Latest Walks

6 km
2 hrs

Redwood National Park

Nice walk around the range at the base of Toowoomba. Not overly steep at any point but there is the occasional log to dodge.

21 km
2 days

Aquila Loop

Remote bush camping in the remote middle section of the park, alongside picturesque England Creek at the England Creek bush camp. There are several waterholes along England Creek Road, 10 minutes south of the campsite. Look out for native daisies along the road edge flowering spring to summer. Pink rock orchids and tongue orchids can be seen growing on rock cuttings on Joyners Ridge Road in spring.

This trail can also be done as a day hike (6-10 hours).

1 km return
90 mins

Mt Blaine Summit Trail

A challenging track to the summit of Mt Blaine. The trail consists of steep inclines and rock scrambling. The summit provides 360 degree view over Brisbane, Ipswich and the scenic rim and a great view of Flinders Peak. The track goes up the northern side, over the summit and back down the southern side. High level of fitness, off track experience, scrambling experience and solid boots are all recommended.

7 km return
4 hrs

Flinders Peak

A steep climb up the northwestern ridge of Flinders Peak, passing over several crests giving expansive views north to Brisbane on the way up. As it climbs higher, views expand to include the Fassifern Valley and south west to Lamington plateau.

The final segment descends from Little Flinders across a col and ascends again to Flinders Peak. This is the most rugged section of the track and extra caution is required. Rock scrambling skills and strong boots are essential. Views from the peak can be stunning.

11 km one-way
4 hrs

Fira to Oia

The Fira-Oia Hike is a highlight of visiting Santorini.
The hike takes between 2 and 5 hours depending on how fast you walk and how often you stop.
The hiking trail from Fira to Oia is just under 10.5km (6.5 miles).
Elevation along the route: Oia 130 meters; Imerovigli 350 meters (the highest point on the hike);

5.5 km return
2 hrs

Gold Creek Reservoir

Within the Brisbane City area there are a number of nature reserves that provide opportunities for the hiker who doesn't want to drive for hours to get out of the city. One of the most interesting is the Gold Creek Reservoir located next to the suburb of Upper Brookfield.

Very Hard
223 km
17 days

Larapinta Trail

223km hike from Alice Springs to Redbank Gorge or vice versa along the West MacDonnell Range.

8 km one-way
5 days

Mt Roland

Located near Sheffield, on the edge of the Great Western Tiers region of Tasmania. Looks quite ominous as you approach from Sheffield with its many sheer cliffs. A good day walk that is easy to follow, with a large portion of the walk done across the plateau along to the summit. The path has branches off to the other mountains near by (Mt Van Dyke, Mt Claude), but the Mt Roland track is much better maintained.

2.5 km return
1 hr

Kureelpa Falls

A hidden gem in the Mapleton National Park, with water from the South Maroochy River cascading over boulders before falling 30m into a hidden gorge.

10.6 km return
2 hrs

Artists Cascades

This walk is part of the Conondale Great Walk and follows Booloomba Creek. You walk through subtropical rainforest and wet sclerophyll forest. There is abundant birdlife along the path as well as goannas and skinks. The cascades is a great place to have a swim after the long walk to get there. You can also take a couple of side tracks along the way to the Strangler Cairn and the gold mine.

1 km
18 mins

Banksia Track

This track rises to a knoll with westerly views. You will see grass trees and Australian native grasses. If you are lucky you may even see swamp wallabies feeding on the grass.

Picnic area available at entrance

Grade: hard, steep climb
Suited to: bushwalking, flora walking
Habitat: open grassland, eucalypt forest
Must: see the regionally rare keraudrenia species

1.5 km
27 mins

Xanthorrhoea Track

This track passes through mixed heath and woodland species including banksias, grass trees and heath peas. You are likely to see kookaburras, forest kingfishers, red-backed wrens, dollarbirds, lizards and geckoes.

Picnic area available at entrance.

Grade: easy, but it’s hilly
Suited to: birdwatching and flora walks
Habitat: heathland
Must: walk this track in September or at dusk
Recommendation: combine this track with the Banksia Track for a two hour circuit walk, Pomax Track for another two hour walk or all three for a three hour walk

770 m
30 mins

Creek Track

This track leads you to a creek platform that overlooks Downfall Creek. You are likely to see waterhousia and lomandra. Common crow butterflies feed on monkey vine and red ash.

Picnic area available at entrance

Grade: easy
Suited to: bushwalking
Habitat: dry riparian vine forest
Must: spend time at the creek platform listening for birds and watching the creek life

7.1 km return
2 hrs

Chermside Hills and Milne Hill Cct

A surprisingly diverse walk in the heart of the 'burbs' with the ability to totally lose oneself from the hectic pace of modern life, the sounds of traffic, the visual pollution of human settlement. On the two times I have done this walk I have come across a mob of wallabies in different sections of the walk.

5.5 km return
2 hrs

Round Mountain

Round Mountain is the highest point of the New England Tablelands, at 1579m. However, the summit is occupied by Airservices Australia as an Air Navigation Facility, but this does not stop you walking around the perimeter and enjoying the views.

2.6 km return
2.5 hrs

Mt Cooroora

Become your own 'King of the Mountain'.

Mt Cooroora at 446m (Tuchekoi National Park), is probably the most famous of the Sunshine Coast climbs, due to the King of the Mountain race held annually in July since 1979. The fact that it is a race from the pub in town, and the best time is 22:43, gives you the false impression that this might be quite an easy climb, but you would be wrong!

Take time out as you climb to enjoy the stunning views south across the Sunshine Coast and the 360° vista from the top.

Very Hard
2.7 km return
2 hrs

Mount Tibrogargan Summit

Almost a free climb instead of a hike.

It’s quite tricky to actually find it. Come off the Steve Irwin way at Matthew something park and drive around the back and through a tight railway tunnel then off to the right. You’ll pass some farming sheds on your right and the track to the car park is on your left.

According to Jinibara people’s lore and custom, Beerwah is the ancestral, pregnant mother. Tibrogargan is seen as the father with Ngungun, his faithful dingo, lying at his feet. The mountains around them are their children. Coonowrin is the eldest. The others are Beerburrum, Coochin, Elimbah, Tibberoowuccum, Miketeebumulgrai, Tunbubudla and, the youngest is currently known as Wild Horse Mountain.

Aboriginal people do not climb these mountains out of spiritual respect to Jinibara and Kabi Kabi peoples. They ask that visitors refrain from climbing them for the same reason.

3.2 km return
90 mins

Carlo Sandblow

Named after one of Captain Cook's crew (Carlo), Carlos Sandblow provides magnificent 360° views. To the north is Fraser Island and Inskip Point and to the south the length of Rainbow Beach all the way to Double Island Point. Informative signs on the Sandblow are provided.

2.8 km return
90 mins

Mt Ngungun

Mount Ngungun (pronounced 'noo noo')but generally known as "Gun Gun" is a very popular hike due to its relative ease and fantastic views.

A well defined graded track with some steep sections. The track begins in open forest with a fern understory. Part way up the mountain, there is a great view of Mt Tibrogargan as the track passes a small rock overhang. The summit provides spectacular close-up views of nearby Mt Tibrogargan, Mt Tibberoowuccum, Mt Coonowrin and Mt Beerwah.

1.4 km return
30 mins

Wild Horse Mountain

Quite steep but concrete all the way. Amazing 360° views of the Glass House Mountains to the west and Bribie Island and the coastal strip to the east. Lots of information on what you are looking at and a great place for a picnic.