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Mt Ninderry

F.A.B (Ferguson.Adventure.Bunnies) on 10 Dec, 2017

Dr Roberts Waterhole

Last venue on our two week bushwalking road trip and we have another five walks to tick off today, before we head home to the Sunshine Coast. Could not get very excited about this waterhole.

F.A.B (Ferguson.Adventure.Bunnies) on 5 Nov, 2017

Underground Creek

Although this was fun to scramble up over the boulders, it had been very dry of late and there was little or no water running.

F.A.B (Ferguson.Adventure.Bunnies) on 5 Nov, 2017

The Junction

A great little walk and because it had not rained, I was able to crisscross the creek as I wended my way down. The following morning, after a horrendous overnight thunder storm, which included a lightning strike on the Pyramid, saw the creek full and running fast with no access across from the camp site.

F.A.B (Ferguson.Adventure.Bunnies) on 5 Nov, 2017

The Pyramid

Scary or what! How do you climb up or down with nothing to hang on too? With two little ones, we really had to take our time on this one, as one slip and you were gone.

F.A.B (Ferguson.Adventure.Bunnies) on 5 Nov, 2017

Granite Arch

Easy to combine this on the way back from The Pyramid, as it was all downhill!
This was our last walk over a two week road trip with the grandchildren out from the Sunshine Coast to Dubbo and back. Final tally was 26 walks covering 70km. Wow.

F.A.B (Ferguson.Adventure.Bunnies) on 5 Nov, 2017

Sawn Rocks

This was a 'bucket' list item on our November 17 road trip and we were not disappointed. Must have spent more time climbing over and admiring the structures than it took us to walk in!

F.A.B (Ferguson.Adventure.Bunnies) on 4 Nov, 2017

Mount Coryah

The challenge today is to complete as many of Mount Kaputar's walks as possible. We have earmarked seven, so let's see how we do!
This is probably the longest and hardest for the kids, but kept them amused by getting them to work out how old the various Grass Trees were. Great view of the Western Escarpment from the top.

F.A.B (Ferguson.Adventure.Bunnies) on 3 Nov, 2017

Euglah Rock Lookout

It's a great day when you can take four different walks, covering the north, south, east and west of Mt Kaputar and enjoy a different aspect each time.

F.A.B (Ferguson.Adventure.Bunnies) on 3 Nov, 2017

The Governor

By far our best walk of the day. Just sitting on top of The Governor, with a sheer drop off in front of you and an outlook across the northern part of Mount Kaputar NP to die for.

F.A.B (Ferguson.Adventure.Bunnies) on 3 Nov, 2017
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