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JC Slaughter Falls (Mt. Cootha)
11 Apr, 2021
1.2km return
30 mins
Did this one again as a final opportunity for forest therapy before having my first baby! Partner and his son had a great time rock hopping along the creek while I stuck to the path.
Gardner's Falls (Sunshine Coast)
2 Apr, 2021
Very Easy
800m return
30 mins
This was a great little walk with scenery to appreciate while 8.5 months pregnant! The recent rains ensured there was plenty of water to admire.
Coomba Water Hole (Queensland)
26 Sep, 2020
1km return
20 mins
Every step is scenic
Mt Ngungun (Glass House Mountains)
4 Jul, 2020
2.8km return
90 mins
What a fabulous walk to get kids interested in hiking up mountains. Not too gruelling, only taking about 30mins to get up, easy but fun rock scrambling, plenty of rock steps, and an interesting cave to see on the way up.
It is a busy walk and if only others respected the environment the way I expect them too. I found the loud talking of tourist families so disrespectful to the environment and to other users. Just as there are signs in on tracks like this telling people to protect the vegetation, I would like signs encouraging people to maintain the peaceful ambience.
Gold Creek Reservoir (Queensland)
3 May, 2020
5.5km return
2 hrs
We did this one anti-clockwise starting at about 4pm. The steeper sections are fine for most people to manage in dry weather, as long as you take it slow if you're nervous walking up or down slopes. A nice length to allow you to catch up on news with a friend.
Wild Horse Mountain (Glass House Mountains)
1.4km return
30 mins
I have done this one more than once, but can’t remember the dates of any of them. Manageable even while piggybacking a seven-year-Old!
Crebra Circuit (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
11 Aug, 2018
900m return
35 mins
So glad to have found this short walk for Mr 6 to do when hes getting over a bout of sickness and needed to do SOMETHING other than Xbox! For a short walk, there are small small ups and downs and a few bridges which are nice for younger folk. It has been so dry so no water in the creek, but talking about the trees and sighting some kangaroos in the distance made it better than a wall around the suburbs.
White Rock Multi-User Trail (White Rock - Spring Mountain Conservation Estate)
25 Apr, 2018
6.5km return
2 hrs
Great to see so many families doing this very manageable walk today on ANZAC Day public holiday!
Disgusted to see so many people with dogs, though, when signs say they are not permitted.
Very interesting rock formation to see which many people were climbing, also against park rules.
Am I too much of a goody-goody??
Queen Mary Falls Circuit (Main Range National Park)
4 Apr, 2018
2km return
45 mins
Such a good little walk for such stunning scenery!
The Cliffs Boardwalk (Brisbane City council local walks)
24 Jul, 2017
Very Easy
2km one-way
30 mins
I participated in the River Run fun run which includes this boardwalk section as part of a 5km stretch of the Brisbane River which the runners loop back and forth on. I'm no flash runner but it sure is made easier when you have the beautiful river city views to distract you from the sweat and pain!
Coucal Trail (Queensland)
6 Jul, 2017
Very Easy
2.8km return
45 mins
A great little track for younger folks. Enough twists, hills and bridges to keep their interest when conversation about whether or not there are crocodiles in the Brisbane River takes a pause.
Rainforest Circuit (Main Range National Park)
3 Jul, 2017
1.6km return
25 mins
Even though the traffic of the busy road can be heard a fair way in to this walk, it is a lovely short dose of rainforest walking to soothe any soul.
Mt Cordeaux (Main Range National Park)
3 Jul, 2017
2.5 hrs
It hadn't rained but this walk was still damp enough on the track to keep an eye on the feet at times. That is of course what you expect during any rainforest section of a walk. The ascent would make any walker puff, but not too much. It's a great cluster of peaks in this area.
Bare Rock track and Morgan's Walk (Main Range National Park)
3 Jul, 2017
4.5 hrs
After the ascent for Mt Cordeaux, walking across the saddle to this one was very manageable for a very rewarding view. The walk back down was so peaceful and beautiful. What a great area.
Mt. Coot-tha Summit Track (Mt. Cootha)
25 Jun, 2017
5.3km return
75 mins
Finally ticked this one off this afternoon after a weekend of big "I'm on holidays" meals. I was surprised at the good quality of the track and it didn't take too long at all to reach the summit. I nice bit of sweating and a rewarding view at the end :)
Simpsons Falls and Eugenia Circuit (Mt. Cootha)
8 Jan, 2017
90 mins
After a hiatus from exercise over the Christmas break, this was the track I needed to 'get back on track'.
I'm impressed by those who jog it in the afternoons but I can't understand why so many people take their dogs off-leash on these types of tracks when they're not allowed to have dogs at all.
I look forwarded to doing this walk again after a bit more rain and the falls will flow a bit more, as well as enjoying a bit of mud on the walk to decorate my pants.
Mount Cooroy (Sunshine Coast)
16 Oct, 2016
3km return
2 hrs
Our crew heard about the walk being open during the Cooroy Mountain Spring Festival so we did the drive from Brisbane to give it a go. We knew it would be super crowded so we had no false expectations to be able to do the walk in silence or at our own pace.
It was a great day and wonderful to see so many kids, older folk, and everyone in between tackling the steep walk.
The area at the top was lovely to sit on smooth rocky surfaces for a drink and look out across impressive views.

If you plan on doing it next year, I recommend you start the walk as early as possible. As more and more people do the walk throughout the day, the more eroded and slippery the track gets.
Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk (Tamborine National Park)
14 Aug, 2016
Very Easy
1.5km return
45 mins
We told Mr Four that we would surprise him today. One of the clues was that what we were doing would help him know what it feels like to be a tree!
The cost of entering the site is expensive but it is a well kept walk that is interesting for all.
Pro tip: when visiting impressive rainforests, bring dinosaur figurines for epic photos ;)
Aboriginal Artwork Track (Mt. Cootha)
31 Jul, 2016
Very Easy
1 hr
I chose this walk to do this afternoon as my walking party consisted of myself, a four-year-old, and his head-cold ridden father. We needed to something short and easy, that would still get us outside in nature!

Unfortunately we made the mistake of parking right at the entrance to the Slaughter Falls car park. So we had to walk about 1km to get to the start of the Aboriginal Art Trail!

The walk is actually a little more slopey than I expected for an easy walk. I also note that some of the artworks appear to have deteriorated a lot since when I last did this walk in 1997. I agree with a previous poster - would be great if it could be an ongoing community project to maintain or add more artworks to the trail.

We enjoyed the challenge of the walk then found a private grassy spot next to the dry creek to have some snacks and a bit of a scramble.

Mt Coot-tha is a great place!
Granite Arch (Girraween National Park)
Jan, 2016
1.7km return
30 mins
After feeling stressed on the slopes of The Pyramid, I greatly enjoyed the security of being on lower ground and checking out the cool Granite Arch.