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Mt Joyce Summit Walk (Main Range National Park)
8 Jun, 2019
20km return
5 hrs
Decided to bring our push bikes to save time getting to the base of the mountain. I would say we saved time but it certainly didn't save effort. The track has a lot of sand on it which led to some pretty sketchy moments riding downhill. The walk from the base to the top was really nice, wasn't overly difficult but enough to get your heart pumping. Was a bit of a miserable day but the view is still fantastic! Make sure to check on the SEQ water website before you go, first time we tried it was closed and the track was fenced off.
Mt Philp (Glen Rock Regional Park)
26 Apr, 2019
4.5km return
4 hrs
Well I wouldn't say it is trackless, there are a lot of paths all leading in completely different directions, what it lacks is a correct path. Following the GPS track from Wikiloc you start at the carpark, walk through a field of knee high grass, get to a small car track (get your hopes up that there is going to be a nice track) then you have to walk up through more knee high grass and bushes filled with spiders. Eventually you get to the ridge and you can follow that up and it gets a bit easier. Very steep pretty much the whole way, reminded me a bit of Mt Barney just in how draining it is. Took me 90 minutes up and 90 minutes down because you have to be so careful descending. Very nice view from the top, surprised they haven't capitalised on it by making an actual track.
Little Bally Mountain and Bally Mountain (Queensland)
18 Apr, 2019
6.4km return
4 hrs
Walked this via the recommended route in the description from the end of Bonogin Road. The area reminded me a bit of the Spring Mountain reserve only a bit steeper with a better view from the top. The view was sensational, could see Surfers Paradise, Coolangatta, Mt Cougal, Mt Warning from the top of Bally Mountain. Like Spring Mountain there is a labyrinth of different tracks around so was definitely nice to have a GPS to make sure I didn't wander off onto one of the more protected areas.
The Steamers (Main Range National Park)
13 Apr, 2019
18km return
2 days
Downloaded a GPS track from Wikiloc starting at the Emu Creek campsite, would not recommend that start point. You can intercept the main track but it involves 45 minutes of walking along a creek then bush bashing your way up the side of the cliff. At the top of the ridge there is a clear path up past the steamers. Eventually you will reach an intersection, one route continues on to the summit of Mt Steamer, the other backtracks along the top of the rock formation to Lizard point where you can get that famous photo of the Steamers.

The view was incredible! Involved a little bit of scrambling but wasn't exposed. After that we carried on to Mt Steamer which was only 40mins away or so along a reasonable track. The view from the top isn't as good as the Lizard Point lookout but it is still very nice, better than Wilson's peak. Has a perfect view of Mt Superbus, was great seeing the side profile of Superbus and understanding why it took so long to walk from one side of the 'summit' to the other.

All in all was a day well spent, took longer than expected but I think that was mainly cause we had to do a return trip down the side of steep hill covered in vegetation to get to and from the car.
Mt Woowoonga Summit Walk (Queensland)
31 Mar, 2019
3.6km return
2.5 hrs
Fairly nice hike along a well marked track to the summit. It reminded me a bit of Mt Coochin only a bit longer (took me 45mins from the carpark to the summit). The views from the top are fairly obstructed so it's difficult to get a good photo. I ended up walking onwards to the higher Mt Goonaneman which has the TV tower at the summit. Wouldn't really recommend it, the track is a bit hard to follow and there is no view from the top of that mountain..also not really sure if I was meant to be walking around the TV tower. I didn't see a sign telling me otherwise though. Nice enough day out but if you want amazing views go to Mt Walsh instead.
Wilson's Peak (Main Range National Park)
25 Mar, 2019
Very Hard
6 hrs
Very detailed description that was all completely accurate. Took me 2hrs up and 1hr 45 down. Very easy mountain to navigate, you walk along the fence for the vast majority so very hard to get misplaced. The first 3/4s is undulating so you don't really gain any altitude until you get to the steep hike up the peak. VERY similar to Mt Cougall, views aren't quite as good and the uphill component is certainly longer. Saw a snake on the way back, fortunately it was on the NSW side of the fence. Could have hugged the fence if it wasn't covered in barbed wire.
Mt Koroyanitu (Overseas)
23 Mar, 2019
6km return
4 hrs
Decided to hire a guide to show us the waterfall and then proceed solo to the summit of Mt Batilamu. In retrospect probably didn't need the guide. There are some breath taking views on the way to the waterfall, looks like something out of a movie with all the high cliffs and waterfalls. Eventually I got the guide to point me in the direction of the summit track and I made my way to the top. He said it would take 2hrs each way but in reality I did it in 1hr 15 up and just under an hour down. It is trickier finding your way back down if you elect to go via the waterfall, the main track is a lot easier to follow. At the top there is a little cabin, and about 5 minutes further there is an excellent lookout with expansive views all the way to Nadi and beyond! The track wasn't too muddy but I did cop a face full of spiderwebs more than once. Overall a great way to spend a morning!
Mt Tomanivi (Overseas)
21 Mar, 2019
4.5km return
5 hrs
It's a long drive out of Nadi but in my opinion it was totally worth the effort! The dirt road starts off quite reasonable but gets a bit rougher as you start ascending the mountain range. Would definitely recommend renting a 4wd, mainly for the clearance. Once I got to Navai I spotted two guys standing on the side of the road so stopped to ask them how i would go about climbing the mountain. They explained the pricing structure and one of them offered to be my guide. He hopped in the car and directed me to where I needed to park.

He didn't have a backpack, or a waterbottle, in fact all he did have was a machete which at first was a little intimidating, but it turns out whenever anyone heads up there they use it as an opportunity to clear shrubs off the track. He was a very friendly guy and explained to me that entry/guide fee all goes to the village and as such they love having tourists along to come climb the mountain.

The track is very well marked, it would be hard to miss it or wander off. It is however completely covered in mud so you can pretty much guarantee you will ruin whatever shoes you are wearing. It's also very slippery and at times you'll put your foot down thinking it's firm ground only for it to sink into a massive hole covered by long grass. As you near the top the track will become less muddy and a massive clearing will come into view. From here you can get a 360 degree view of the island. Before the climb I was told it would take 3hrs to reach the top but we did it in around 90 minutes.

Very well spent money in my opinion, thoroughly enjoyed it!
Mount Superbus (Main Range National Park)
5 Mar, 2019
10km return
3 hrs
Decided to approach it another way so went via the Emu Creek track. I know sometimes you see written on this site 4wd only but it's really not too bad...well this was not one of those times, that road pushed my pool little Forester to the limit. The walk started off quite nicely with a decent track but it doesn't take long for the track to become fairly intermittent and you spend a lot of time reintercepting it. If you intend on going there and just winging it following the coloured tape, pack a tent, you'll be there for a while.

So pretty soon you get to the steep part and it's not too bad, special thanks to whoever put all the rope up, would have been a lot trickier without it. After about 90 minutes (since the carpark) you get to the wreckage of the Lincoln Bomber which is actually pretty impressive considering it's been there for so long. A lot better preserved than the Piper Commanche up Mt Glorious.

So from here I decided to duck up to the peak of Superbus, easier said than done though. The walk from the plane wreck to the summit was like an hour! And you spend alot of it getting misplaced (easier on the way back, the coloured tape seems to favour people coming from Superbus to the crash). It made me appreciate the dodgy track at the bottom of the mountain a lot more cause the one up the top is way worse. There were a few viewing points along the way, certainly not going to win first prize in a National Geographic competition with any photo you take up there though. I found the little box at the summit that had a couple of notebooks, a pair of glasses and an ants nest in it.

So the way back down was interesting, don't consider myself a supernatural sort of guy but did hear footsteps a lot and kept seeing shadows which put me a bit of edge. I picked up my pace but kept getting caught on lantana (insert expletive!!) then had a brown snake slither out of the lantana over my foot (insert louder expletive!!!!). Wasn't the last snake I saw either, next one was a massive red belly black snake. So I guess you could saw that significantly slowed my pace but then as the sun began to set and the light began to dim I heard wild dogs howling from not far up the track where I had just come from. So my pace picked up again until I got to the car. Glad I did it, won't be back!

Uluru Summit (Northern Territory)
26 Feb, 2019
3.5km return
3 hrs
Been on my bucket list for a while and figured I'd do it before it gets closed permanently on October 26. I know there is some contention about whether you should climb it or not given the cultural significance but I validated it in my mind by treating the climb and the land with a high level of respect and following the rules stipulated at the base of the rock (much like I do with every mountain I climb). You can only get access to climb Uluru in summer months between 7-8am and only then if the wind isn't forecast to exceed whatever the rangers threshold for high wind is. I rang up beforehand and was led to believe it was closed more often than it was open due to wind and temp, but hard to know if they were just saying that as a deterrent. The climb itself is a bit like a less intense version of Mt Beerwah with a fairly steep rocky incline at the very beginning. The view from the top is excellent, you can see miles in every direction. Is a shame they are closing it, was definitely the highlight of the trip.