Many walks are currently closed due to COVID-19. Please,
  • check the walk's official website to confirm if the track is open
  • turn back if it looks like the track is too busy when you get there

This is a moderate walk, with slight rock climbing and limited signing. The wildlife is abundant and the scenery beautiful with large rocks and caves to explore. Take plenty of water.

Please respect the traditional custodians of the land, the Ugarapul people, and resist the temptation of climbing to the White Rock summit.

Picnic Facilities
No Dogs Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

How do you get to the start of the walk?

From Paperbark Flats picnic area, follow the multi user trail about 1.2km until it cuts a haul road and turns left.  Signs direct you right for the multi-use trail.  Rather than turning, follow the road east for another 50 metres, and there is a small sign marking the start of the ridge hike on the right.

(Note that the map at the picnic area does not show the haul road, and would lead you to believe the ridge hike is directly off the multi use trail.  The map attached below gives a better idea)


Which maps cover the area?

Route/Trail notes

The track is obvious, but narrow and rough, and not well signed.  There are no trail markers after the first couple of hundred metres, which involves a moderate climb up onto the ridge.  Depending on the state of vegetation, there are views to the north all the way to Brisbane.  On reaching a rocky outcrop, White Rock can be seen across a col, but the track appears to peter out.  Casting around to the south reveals the last trail marker, directing you down a cleft leading down to the col.  The descent is relatively straightforward, but requires caution descending the cleft.  A few hundred metres easy walking to White Rock, where there are benches to rest and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The rock can be climbed with a little effort and no specialised equipment, via another (unsigned cleft) just to the east of the north face.  There are panoramic views in all directions from the summit (about 30 metres above the rest area)


Do you need any permits? What's the cost?

Access is free.  Hiking does not require a permit.  Gates open 6am to 6pm

Other References

How can I find more info? Any guide books?


We did the ridge walk on the way up and the multi-user trail on the way back.
Would absolutely recommend the ridge walk, much more interesting sights and gorgeous views.
Easy for a beginner for sure! A little bit of basic rock scramble but nothing intense

stegasarahus on 20 Aug, 2021

Fairly easy walk, lovely scenery and the white rock is a great place to sit by and have some tucker before you head back. A few spots in the middle where you have to do a mini climb up or down some boulders but nothing to worry about. Lots of spots to do some bouldering if that's your type of thing.
The Bare Foot Bush Walker.

Barefoot Bushwalker on 30 May, 2021

Lovely walk with plenty of shade during the walk

Rob on 26 May, 2021

Lovely walk

Rob on 26 May, 2021

Easy walk. Didn’t climb the rock out of respect.

Hadi Nahvi on 3 Apr, 2021

We walked up via the main walk and back via the ridge track. The Ridge Track is quite spectacular and apart from a short rock scramble easy to navigate. Well worth coming back this way.

Bobbe on 4 Feb, 2021

Nice to see the greenery after the recent rains as the park was looking very dry.

Brian on 28 Jan, 2021

I recommend doing the White Rock Ridge walk. Much more interesting than the White Rock Trail, it also has views of the CBD. The path is well signed, and from the top there are green arrows to a track that has a little scramble on to White Rock. The Ridge Trail is pretty easy as it’s not a steep hike, just be prepared that the trail is a little rough as some parts are rocky.

Olwyn on 28 Nov, 2020

being led buy an expert for this hike/rock scrambling. best to go early in the morning instead of 8.30am start as by then the rocks would be very hot.

Lyn on 21 Nov, 2020

Good hike to start for beginners, short moderate hike with a little rock climb to the top

Dung Hawkins on 31 Oct, 2020

Hit the trail early at 6.00, and completed the walk in just under 90 mins. We did this early to avoid the heat, which we did. It was just starting to heat up when we finished the walk. We took the multi use trail going out and went up around the back of White Rock . This makes the walk about 1 klm longer than sign posted. Enjoyable and convenient for us to do.

Brian on 24 Oct, 2020

Much nicer alternative to the multi use trail. Much more clearer trail now than last time I did it a few years back, must be getting lots of use.

Simon Hazelgrove on 13 Sep, 2020

Beautiful views from beyond White Rock and up on the ridge trail. Worth the effort for the views and rich indigenous cultural significance. A very popular and very busy walk with limited parking so try weekdays for the best experience.

Ben C on 26 Jul, 2020

Just decided to do a local walk today to stretch the legs. Walked to the Bluff, and then Little White Rock and onto the ridge trail to White Rock. Very enjoyable and a little over 7.5K.

Brian on 4 Jul, 2020

Beautiful beginners hike, with some rock scrambling

Ang on 6 Jun, 2020

Nice walk, not overly challenging but gets you puffing a little on the way up. Nice quick little hike, took about 90 mins for us. We went up via this path and came back via the multi-trail which is a lot more flat and straight. This trail is much more like a bush walk (although the path is defined enough so you won’t get lost). Recommend doing it in the morning or a cloudy day though, not a lot of tree cover so it could get hot.

Kristy on 31 May, 2020

2.05hrs, 8km full circuit.

Ivy on 30 May, 2020

Great walk, beautiful day... not too strenuous, good views of Brisbane. Would not want to do on too hot a day.

Desertpea on 24 May, 2020

Lovely walk, not too far away, nice views.

Desertpea on 24 May, 2020

Long walk before incline of rock take the ridge walk much more Challenging the scrambling was hairy with a 5 and 6 year old but doable

Allan Lamberth on 24 May, 2020

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