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Castle Rock (Girraween National Park)
22 Mar, 2020
4.4km return
90 mins
Very nice views of the pyramid, turtle rock and mount norman from the top, bit exposed in some areas but not as much as the pyramid, still would advise against doing it in the rain.

The walk in was pretty boring, could see the devastation of the recent bushfires on the landscape, couple of fallen trees expecting more after more trunks start the decay , but happy at the same time to see the forest recovering.

Follow the white markers! and wear grippy shoes.
The Pyramid (Girraween National Park)
21 Mar, 2020
3.8km return
2 hrs
Nice and easy for this one, definitely do this in proper track shoes or barefoot, tried to go an alternative way but the incline was way too steep, ended up following the white markers anyway.

Do turn around at the slightest hint of rain because it only means a straight fall to the abyss.

Did this at 4pm, just in time for sundown and back to the carpark by 6:30pm.
Flinders Peak (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
16 Mar, 2020
6.5km return
3.5 hrs
Echoing the statement on weeds overgrowing, it is indeed after the amount of rain, gets annoying after awhile on the constant looking for snakes.
Was tough going only made it up the first lookout.
Mt Warning Summit Trail (Wollumbin National Park)
3 Jan, 2020
8.3km return
5 hrs
Did this twice, once in winter and another one a couple of days ago in summer on 3 Jan 2020.

In winter: Track can be slippery and muddy after rain, not the best way to walk for hours but the rainforest is absolutely surreal, got caught in a storm from balcony down the steep face, slipped on the way down but was fortunate to hook my legs on a pole, it is cold up at the summit so bring a windbreaker at least.

In summer: 1hr 45mins up and 1 hr 30mins down at a steady pace, nice and easy but a part of those chains on the steep face has broken off, not too big of an issue really just have your footholds done properly.

Saw a boy no more than 10 years of age on the way up and injured with a deep knee gash on the way down, ambo had to come by.