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South East Queensland
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Pages Pinnacle is a 400m high tertiary rhyolite volcanic plug on a ridge between Springbrook and the Numinbah Valley. It is located above the Nerang River within the Numinbah State Forest. The Yugambeh people called the pinnacle kundohikulli meaning rock shaped boat. The pinnacle, similar to other ancient volcanic landmarks in the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales hinterlands, is an acid volcanic rock containing at least 66% silica. The view at the top of the Pages Pinnacle overlooks Hinze Dam.

Scrambling or Climbing
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

From the Gold Coast, follow Nerang Murwillumbah road and turn left onto the Gold Coast Springbrook Road. Approximately 2-3 kilometres after the turn-off, there will be a car park which is next to the Scouts Numinbah Camp Site.



Route/Trail notes

From the carpark, walk around the gate on the right and follow the fire trail. When you come to the first junction turn right. Then turn right again at the next junction, then left. You should be walking uphill for quite some time. When you see the pinnacle on your left, look for a small cairn near a large gum tree. The gum tree has 'PP' carved into it (DO NOT MAKE ANY MORE MARKINGS IN THE TREE) (ALSO NOTE there is a tree earlier on that goes to the base of the ridge, do not take this track). This is where you turn left to follow the track up to the ridge all the way to the pinnacle. The walk is quite steep and you my be walking with your head down so it is quite easy to walk past the tree so remember to look up occasionally.




The hike up the fire trail is technically easy but you need a reasonable level of fitness. The real challenge for me was the ridge line crawl, and I have the bruises to prove it haha! Don’t attempt this unless you are very experienced or with someone very experienced.

Olwyn on 18 Dec, 2021

Great walk! Absolutely brutal up until you get to the rock scramble, not for a beginner fitness level. The walk up to the start of the track is fairly bland, just a classic fire-trail bush track. The tree to turn at is almost right at the end, but if you follow the map on AllTrails you won't miss it.
The rock scramble across the top of the pinnacle is worth it for the beautiful views but it's not for the faint of heart!
If you have an extra hour spare theres a track that runs around the whole base of the pinnacle as well that's a great walk.

stegasarahus on 15 Sep, 2021

Didn’t miss the tree! lol The scramble at the top scared me a bit but I took my time and had support from friends. Highly recommend! Took 2hrs total. Definitely coming back to do again :)

Tegan Atkins on 31 Jul, 2021

After reading some of the comment before starting this walk I knew I couldn’t miss the tree…well the tree was hard to see it’s doesnt really stand out but I did make life easier for myself and hopefully other what I learnt.
If you see a broken pipe on the ground (pictured) you’ve gone to far (by about 20m) if you see a water tank you have
Well and truly gone to far and don’t go down the steep hill there’s no need.

On the way back I recorded the distance from the tree
to the (left turn) on the track the tree is 1.53k from that point

Once you finally reach the peak, it is beautiful if you are comfortable with heights and scrambling you’ll be fine.

Carla on 11 Jul, 2021

Love this hike, 2.5 hour round trip In a group so there were certainly lots of slower moving moments and a reasonable amount of time spent at the two 'photo oportunity points'. Starts with a decent steep Firetrail most of the way up, requiring a good cardiovascular level. There's a small amount of rock scramble across the pinnacle- the best part in my opinion. Can be windy and much cooler in winter. Start early if you can, track looks to get busy! Passed lots of hikers on the way back down. (We started at 730am).

Nicole Howarth on 10 Jul, 2021

You'll need to lean into your discomfort zone of afraid of heights. Easy to miss the turn off (as we did) and make sure you keep going when you reach what looks like the end by going back a bit and climbing down the left hand side, you can see where people have gone if you look around.

Ben Dyer on 5 Jul, 2021

Was a lot easier than expected, just don’t be too afraid of heights 😉

Kaina on 16 May, 2021

Beautiful walk, steep moments but moderate level fitness will get you by. Loved the bit of rock climbing along the ridge to reach the end pinnacle. Would love to go back and explore a little more.

Jesska on 28 Apr, 2021

An easy hike to do early in the morning with a large group of friends... and that's how I did it... starting at 3am. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the summit in time for the sunrise. However, it's probably a blessing in disguise as the last scramble to the pinnacle is a bit precarious.

Dolmio Grin on 26 Apr, 2021

Amazing walk! One of my favourites.
Great cardio up to the top, then the fun begins. Not for the faint hearted, but a lot of fun making your way across the ridgeline. Walked all the way to the very end (as far as you can safely go) and pleasantly surprised by the beautiful views. Not sure many people go all the way to the end, the track is not very clear in parts.

Sarah on 2 Apr, 2021

Not amazing sign posting then a bit of scrambling at the end to get onto the pinnacle

Polarbear88 on 27 Jan, 2021

Busy carpark, plenty of views, good exercise due to a few steep ascents.

Wanderlust on 26 Jan, 2021

This hike took us 3 hours. Take plenty of water. Turn left at the pile of rocks to go to the pinnacle. Don't keep walking straight up the hill. Follow the pink ribbons down at the pinnacle. Great view at the end.

Clem on 15 Nov, 2020

Great little walk and only 20min from Nerang by car! Mostly firetrail and then you can either go over the rocks or skirt around a good track below on western side to get to the peak. Cracking view is worth the effort! Took about an hour up.

Wallaby Jack on 24 Oct, 2020

Views are well worth the effort and crawling over the Ridge line.

Rach on 12 Oct, 2020

Such a beautiful place! Apart from it being quite hard finding ‘the tree’, you need to have a really good look around (people have been over marking it, so it isn’t really what’s on the guide anymore). We missed the tree and ended up walking all the way to the other side of the mountain. Maybe next time we’ll come back with a sign haha. Road is quite steep too, a pair of anti-slip shoes would definitely be a plus.

Rosalie Wang on 4 Oct, 2020

Would do again, just such great views. Managed to walk all the way along the ridge to the end. you get almost a 270deg view of both the hinterland, Hinze dam and some of the coast too. View is just worth every bit of the hike.

Maverick on 3 Oct, 2020

This hike is punishing. You walk up a fire trail for most of it and it is extremely steep and rocky. Follow the pink ribbons on the trees to get to Pages Pinnacle, otherwise you will end up lost amougst the extensive fire trail network. After about an hour you will see a tree on the left engraved with "PP to summit". This takes you to the mountain where you can scramble along the rock face. Wear good climbing shoes as the rock face is very dangerous.

KTN1138 on 13 Sep, 2020

Second time hiking this trail and we went all the way to the end past the razor edge. Amazing experience scrambling the razor edge and I highly recommend it. Keep your eye out for the tree however if you go past it and come to the intersection you can double back not too far.

Moopy Juice on 31 Aug, 2020

Really does go almost the entire way along the fire trail. If you miss the turn off the trail there is another tree that is marked 'PP' too. Since I didn't scramble all the way along the ridge I decided to follow along the fire trail a bit further to see if there were any other vantage points, but nothing great came of it.

Maverick on 29 Aug, 2020


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