Panoramic views of Girraween including The Pyramids and Mt Norman.

Maximum Elevation

Getting there:

The track starts from the picnic ground on Pyramid Rd. Follow the directions on the Girraween National Park page.

Route/Trail notes:

The track is well marked and passes through a variety of vegetation types. The final section is along exposed granite to the summit. From the summit you get a great view around Girraween's many peaks.

As with all of Girraween's granite it can become very slippery when wet and should not be attempted in damp conditions. The walk is also quite exposed so be prepared if you're wary of heights.

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GPS Tracks

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Completed this along with the Sphinx and Turtle Rock today. More challenging than the Northern Circuit but the way back is mostly downhill which was nice. The Views from Castle Rock are worth the effort.

Bobbe on 11 Feb, 2022

Completed this along with the Sphinx and Turtle Rock today. More challenging than the Northern Circuit but the way back is mostly downhill which was nice. The Views from Castle Rock are worth the effort.

Bobbe on 11 Feb, 2022

A few challenging moments walking along the side of the rock to get to the top, but once on the top it’s pretty easy.

Olwyn on 30 Oct, 2021

Breathtaking 360 degrees views of Giraween NP from the top. Not a hard walk but a small section on an exposed ledge just before the very top which is a little bit daunting
So cold & windy at the summit- like being on top of the world!!

JulesD on 15 May, 2021

What a gorgeous sun-drenched day ☀️
Dramatic landscapes all around with a gazillion boulder formations everywhere. The panorama at the summit was insane and IMO better than the Pyramid (because we had it to ourselves). We had lunch in the shade overlooking the national park and it was so so lovely.

🦎 A handful of Cunningham skinks, and a whole bunch of other lizards and skinks
🌼💐 Cool flora spots: We're at the tail end of the flowering season I think but there's still some around. Wattles, a field of flannel flowers, isotomas, yellow buttons, flax-lilies, daisies in an assortment of colours, granite bluebells everywhere.

Rasy B on 19 Jan, 2021

A very fun hike! It’s longer but easier than The Pyramid, especially the rock scramble part. Personally I love the views from the top better. If you go in the summer, go very early in the morning to avoid the heat and wear shoes with good grip. We had the trail to ourselves which was amazing. Highly recommended.

Darcy P on 6 Dec, 2020

Beautiful area for hiking with a number of different walks. Camping ground well maintained

Kel on Oct, 2020

A nice walk. Did it on the way back from the Sphinx and Turtle rock. It wasn’t as hard as the pyramid but it has better views in my opinion, since it is higher in elevation and it is in the centre of the park. It was great fun!!

0zzyDave1234 on 29 Sep, 2020

Day trip to Girraween to complete some hikes with Danielle. Completed Mt Norman first, followed by Castle Rock then Sphinx and Turtle. Awesome geology and a great walk with some steep inclines. 17.8km in total with a stop for lunch at the top of Mt Norman. Castle rock was my fave.

Sarah on 14 Aug, 2020

Such an enjoyable hike. It had a bit of everything, culminating on scrambling up the top part. There had been drizzle overnight, so you really had to watch your step. Great views from the top.

Nick.b on 10 Jul, 2020

This was a very worthwhile sidetrack on our way to Mt Norman. The track up has some fun yet easy scrambling sections. My favourite part is up on the top there is a deep crack in the rock and you have to jump from one side to the other if you want to get the best vantage point. Nice central location for checking out all the main attractions in Girraween, definitely recommend.

Vonsnrub on 6 Jun, 2020

Very nice views of the pyramid, turtle rock and mount norman from the top, bit exposed in some areas but not as much as the pyramid, still would advise against doing it in the rain.

The walk in was pretty boring, could see the devastation of the recent bushfires on the landscape, couple of fallen trees expecting more after more trunks start the decay , but happy at the same time to see the forest recovering.

Follow the white markers! and wear grippy shoes.

Wai on 22 Mar, 2020

Chose a very windy Winter day but luckily the wind was on our side pushing us into the rock face.

JayWalker on 11 Aug, 2019

Had perfect weather for this walk and viewed the partial lunar eclipse from the track. The track is well marked. I found one steep section towards the top of the climb particularly challenging. The 360 degree views over Girraween National Park made the scary bits of the climb worth it. Good vantage points to see The Sphinx, Turtle Rock and The Pyramid. Two superb lyrebirds crossed our path which was exciting. Fires went through this area in February 2019. There is new growth appearing from the burnt forest.

Ramona W on 17 Jul, 2019

Really enjoyed the climb, was easier than first thought. There are clear markings to get to summit and quite easy to follow. The views were amazing up top.

Karshing on 20 May, 2019

Depart from Castle Rock Camping Grounds - Great walk with clear track and signage. Going around from the first lookout to the summit is not be for the faint hearted.

Would love to go back on a clear day as we didn't get the great sunset we were hoping for.

CL on 26 Jan, 2019

Easy at the beginning and pretty challenging at the top. Few of my friends resigned from climbing as it required rock hopping and I have to admit sometimes it was a bit scary.

Asha on 26 Jan, 2019


Mackamcb on Jan, 2019

Easy and pretty walk. Loved scrambling about the rocks at the top. Sadly it was raining so I couldn’t fully explore as the rocks were very slippery and it’s steep. I didn’t feel like falling and scraping my skin off on the rough surface lol. Thoroughly enjoyed sitting out of the wind and rain eating lunch and just taking in the quiet.

Syd on 12 Oct, 2018

Loved this, a very special hike. The kids made it to the top without a problem, but there are definitely danger points where there is no room for error. Spectacular views.

Jane Doe on 22 Sep, 2018


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