Corang Peak

Morton National Park

A long yet relatively easy going day walk that includes Corang Peak, Corang Arch and Corang river.

Bird Watching
Navigation Required
Camping Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation

Getting there

Set your GPS to the Wog Wog Camping Ground. You will find lots of parking a signpost displaying all the highlights of the walk.

Route/Trail notes

The walk is essentially a giant lollipop shaped track with a roughly 1hr walk to get to the loop where you will encounter all the major highlights of the walk. The walk to Corang Peak is about another 90mins on from the junction and has fantastic views of the Budawang region. Continuing on you will have to keep an eye out to the left cause around 20mins from there you will walk past the Corang Arch. This is well worth a look and taking some time to explore. Back on the main trail it starts to become a little more navigationally tricky. There are a few tracks that pop up that if you're not paying attention could send you way off into the middle of the Budawangs in the wrong direction. In saying that the track is fairly clear and will lead you to the next highlight - the Coorang river. If you go after rain you will get some really great photos of the river and waterfalls. Onwards from here it is still nice undulating terrain with good views out to the river. The track can be a challenging to follow at times but if you are armed with a GPS or some moderate navigational abilities you should be fine. Eventually you will reach a fence blocking access to the lagoon camp-site, there is a diversion in place marked with frequent ribbons that avoids the private property and takes you back to the main track. From there a short walk back to the junction then back the way you came.



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GPS Tracks

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Great walk, not too hard in terms of physical exertion - although it is definitely a long day of constant walking. Lots of cool landmarks to enjoy and some unreal views. The track was pretty muddy and flooded at times, but I guess that's the trade off. Go after rain and you get a muddy track but you get to see the River come alive. For the most part it was pretty easy to follow but we did definitely refer to the GPS quite a bit in the second half. Shame you can't go to the Lagoon anymore, seems like the locals are pretty annoyed about it because there are quite a few signs up encouraging people to sign a petetion to see it reopen. Didn't see anyone else on the track, had it all to ourselves.

Vonsnrub on 23 May, 2024


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