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Mount Amos (Tasmania)
17 Feb, 2020
4km return
3 hrs
This mountain has a bit of a reputation as a challenging climb (not hike) with plenty of warning signs at the bottom alluding to it's difficulty. However I would rate the scrambling as moderate. It is similar to Mt Beerwah in that there are smooth surfaces you have to scramble up but there is nowhere near the same level of exposure, and it's also not as steep. I think it would be very challenging in the wet (there were a few wet patches and we saw people repeatedly slipping and falling on them) but in the dry it's not too bad. The track is very easy to follow and the views are fantastic. Overall I would say the scrambling on Cradle Mountain Summit was more intense.
Hansons Peak (Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park)
15 Feb, 2020
5km return
2 hrs
Fantastic walk and great alternative to Cradle Mountain if the weather is poor. The track is very well marked and has excellent views the whole way up. There is a little bit of light scrambling but there are plenty of handholds and chains to assist you. From the top you can continue to Cradle Mountain if you wish or go back the way you came.
Cradle Mountain Summit (Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park)
15 Feb, 2020
18km return
9 hrs
Probably the best views of any mountain I've climbed so far. The summit track is a sidetrack away from the main tracks that circumvent Dove Lake. It starts off as a steep hike, then becomes light rock hopping, then more intense rock hopping, and then scrambling over large boulders. I would rate the difficulty as similar to Tibrogargan with less exposure. Definitely worth heading up there on a clear day, the view is absolutely phenomenal - 360 degrees!
Saint Valentines Peak (Tasmania)
14 Feb, 2020
9km return
4 hrs
St Valentines Peak for Valentines Day - we appeared to be the only ones who saw the novelty in that, didn't see a single soul on the walk. Was very misty and windy but despite that it was a very enjoyable walk. River crossing early on - can be negotiated relatively easily without wetting your shoes. But our dry clothes didn't last because of the overhanging vegetation on either side of the track. Being quite a misty day everything was wet and it is impossible to do this walk without brushing past a lot of wet bushes. The track is very easy to follow, even in low visibility. Towards the top it gets quite exposed and there is some light scrambling but nothing to extreme. Saw an echidna and one little whip snake.
Northbrook Mtn bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park Bush Camps)
12 Jan, 2020
4.5 hrs
Really nice walk, took us about 2 hours return. We walked along the fire roads to the camp site, up to the top of Northbrook Mountain, then down the faintly marked track to the next mountain which links back with the fire road. Would be keen to go back and stay the night at the camp site, would be fantastic waking up to that view!
Table Top Loop (Toowoomba)
18 Dec, 2019
2km return
75 mins
Possibly not the best one to do if you are prone to spraining your ankle, lots of rock hopping, walking on loose rocks, climbing up rock faces. Very enjoyable little hike with a lot of variety and a nice view at the top. Track is very easy to follow, would have a hard time getting lost.
Mt Tomaree (New South Wales)
25 Nov, 2019
2.2km return
45 mins
Very easy walk, quite similar to Mt Coolum. The views at the top are sensational! On the way down we saw a massive python sitting up in a tree. We also checked out the old gun emplacements - not much left apart from the sealed tunnels, but there are some nice views over that side if you divert from the track a little.
Mt Boulder (Woondum National Park)
30 Oct, 2019
2.5 hrs
May not be the most scenic mountain in the region but the hike was sensational. The track is well marked and for the most part pretty clear of loose rocks. As others have said it gets pretty steep towards the end and actually makes for a nice little challenge. In saying that I wouldn't really call it a scramble, just a very steep hike. Took me around 35 minutes to reach the top where you will find a communication tower and a small building - if you walk around the side of the building you will get a fraction of a view through the trees. Similar intensity to Mt Coorora.
Mt Cooran (Sunshine Coast)
30 Oct, 2019
1.3km return
1 hr
Fantastic walk, doesn't take too long to intercept the track, and once you're on it you will have no problems navigating to the summit. There is some light scrambling but it doesn't last very long. The loose rocks are probably more likely to cause you grief. The view from the top is remarkable, I preferred it over Mt Cooroy. Can be a little intimidating to start with because it feels like you are trespassing, but just ask one of the locals and they will reassure you. Very friendly people living around there!
Neglected Mountain (Lamington National Park)
26 Oct, 2019
10km return
5 hrs
Fairly straight forward mountain with some exceptional views on your way to the summit (views at the summit are a bit obstructed). Was pretty dry up there so the track was quite clear the whole way, only place you could come unstuck is at the start around the hut where there are a few tracks going off in different directions but as the others have said, follow the ridge and you'll be pretty well right.