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Table Top mountain on the edge of Toowoomba, provides views of the Lockyer Valley and surround. The climb itself can be quite demanding with a lot of large steps over the Camel's Hump and a scramble just before the summit. But the reward at the top, with a circuit all the way around, provides a spectacular vista.

Table Top is an area of high significance to the Traditional Owners, recognised in the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Register and protected under the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003. You are respectfully requested to consider your decision to climb this mountain.

Scrambling or Climbing
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
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Getting there:

From Toowoomba follow South Street south until it becomes Tabletop Driver. Continue to follow Tabletop Driver until it turns into a dirt track. At the end of which is the entrance to the walk and areas to park.


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Route/Trail notes:

The walk starts at the base of the Camel's Hump, which is comprised of a lot of large steps. This section is quite steep for about 150m. The down section of the hump is less demanding but expect to encounter medium sized rocks to climb over. The face of Table Top is predominently large gravel which can be loose so take care. Right before the summit expect a steep scramble, it's not a difficult climb, but pick your path before you start, to save having to change direction halfway. At the summit, there is a circuit that takes you all the way around the mountain top.



Other References/Comments:


Started at the base of the mountain. Great if you want to work your climbing legs straight away. Loose rocks 3/4 of the way up but take your time and you will be fine. If you have a tendency to twist ankles wear boots with good ankle support. Did it in 2hrs. Parking at the very end of the road.

Minnie on 26 Jan, 2024

A fun and challenging climb that's not too long.

cc on 9 Sep, 2023

This was a hard walk for me, fitness wise but it was a rewarding walk and it was great to get to the top and walk around the summit loop. Table Top Rd is closed about half way down so we parked at the 2nd carpark which added about 1.5km each way to the walk. People had pulled off the road at the road closure sign but parking was limited there and it only saves you an extra 500m each way and the worst of the uphill on the way back if before the road closure sign so either park is good.

Bobbe on 3 Oct, 2022

Fantastic short climb with absolutely worthwhile views and challenges. It's filled with steep challenging scrambles & average climbing, and the track was well maintained & easy to follow. The road to the base of the mountain was closed when I walked it, meaning the walk included an extra 15 minutes each way down & up the very steep asphalt road, if this is the case for you then allow an extra 30mins.

Angus Small on 5 Sep, 2022

does anyone know what the histrory was behind the broken plagpole near the south on top of mt TABLETOP

Broandrew1 on 5 Aug, 2022

The first 10 minutes had me puffing, but it was worth the walk in the end.

Fat_Echidna on 15 Feb, 2022

A bit of a physical challenge but very rewarding. Lots of rocks. Coming back down you can slip so be careful.

Marto7 on 14 Jan, 2022

Was a hard walk for a first timer back to fitness, felt it in my knees, a lot. Heading back to the Gym to strengthen my quads. Looking foward to tackling it again soon.

Damien Schulga on 29 Aug, 2021

Lots of fun scrambling. The scramble along the first ridge was challenging but do-able, and the final scramble was quite steep but just keep going and you’ll make it. Took us 45 minutes to the top.

Olwyn on 28 Aug, 2021

A bit challenging to climb it, but really fun. My boys’ favourite mountain.

Penny on 27 Jun, 2021

A relatively short and easy ascent but the technical aspect of the scrambling will raise the difficulty for some (the most demanding section is just before the top, though those with experience will have little trouble).

MDWL on 3 Jun, 2021

Great walk. My family enjoyed the scramble!

Cara on 25 Apr, 2021

26th time today but first time in the rain. The path up was soooo muddy and slippery.

Chesspeople on 5 Apr, 2021

Great walk. 25 mins up for my first time 3 weeks after a right shoulder rebuild. Was a challenge climbing with one arm but well worth it. Can't wait to do it again and better my time.

Mark on 17 Feb, 2021

Beautiful walk especially at sunset or sunrise. Great 360 views of the local area.

courtlalala on 9 Feb, 2021

Great views totally worth it. A bit scary at times

TrinaAtley on 27 Dec, 2020

Started at 4:30am
15 minutes up 12 minutes down! Not much else to do in Toowoomba. Missing Brisbane life!! nice sunrise.

Chesspeople on 29 Nov, 2020

I thought the first peak was the mountain top, it's not! Thought I would mention in case anyone else is as dumb as me (there is one small peak before the actual mountain). Also be careful coming down the mountain as I nearly slipped a few times.

Clem on 15 Sep, 2020

Did this 3 times. 19 minutes up and 2 days before 22 minutes up. View is good. Scrambling is fun. There is optional rock face climbing too. I wouldn't bother from picnic point that seems ridiculous. However, you will need a decent car to get to the base via Table Top drive. Lots of pot holes, gravel road and steep. Otherwise park at the top of that drive and walk 400 meters down. Take good grip shoes you will need them did this in worn our runners the first time and it was very unstable. Without sounding arrogant I like to use this as a pre gym cardio when it's too windy for soccer.

Chesspeople on 9 Sep, 2020

I have done Table Top Mt a couple of times, but today was a quite windy day, which is normally not ideal because it can get very cold in winter especially on top of mountain.

However it helped me a lot when descending as I would not need to struggle with my balance or squat down to get through the scramble at the top, the wind just improved my balance, which was a quite different experience than the usual ones.

Jimmy on 23 Aug, 2020


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