Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aussie Bushwalking?

Aussie Bushwalking is a community of bushwalkers sharing walks, trip reports, track conditions and anything else bushwalking related.

Don't have the time to join a bushwalking club but still want to find some new walks. Or maybe your club has some great tracks they want to share. Well Aussie Bushwalking is designed just for that!

Plus... there's plenty more on the way. Keep track of which walks you've done, plan new walks or search for the best walks in a region.

UPDATE: You can now tick off walks as you do them. Just go to the walk's page and look in the top right corner. Look at all your ticks on your profile page. But don't worry... we're still planning more for this feature.

Why are you doing this?

We love bushwalking! Aussie Bushwalking is run by a couple of bushwalkers from Brisbane who wanted to see a good, easy-to-edit, online bushwalking guide.

How can I help?

Aussie Bushwalking relies on its users for all the info on the site. There's heaps of ways you can give back to the community:

  • Add some new walks.
  • Leave a comment with the latest track conditions after you do a walk.
  • Help edit the guides that have already been added.

How do I edit?

First of all you need to be a member to actually edit something or add something new. Membership is free so just hit the "signup" link at the top of any page.

Once you're signed in you'll find links to edit walks, add walks, add or edit regions, or anything else in the menu on the right-hand side of most pages, just below the "logout" option.

I don't know all the details for a walk. Should I still add it?

Definitely, yes!

The goal of Aussie Bushwalking is for us to all share our knowledge. So just fill in anything you know and let others come and add their own info.

Don't worry about leaving some bits empty. Just help get more info out there. I want to do the walks you know about!

Is it just for Australia?

No! Whilst Aussie Bushwalking is built in Australia and focussed on Australian walks, we want all the tracks we can get!

New Zealand is of course only a short jump away but we also have a section for overseas tracks as well.

How do I track my walks? (Adding ticks/Wishlist)

You can use Aussie Bushwalking to keep a track of which walks you've done and when you did them. First of all, make sure you've registered and logged in.

Once you're logged in just find a walk you've completed. If you can't find the walk then choose an appropriate region and add it yourself by choosing "Add Walk" in the top right of the page. Don't be afraid if you don't have all the details. Just fill out whatever you have, even if it's just the name!

Then, when you're on the walk's page click the "Click here to tick this walk!" link and fill out the details. You can make your tick public so others can see your comments as well. This is a great way for finding the latest info on a walk.

You can see all the walks you've done by visiting your profile page.

Aussie Bushwalking also has a "wishlist" feature. Click on the "wishlist" icon near the top of any walk's page and it will be added to your list. You can see your full list via your profile page.