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Mount Pitt (Norfolk Island)
6 Nov, 2019
3.7km return
90 mins
You can drive to the top of Mount Pitt, but where is the fun in that? Better to take the Old Mountain Track and enjoy your surroundings, the bird life and the numerous WWII remnants. Cloud covered day, so no photo opportunities.
Palm Glen to Mount Pitt (Norfolk Island)
6 Nov, 2019
4km return
105 mins
Having walked to Mount Pitt from the other side in the morning, I took the Palm Glen route up in the afternoon. Unfortunately a thunderstorm blew in whilst on top, so beat the hasty retreat.
Flagstaff Hill (Norfolk Island)
5 Nov, 2019
800m return
45 mins
After a tour around the cemetery, I needed some clear air from the top of the hill and to enjoy Kingston and its surround from a different perspective.
Bridle Track to Bird Rock (Norfolk Island)
4 Nov, 2019
4.7km return
2 hrs
I was so enchanted by this walk, that I did it twice in the week I was on the Island. I just could not get over the beautiful coastal views and spent ages at Bird Rock just watching the ocean and bird life. Even managed to 'call in' a Green Parrot along the Bird Rock Track using the app.
McLachlans Lane Loop (Norfolk Island)
3 Nov, 2019
2.3km return
1 hr
Off-shore this time on an adventure week to Norfolk Island, where this was the first of seven new walks I managed to log. Never one to just do the advertised walks, these were various combinations of named tracks etc. to add extra distance and interest.
Anson Bay (Norfolk Island)
3 Nov, 2019
2km return
1 hr
Well if there is a track from the top of the cliff face down to the beach, you just have to give it a try. This was a great little walk to the secluded beach with its crashing waves. Not recommended for swimming, due to rips.
Mary Cairncross Reserve (Sunshine Coast)
27 Oct, 2019
Very Easy
2.5km return
1 hr
Imbil Brooloo Rail Trail (Queensland)
20 Oct, 2019
9.6km return
3 hrs
What a great little walk for all the family (well the kids cycled), with its abundance of bird life. There are no facilities at either end of the trail, so a walk back into Imbil along the rail line and a well deserved drink at the Railway Hotel was on the cards.
Lara Steps (Sunshine Coast)
16 Oct, 2019
200m return
5 mins
OMG, never imagined anyone wound put this up as a walk on Aussie Bushwalking. A training ground for bushwalking yes; three years ago we trained on it before taking on Bartle-Frere Western Approach. Now as just part of keeping fit, with 3/4 sets of four: walk down walk up, run down walk up, walk down run up, run down run up. You leave a drinks bottle at the top and place a pebble down for each lap. It is great fun in the dark, as not only do you have to negotiate the steps, but also the cane toads that jump across!
Lagoon Walk (Sunshine Coast)
4 Oct, 2019
1.6km return
1 hr