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Mt Boulder (Woondum National Park)
30 Oct, 2019
2.5 hrs
May not be the most scenic mountain in the region but the hike was sensational. The track is well marked and for the most part pretty clear of loose rocks. As others have said it gets pretty steep towards the end and actually makes for a nice little challenge. In saying that I wouldn't really call it a scramble, just a very steep hike. Took me around 35 minutes to reach the top where you will find a communication tower and a small building - if you walk around the side of the building you will get a fraction of a view through the trees. Similar intensity to Mt Coorora.
Mt Cooran (Sunshine Coast)
30 Oct, 2019
2.4km return
1 hr
Fantastic walk, doesn't take too long to intercept the track, and once you're on it you will have no problems navigating to the summit. There is some light scrambling but it doesn't last very long. The loose rocks are probably more likely to cause you grief. The view from the top is remarkable, I preferred it over Mt Cooroy. Can be a little intimidating to start with because it feels like you are trespassing, but just ask one of the locals and they will reassure you. Very friendly people living around there!
Neglected Mountain (Lamington National Park)
26 Oct, 2019
10km return
5 hrs
Fairly straight forward mountain with some exceptional views on your way to the summit (views at the summit are a bit obstructed). Was pretty dry up there so the track was quite clear the whole way, only place you could come unstuck is at the start around the hut where there are a few tracks going off in different directions but as the others have said, follow the ridge and you'll be pretty well right.
Mt Taylor (Australian Capital Territory)
22 Oct, 2019
2km return
1 hr
Very similar in intensity to Mt Beerburrum. Nice view at the top and a good opportunity to catch some wildlife - we saw heaps of kangaroos up there! Not as touristy as some of the other peaks around Canberra but quite a few locals jogging/hiking around it.
Bukit Lapai (Overseas)
15 Oct, 2019
2.4km return
1 hr
Nice walk, I did it on my way back to the airport, gives you a great perspective over the region! Can be quite slippery and muddy but otherwise a very well marked and well utilized track.
Mt Kinabalu (Overseas)
13 Oct, 2019
17km return
2 days
Best way to describe this mountain is 2 Mt Barneys with a Mt Beerwah on top!! Very well kept track, lots of stairs, handrails, ropes, picnic areas and taps every km or so (although you will have to add your own water purification tablet). It gets quite cold and after noon it tends to get fairly overcast/rainy/stormy so you kind of are racing against the clock. First day is continuous uphill for 6km, one nights rest at a very well decked out set of cabins complete with restaurant/bar. Second day you leave at 2am for a very steep walk to the summit (2.5km) which in my opinion was a lot easier than day 1. Missed out on the sunrise because clouds came over just before it rose but got good views on the way down. You have to book with a tour company to get your climbing pass (and they have check stations along the way to make sure). I went with River Junkie because they were the cheapest and I was very satisfied with the package they supplied.
Mt Elimbah (The Saddleback) (Glass House Mountains)
4 Oct, 2019
1.7km return
75 mins
Not bad for a little mountain. Only took 30mins return but it was a nice little hike. It's pretty burnt up there after a recent fire but the view from the top was great. Excellent vantage point for the other Glasshouse Mountains. The track wasn't really signposted but pretty easy to figure out where to go and the track is fairly well marked.
Burringbar Mountain (New South Wales)
29 Sep, 2019
3km return
2 hrs
The track was easy enough to follow, starts off as a fire trail then a little way down the road a track pops up on your right. The walk is short and steep and not unlike Mt Coochin. Unlike Mt Coochin there aren't really any views from the top, probably the best view was from where I parked the car and even that wasn't great. Did see a lot of friendly snakes though!
Whitsunday Peak - Whitsunday Island (Queensland)
20 Sep, 2019
5km return
4 hrs
We used the Whitsunday island water taxi service to get to Sawmill Beach from Shute Harbour. From the beach there is a well marked track to the summit. It's similar to Mt Edwards in terms of difficulty (so not all that difficult). The view from the top is amazing, see all the way out to Hamilton Island and beyond. We were harassed by a March fly that wouldn't leave us alone, apart from that the top is fantastic!
Mt Tinbeerwah (Sunshine Coast)
16 Sep, 2019
1km return
20 mins
Like others have said this is a very quick and easy walk. Has a fantastic 360 degree view from the top though and excellent for watching thunderstorms approach.