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Bald Rock Summit (Bald Rock National Park)
10 Sep, 2023
2.9km return
90 mins
Took the Bungoona Walk to the summit, & returned down the Rockface. So glad we chose to go this way, as the rock face is steep & would have been a killer to walk up!

The Bungoona Walk is definitely worth doing. It has some interesting sections with large rock formations.

Fantastic views from the top of the climb. The colours within the rockface of Bald Rock are amazing. Another wow moment!

As this is a NSW National Park there is a park fee. It was $8 at the time we went. Make sure you take the correct amount of cash & have a pen to fill out the form, which you must display on your car's windscreen.
Bare Rock track and Morgan's Walk (Main Range National Park)
8 Jul, 2023
4.5 hrs
2nd time hiking Mt Cordeaux & Bare Rock. This time we made it to Bare Rock for sunset. It was a very windy & cold at the top, but still beautiful. It was also our first time hiking at night, coming back down the mountain.
It took us about 1 hour to get to Mt Cordeaux lookout & about another 45 minutes to Bare Rock. This was at a moderate pace. Then about 1.5 hours to hike back down at night.
Mt Cordeaux (Main Range National Park)
8 Jul, 2023
6.8km return
2.5 hrs
2nd time hiking Mt Cordeaux. We did a late afternoon hike so we could make it to Bare Rock for sunset. It took us about 1 hour to get to Mt Cordeaux lookout at a moderate pace.
Such a great hike with beautiful views!
Mt Walsh (Mount Walsh National Park)
28 May, 2023
4km return
3 hrs
Such a great hike! The first 3/4 was a steep uphill climb on uneven ground with lots of loose rocks. The real fun began after that with a bit of rock scrambling on the way to the top. A couple of slightly tricky places, mainly to do with the reach, but lots of places to grab onto. It is amazing at the top, you could stay for hours if you wanted. Probably best to avoid in the wet, as I imagine it would get quite slippery. There is also not a lot of cover, so the cooler months are the way to go.
Mt Coochin (East and West Peaks) (Glass House Mountains National Park)
1 May, 2023
2.8km return
2 hrs
Fun hike with amazing views of the glass house mountains. We went anti-clockwise. Started with a lot of uphill to reach the western peak. Then it was down a gully & a bit of a rock scramble up to the eastern peak. Completed the circuit by heading back down the eastern side. The track was easy to follow for the most part.
Box Forest (Lamington National Park)
10 Apr, 2023
5 hrs
This ended up being about a 12km round trip which took us 4 hours at a steady pace.

We went clockwise, which was great, as it left the 2 main waterfalls more towards the end of the walk.
It was a nice walk, but if you're only interested in the waterfalls, I would go anti-clockwise and just go as far as boxlog falls. You need to do a tiny bit of rock scrambling to see Elabana Falls.

Definitely recommend getting there early-ish. We got there around 9am which was ok. When we got back from our walk, the carpark at O'Reilly's was full.
Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve (New South Wales)
19 Mar, 2023
2.5km return
45 mins
Really nice walk which starts beside Coffs Harbour Marina, then continues up & across Muttonbird Island. There are viewing platforms & a path which you must remain on, so as not to damage the nesting grounds
The Wonga Walk (Dorrigo National Park)
17 Mar, 2023
6.6km return
2.5 hrs
Nice walk with two waterfalls & bridges. You can walk behind Crystal Shower Falls. We went early in the morning, so had the pleasure of clearing all the spiderwebs from the track haha. There was also a big python off to the side of the track. Looked like it had just had a meal. The circuit took about 2 hours to complete. Great way to start the day.
Point Lookout (New England National Park)
17 Mar, 2023
500m return
15 mins
Easy short walk with 2 viewing platforms & amazing views!
Dangar Falls (New South Wales)
17 Mar, 2023
1.1km return
30 mins
Amazing waterfall close to town. The falls can be viewed from a lookout at the top. You can also take an easy walk to the bottom of the falls & go swimming if you choose.
Angourie Point and Blue and Green pools (New South Wales)
16 Mar, 2023
2km return
1 hr
Easy short walk. Had a swim in the blue pool...even jumped of the rocks. Almost missed seeing the green pool, as we first mistakenly took the natural rock pool near the ocean as one of the pools.
Skywalk Lookout (Dorrigo National Park)
7 Mar, 2023
Very Easy
200m return
15 mins
Went here for sunrise. So pretty!
Mt Maroon (Mt Barney National Park)
4 Mar, 2023
6km return
5 hrs
What a great hike! Did this one solo.
Lots of uphill...597m...with heaps of rock scrambling, which made it fun. Much better than a boring fire trail.
Awesome views at the top, although it was a bit overcast & windy when I got up there.
4 hour round trip for me. 2 hours going up at a steady pace with a few stops to catch my breath & take some photos. 1.5 hours coming back down. Only slipped on my butt once haha
Mount Coolum (Sunshine Coast)
6 Jan, 2023
2.6km return
90 mins
Did this in the late arvo to see the sunset from the top. It was a little cloudy but still beautiful, with the sun rays shining through the clouds. I would have stayed for the full moon too if it wasn't so cloudy.
The Northbrook River Trail (Northbrook Gorges) (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
2 Jan, 2023
3 hrs
This was a great walk...6km of rock hopping, wading & swimming!

I wore wet shoes, which probably wasn't the best idea, as my feet were a bit tender by the end from all the rock hopping.

There are faint tracks to the sides of the creek in a lot places, however, keep your eye out for snakes. We came across a python that looked like it had just had a feed & it wasn't interested in moving off the track. We also spotted a couple of other snakes that quickly slithered away.

It was quite busy, but that's to be expected in the holiday season. We did the longer walk, which involved a lot more rock hopping up the creek. The wading & swimming didn't really start until after the closer carpark.

The track back up to the carpark can be easy to miss, so make sure you pay attention on your way out.

I would love to go back & start at the closer carpark & continue exploring up past the main gorge sometime.
Bally Mountain (Gold Coast)
6 Nov, 2022
9.5km return
4 hrs
The views at the top are beautiful. Definitely worth the uphill climb. You can see all the way to the coast one way, & look out over valleys & mountains the other way.
I did the 6km out-and-back trail to the summit. It starts out with a wide fire trail, then once you cross the creek (which I almost missed) you start the uphill climb on narrower trails which are washed out & rocky for the most part.
Near the top there is a small rock scramble but nothing too difficult. Amazing views & not very busy at all.
At a steady pace, it took about 1.5 hours going up & less than 1 hour coming back down.
White Rock Ridge Hike (White Rock - Spring Mountain Conservation Estate)
3 Oct, 2022
2 hrs
Great short walk to an amazing rock formation. Took the ridge trail on the way in & the fire trail on the way out. Would recommend doing the ridge trail both ways, as it is much more interesting. Bit of a rock scramble if you want to climb to the top of White Rock but nothing too difficult. Such a shame that there are so many names carved into the rock at the top.
Enoggera Reservoir Circuit (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
25 Sep, 2022
10km return
3 hrs
Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens (South East Queensland)
17 Sep, 2022
1km return
1 hr
Pages Pinnacle (South East Queensland)
10 Sep, 2022
6.7km return
2.5 hrs
What a great hike! Not very long, but still challenging & beautiful views. Starts with a basic uphill fire trail before you get to the main track. We looked up just in time to spot the tree with PP which marks the turn off. The rocky ridgeline was a little intimidating, but there were a lot of places to grab along the way, so I made it across ok. There is an alternative path if you're not comfortable with the rocky scramble across the ridgeline...we took this on the way back. After the ridgeline we continued to the lookout at the end of the track.