Mount Amos is a brilliant challenge set in the stunning Freycinet National Park. You'll have to have a good head for heights, have shoes with good grip & be willing to scramble the whole way up & down again. Despite the difficulty, the reward is spectacular at the top with unmatched views of Wineglass Bay & surrounds. An exceptional climb! Don't forget to stop & enjoy the view.

Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Camping Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Head to Coles Bay then follow C302 to Wineglass Bay Carpark (Freycinet National Park). About two hours from Hobart or Launceston. Car park can get VERY busy in peak periods, such as January, so consider getting there very early late in the day.


TasMap Frecyinet National Park 1:50,000
6033 Coles Bay (1:25,000)

Route/Trail notes

Starting at the Wineglass Bay carpark, the track soon veers off to the left, with a warning sign for good measure. It rises fairly consistently up to the summit after about 800m, with scrambling required for some sections.

  • Very slippery in some sections in wet weather.
  • You'll need suitable footwear with good grip.
  • Keep an eye out for trail markers!
  • A spectacular view from the top of Mt Amos that is well worth the effort!


National Park Entry Fee payable.

Other References

Top Walks in Tasmania (Melanie Ball) – p.132




Sections with Difficult Scrambling.
Worth the climb

DEV086 on 27 Jul, 2023

Managed to get 3/4 of the way to the summit but had to turn back as the recent wet weather made the rocks far too slippery. We are experienced scramblers and have completed difficult mountain scrambles before, and even we were not comfortable taking the risk. Definitely check the past 7 days of weather before attempting as the 3 days before were fine, but it had been raining the week before we attempted.

Jess&JonM on 17 Oct, 2022

5/5 stars, 3.5hrs return at relaxed pace. Great hike, other SE QLD hikers compare it as similar to beerwah but easier, and to some extent I agree. Nowhere as steep, and scrambling sections much shorter and easier - the rock face is a lot grippier than the smooth rock at beerwah, although it can get super windy. Scrambling up/down the rocks makes up about maybe 35-40% of the hike? the rest being regular hiking. You've always got a good view of Coles Bay as you go up, and the mountain itself has pretty unique rock formations. At the top, you can also detour to other 'peaks' for other viewpoints, but the main one is the Wineglass Bay view, which gives a more unobstructed view than the easier Wineglass Bay Lookout track. Going down if you're not a confident hiker is not toooo bad, just take your time and bum-shuffle if you need. Bring shoes with good grip. Going for sunrise > sunset might be better, not sure I'd like to go down in the dark with 40kmh wind. Definitely a trip-maker. I've done this hike 1 time.

Sam on 8 Apr, 2022

Very difficult climb & quite slippery so wear good climbing shoes. Absolutely worth it. Scenery stunning. Allow 3-3 1/2 hours

JulesD on 11 Oct, 2021

If you have done Beerwah, you will find Mt Amos a lot easier and the views are more rewarding! It's also less steep / slippery than Beerwah and it's a lot less exposed. I found that there is 1 section midway that can make people chicken out but once you pass this section, you've done the worst of it. Mt Amos would be the sweet combination of Mt Cooroora and Girraween's Pyramid. DO NOT ATTEMPT WHEN WET as it can get very slippery and having shoes with good grip would be helpful.

CL on 17 Sep, 2021

My husband did the Mt Amos climb, but I only did the Wineglass bay Lookout walk and then met him on the Mt Amos climb where the granite part started (my boots are not good on slippery surfaces). He felt that while it was challenging there was less scrabbling than he had anticipated. The view was amazing though!

Robyn on 8 Jun, 2021

Beautiful on a clear day. Mountain is similar to Mt Beerwah except much easier. When the rock is wet its crazy slippery. I have climbed Beerwah in the wet and it's not as slippery.

Chesspeople on 20 Feb, 2021

It was drizzle so we were concerned about climbing the mountain, but end up to be not too bad. It was not as sleepy as when we were coming down. After we reach the summit, the sun come up and dry off all the rock, but there were still a lot of streams of water falling. These streams were making my shoes extremely slippery so I end up removing my shoes and that was the best grip I had during the entire climb. I have to admit I was a bit worry coming down, so in case of the wet weather make sure you have better shoes that trainers as I saw that everyone with this kind of shoes were stragling.

Asha on 6 Jan, 2021

Unmatched views in all directions. Make sure to have time to sit on the top for a while. Sadly, a few tourists walk up with phone in hand only. Not very helpful if the weather changes or it is as hot/ dry as today. Silly accidents may cause authorities to close the walk.

Wanderlust on 12 Dec, 2020

This mountain has a bit of a reputation as a challenging climb (not hike) with plenty of warning signs at the bottom alluding to it's difficulty. However I would rate the scrambling as moderate. It is similar to Mt Beerwah in that there are smooth surfaces you have to scramble up but there is nowhere near the same level of exposure, and it's also not as steep. I think it would be very challenging in the wet (there were a few wet patches and we saw people repeatedly slipping and falling on them) but in the dry it's not too bad. The track is very easy to follow and the views are fantastic. Overall I would say the scrambling on Cradle Mountain Summit was more intense.

Vonsnrub on 17 Feb, 2020

One of my all time favourite hikes - killer views at the end. Took my 8 and 10 year old boys up and whilst they’re weren’t many/any children doing it they loved it (they’re experienced scramblers).

Juiced Pixels on 16 Dec, 2019

Amazing hike, so rewarding.

Glang on 5 Jul, 2019

Amazing views

Mez on 11 Mar, 2019

Before starting the walk Dion was very worried. He thought the walk was very difficult with a slippery path and unstable surface but at the end it was not that bed. The beginning of the walk is nice and easy, quiet flat. After about 15 min walking the climb starts, there are big rocks all around and you will walk on porous granit pretty much all the time apart from a few spots where the suface isn't as porous as the other one because of the water that runs when it rains. You will have a beautiful view during the ascent but the best view it's at the top of the Mt. It is a bit steep in certain areas but just don't look back and don't stop, that's what l do. I saw old ladys climing the Mt with no problems, so u can do it!
It is very worth. Dion liked it very much!

Daniela Paroletti on 24 Jan, 2019

A sick ass hike, don't bring your wuzzy missus

Eric Bates on 14 Oct, 2017

I didn’t quite make it to the summit, but my husband did. Great walk, lovely challenge!

Jaya on 4 Jul, 2017


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