Latest Walks

2.4 km return
75 mins

Wishing Tree Track

The track passes large Brush Box and over a tree fern gully spanned by a suspension bridge down to the Wishing Tree, where you can turn left into Glow Worm Gully or ahead under the Wishing Tree to Morans Creek. This track is on private property at O’Reilly’s resort.

7 km
3 hrs

Moonlight Crag, Balancing Rock and Castle Crag

Visit a few fantastic lookouts which capture the amazing Lost World Plateau, Moran's Falls and the border ranges including Mt Throakban. Can be combined with Moran's Falls, Lyrebird Lookout or the Wishing Tree walks.

11 km return
4 hrs

Mt Sinai

A walk to the top of probably the most religiously significant mountain in the world - the mountain where according to the Bible Moses received the 10 commandments.

15 km return
2 days

Hiking and Camping on Mount Sinai trails

You will climb the second highest peak in Egypt, Mount Moses or Mount Sinai, at an altitude of 2258 meters above sea level, the place where the Prophet Moses received the Ten Commandments and the place from which the Prophet was raised to me. We will visit all the ancient churches on the mountain and we will camp for a whole night under the stars and enjoy watching the sun rise in the morning.
What to Expect
A unique trip organized and of high quality, one night camping in Jabal Musa
Climbing the second highest peak in Egypt, Mount Moses or Mount Sinai, the oldest place for pilgrims in ancient times, the place where the Prophet Moses received the Ten Commandments, and the place where the Prophet Elijah stayed .

3.4 km return
90 mins

Wrights Lookout Walk

Wrights lookout walking track takes you through a lush world of ferns and wildflowers to a rocky plateau with spectacular panoramic views looking down to Bellinger River.
The walk to Wrights Lookout takes you from the lush world of ferns and mosses to a rocky plateau with spectacular panoramic views.
It’s a bit of a scramble to get to the top (short section of steep slippery rock but not much of a scramble), but you’ll be rewarded at the end, standing on the top of an ancient trachyte remnant of Ebor Volcano, looking down to Bellinger River in the valley below.

Pack a thermos and enjoy a hot cuppa and a picnic with a view. The views from the top are beautiful all year round, but in spring the heathlands burst with colourful wildflowers. For the birdwatchers, keep your eyes out for honeyeaters as they come to feed on the flowering banksia.

6 km return
3 hrs

Lyrebird loop Walk

This one can be taken from a couple of points to get the loop in. Be prepared to traverse along rocky and tree root covered paths. Beware of the odd land slip and there are many steps worked into the root system of trees going up and down. Can be a loop with Upper and Lower trail.

4 km return
90 mins

Tea Tree Falls Walk

This one starts from the Thungutti camp area adjacent to the Styx river in the New England NP NSW. Listen out for the Honey Eaters amongst the Banksia and Tea Tree and walk through forests of Hanging and Sphagnum moss that form on the path you walk. A true walk back in time to Gondwana land. If time allows, you can continue to Point Lookout.

10 km return
4 hrs

Kalbarri Loop Walk

Starting at the iconic Natures Window, follow the loop anticlockwise over the ridge, then into the gorge along the Murchison River. Monkey your way across some spots and keep an eye out for white markers to keep you on route.

The terrain is a mixture of rock, dirt and sand - you will get it all.

BRING PLENTY OF WATER EVEN IN WINTER. The rocks in the gorge emit so much heat even in mid-winter so ensure you bring more water than you think!!! I can't imagine doing this in the summer.

Bring swimmers for the many dip spots along the way.

1000 km
77 days

Bibbulum Track

This is a walk in planning for mid 2012 and I am looking for up to 3 walking partners. The pace will be gentle (I will be 57yo by then)and I have walked only 120km of the Alpine Track (Main Range and Jagungal)as experience. I am cautious in my expectations and will be well prepared. I am not, however, trying to break any records. I prefer people who are flexible in their attitudes, easy going, able to laugh at themselves and also able to leave any gung-ho male bravado at home!

5.4 km return
2 hrs

Black Mountain Summit Trail

A steep walk to the top of Black Mountain.

800 m return
45 mins

The Horn

Perched on top of granite cliffs at the edge of the Mount Buffalo plateau, The Horn is a unique landscape. Dotted here and there among the great boulders are the twisted, sun-bleached trunks of Snow Gums that have succumbed to bushfires over the years. A stone lookout shelter perched precariously atop the cliff overlooks all of this as well as the surrounding mountains far below. The Horn (1723m) is the most prominent peak of the Mount Buffalo plateau. A dirt road to The Horn picnic area which can be closed at times usually during Winter. Then the walk starts at the end of the paved road and carpark. Here, there are already magnificent views!

The walk itself is a steep ascent, narrow in places, with stairs and long hanging rock to limbo under.

Short in distance but you will work up a puff! Insane panoramic views from the top!

Very Easy
100 m return
10 mins

Mt Ainslie Lookout

Walk, cycle or drive to Mt Ainslie Lookout with spectacular views over Canberra.

15 km return
5 hrs

Larapinta Falls

This walk is an extension of the hike to Westray's Grave (see along Christmas Creek. The other known walk on this route is to the Stinson crash site.

Without a word of hesitation I would recommend that if you go to Christmas Creek you must check out Larapinta Falls as they are absolutely spectacular and made even more special by the fact that you can swim right under the cascade which is over 30 metres high.

Absolutely worth doing, the falls are spectacular and there is nothing like swimming under such a large waterfall. Beautiful scenery though it is fairly well out in the sticks so be prepared.

Very Hard
16.3 km return
8 hrs

Mt Gudgenby

A full day bush bash and scramble to the picturesque summit of Mt Gudgenby - the 9th highest mountain in the ACT.

3.6 km return
1 hr

Wetland Trail

Well signed trail through the wetland. Concrete surface/ gravel surface. Occasional seating areas. Partly wheel chair friendly.

5 km return
2 hrs

Eagles Nest Walking Track

See the best that the park has to offer in just a few hours on the Eagles Nest walking track. Experience World Heritage rainforest, snow gum forest and outstanding views.
Eagles Nest walking track takes you on a journey though World Heritage rainforest and snow gum forest, with outstanding views along the way.
Climb down into the ageless world of Gondwana rainforest. Marvel at the huge mossy Antarctic beech trees covered in fungus and dotted with beech orchids. You’ll see water trickling from the rocks, often freezing and forming chandeliers of ice that glisten in the winter light.
Climb back up to the escarpment near Banksia Point and return to Point lookout through the snow gum woodland. Look out for the brilliantly coloured crimson rosellas as you wander through the forest. In spring, you’ll be treated to the beauty of snow gum woodland carpeted with snowgrass tussocks and colourful wildflowers.
Finish with the breathtaking views from Point lookout, knowing what incredible natural wonders lie in the wilderness below.

20.8 km return
8 hrs

Barokee to Native Dog Creek

Barokee to Native Dog Creek walk links Cathedral Rock National Park’s two campgrounds and takes in Woolpack Rocks and Cathedral Rock. The track follows the Snowy Range and is a moderate grade apart from when you climb the rock features. There are a number of options for tackling this track, which can be started from either Barokee campground or Native Dog campground. You might leave your vehicle at one end then camp the night at the other and retrace your steps the next day, car shuffle for a one-way day walk, or hike the return 20.8km in one go.

9.5 km return
4 hrs

Woolpack Rocks

Barokee day use area to Woolpack Rocks and return. Trail leads along Cathedral Rock loop, than up the ridge through an impressive boulder field and towards the Woolpack Rocks with excellent views from the top.

5.6 km return
3 hrs

Cathedral Rock

The Barokee campground is the starting point for this walk. It is accessed via a rather rough unsealed road off the B78.

Cathedral Rock track is an exciting and challenging walk, near to Barokee campground and Round Mountain, offering scenic views across the New England Tablelands from the summit.

Hike up Cathedral Rock to sit on a natural throne perched on 100m of stacked boulders and survey your kingdom. The nearby Round Mountain is the highest point of the New England Tablelands, although only by a royal whisker at 1579m.

6.6 km return
2.5 hrs

The Wonga Walk

This rainforest walk is on a sealed track for its entire length, making it quite easy. However the track does descend to the bottom of the two waterfalls it passes before ascending to the start again. If following the track in a clockwise direction you will come to Tristania Falls which you pass in front of via a bridge. Crystal Shower falls is also seen from a bridge, and there is a track to walk behind these falls as well. The track can also incorporate the Walk with the Birds Boardwalk.