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Buderim Tramway Track (Sunshine Coast)
12 Jun, 2020
4.3km return
90 mins
Mt Coochin (East and West Peaks) (Glass House Mountains)
8 Jun, 2020
2.8km return
2 hrs
Four years ago, this was a 'seldom walked track', but now, even on a Monday, five other cars were in the car park. The tracks are now more defined, where previously they were hard to find, although unfortunately, well worn and in some placed very dangerous, particularly taking the South Eastern route down. I even took time out to 'pink flag' this route to help future bushwalkers.
Mount Coolum (Sunshine Coast)
6 Jun, 2020
1.8km return
90 mins
Mt Cooran (Sunshine Coast)
13 May, 2020
1.3km return
1 hr
Wow. One of the last mountains on the Sunshine Coast I still had to conquer and with the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, I could get up there and enjoy the challenge.
And yes, it was a challenge, all be it a very short one. I took the opportunity to 'pink ribbon' the route from the tree line up, which I hope will be helpful to fellow bushwalkers, as the track is not used a lot and certainly not well defined.
Ah, but I spied another mountain, which I discovered was even higher: Mt Pinbarren. Now I have to work out how to climb it!
Mary Cairncross Reserve (Sunshine Coast)
3 May, 2020
Very Easy
2km return
1 hr
Tasman Lake (South Island NZ)
18 Mar, 2020
2.9km return
1 hr
This was a double bonus, as I got to walk to Tasman Lake (which has only been formed since 1974) and then take a boat onto the lake and get up close and person with a glacier, before travelling up the lake to the glacier.
Hooker Valley Track (South Island NZ)
18 Mar, 2020
10.3km return
3 hrs
This was one hell of a trek. The track is not hard, but the distance and time taken, having already done another walk in the morning was a little telling. But, add in the scenery, which was spectacular and you have it made. Took so so more photos.
Kea Point (South Island NZ)
17 Mar, 2020
3.2km return
75 mins
The morning drive up Lake Pukaki to Mount Cook was fantastic, so the afternoon walk up to Kea Point was a bonus as we got in under Mount Sefton. The crack and then rumbling of avalanches from high up on the mountain was a little scary however. I was so taken in by the scenery, I can't remember much about the actual walk!
Cowans Hill (South Island NZ)
16 Mar, 2020
5.9km return
105 mins
The local maps were confusing and contradictory, so I hope this description will help you get around the loop and not travel the extra couple of km along the lake shore that I did!
I quite enjoyed this walk, once I was on the right track with lots of interesting points along the way.
Mount John (South Island NZ)
15 Mar, 2020
8.3km return
2.5 hrs
So here we are in idyllic Lake Tekapo, camped on the lakeside, with its wonderful views up the lake. But we have to get out there and climb the 'hills', so the first is Mount John on the western side of the lake up to the observatory and beyond and then back along the lakeside. Fantastic.