as visibility is extremely limited in the rainforest even if you are not walking through low cloud and the track is to all intensive purposes non existent on the plateau.

2.5 km return
30 mins

Frilled Neck Lizard Circuit

Frilled Neck Lizard Circuit is located just north of the Spring Mountain Forest Park. It is a mild to moderate 2.5 km return circuit that links up with the Ironbark Track. The map for this track is annexed as White Rock - Spring Mtn Conservation Estate.

6 km return
2 hrs

Ironbark Track

Ironbark Track is an old lumber road turned into a hiking track. It cuts behind Springfield Lakes to the edge of Spring Mountain Forest park.

Very Hard
14 km return
10 hrs

The Castle

An ascent up one of the best and most challenging day walks in NSW.

4.4 km return
90 mins

Clagiraba Creek Trail

The Clagiraba Creek trail (5.3 kilometres return from the Bellis Road entrance) takes you deep into the green tranquillity of subtropical rainforests. It's possible to access the Clagiraba Creek trail from Barcoo Court, but be prepared for a more challenging route with steeper hills, popular with mountain bike riders and horse riders.

21.8 km return
7 hrs

Albert River Circuit

A lesser used walk starting at O'Reillys and spawning from the Border track.

6 km return
3 hrs

Mount Edwards

This hiking track takes you to the summit of Mt Edwards, the taller, conical-shaped peak beside Moogerah Dam. This trail crosses the dam wall then leads to the top the mountain with an elevation gain of almost 500m to really get your heart pumping. There is a lookout part-way up the track with views of Little Mt Edwards/Reynolds Creek below the dam wall, while the lookout at the summit faces north-east towards Brisbane and the Fassifern Valley.

Officially listed as Grade 5/Very Hard difficulty (unsigned trail, loose/rocky surface, some tree falls/overgrown sections + steep incline), this trail is suitable for walkers with a moderate-high fitness level who are confident and well prepared (wear appropriate shoes, take plenty of water etc.).

22 km
6 hrs

Gheerulla Valley Circuit

A pleasant day walk in the spectacular Gheerulla Valley including some steep sections from the river up and some great lookouts at the top.

13 km return
5 hrs

Waterfall Creek Trail

What starts out as ordinary walk leads to some great rock hopping, swimming and gorge exploring

1.4 km return
30 mins

Six Mile Creek Track

A moderate level trail that leads you into a world of large swamp box and blue gums, and if you are lucky enough, you may even see a shy lace monitor. Cool down as you cross Six Mile Creek and inspect a number of revegetation areas Council has been working to restore.

19.07 km return
4 hrs

Paper Back Flats Picnic Area to Spring Mountain

A varied terrain walk. Sandy in parts, then really rocky in some. The first part of the walk I followed mainly the Spring Mountain fire trail which was mostly flat. When I got to Back Alley trail it started inclining for about 2kms till I got to the Spring Mountain. I climbed as far as the first cave I came across then didn’t climb the rest... although it looked doable, I was by myself and didn’t want to push my luck. It was about 10km on the way up. Return trip I went down the Daisy trail which seemed to be an old mountain bike trail. It descends quickly and is rocky, eroded in parts and hard to walk on and requires a lot of scrambling and concentration. I then got to Narelle’s Climb, this terrain has been gravelled at some stage. I also saw a red belly black snake!! I decided to bypass White Rock as I’d seen it enough times and head back to where I started. Was about 9km on the way back. If I do it again I will do it in reverse and go via White Rock.

1.5 km return
1 hr

Fort Lytton

Fort Lytton is a fortress located on the southern banks of the Brisbane River, Fort Lytton National Park is the perfect place to discover a unique part of Brisbane’s past.
Only open on Sundays.

14 km return
7 hrs

Spring Mt Caldera

A great walk. Starting at the end of Thornbill Drive, Greenbank. 60 degree views atop Spring Mountain. Caves and cliffs along with some off track navigation along the aptly named Dragons Spine Trail!

1.2 km return
40 mins

John Trousall Park

A short walk though urban bushland, descending into a deep gully with a dam at the bottom. This trail is shared by mountain bikes and can be uneven/slippery after rain. The park has many facilities including BBQ, toilet, tennis court, basketball half court, handball wall, lean-to-ride bike skills track and a small playground.

Officially listed as Grade 3/Medium difficulty (rough surfaces + 2 very steep cemented sections leading in/out of the gully), this track is suitable for walkers with a moderate fitness level.

400 m return
25 mins

Rainforest Walking Circuit - Redwood Park

This short loop starts from the Redwood Park picnic area near the bottom of the Toowoomba Range. It is a narrow, winding track the leads through a pocket of dry rainforest and along the bank of Gatton Creek. Caution: the causeway can be slippery/flooded after rain.

Officially listed as Grade 3/Medium difficulty (includes some natural stairs + uneven surfaces), this track is suitable for walkers of all ages and most fitness levels.

11.6 km return
3.33 hrs

Redwood and Jubilee Parks Loop

Experience this 11.6-km loop trail through eucalypt forest along the Toowoomba escarpment. This is a popular trail for hiking, mountain biking, and trail running, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day. Starting from the Grasstree Track trailhead at the bottom of Redwood Park, this challenging circuit combines tracks from Redwood Park and Jubilee Park.
This route features a decent incline that is sure to get the heart pumping! Can become quite muddy in places, especially after rain.

The trails that make up this loop are officially listed as Grade 3/Medium - Grade 4/Hard (steep inclines, loose/uneven surfaces + limited signage). This track is suitable for walkers/joggers with a moderate-high fitness level.

7 km return
2.5 hrs

Grasstree Track + Bridle Trail + Redwood Forest Walk Loop, Redwood Park

This challenging loop starts from the Redwood Park trailhead near the bottom of the Toowoomba Range. It leads through eucalypt forest and dry vine scrub with views towards Mount Meewah/Table Top & Picnic Point. Caution: slippery after rain.

Officially listed as Grade 4/Hard difficulty (includes some steep sections, loose/ slippery/boggy surfaces + limited signage), this track is suitable for walkers/runners with a moderate-high fitness level.

4 km
2 hrs

Grasstree Track - Eagle's Nest Trail Loop, Redwood Park

This loop starts from the Redwood Park trailhead near the bottom of the Toowoomba Range. It is a moderately challenging walk through eucalypt forest, with views towards Mount Table Top & Picnic Point. It is possible to extend your walk by following the marked side-track to the Ferny Gully Circuit (approx. 2km return). The archaeological dig site at the Eagles Nest Men's Camp historical is also located off Eagle's Nest Trail (trailhead unsigned). Caution: slippery after rain.

Officially listed as Grade 4 difficulty (includes some steep sections, loose/ slippery/boggy surfaces + limited signage), this track is suitable for walkers/runners with a moderate-high fitness level.

30 mins

Williams Park

This shady walk follows a clear, trickling creek through urban bushland. A wide, wooden bridge crosses the creek near the trailhead. There is usually water in the creek, and the thick canopy trees/lush fern trees walk make this a beautiful walk in any weather.

Officially listed as Grade 2/Easy difficulty (unsealed dirt trail, some very short hills along the western bank), this walk is suitable for all ages and most fitness levels.

3.4 km return
90 mins

Mt Peel Walking Tracks

A network of walking circuits and firebreak trails through eucalypt forest. There are two main summits that include scrambling sections, and the lookout from the South Summit gives walkers 360° views of Toowoomba and its surrounds.

The trails at Mt Peel are officially listed as Grade 3/Medium - Grade 4/Hard (some steep inclines, rough surfaces + scrambling sections). These tracks are interesting for walkers of all ages, though a moderate fitness level is required.