Mount Ngungun (pronounced 'noo noo')but generally known as "Gun Gun" is a very popular hike due to its relative ease and fantastic views. Traditional owners have asked that this mountain not be climbed.

A well defined graded track with some steep sections. The track begins in open forest with a fern understory. Part way up the mountain, there is a great view of Mt Tibrogargan as the track passes a small rock overhang. The summit provides spectacular close-up views of nearby Mt Tibrogargan, Mt Tibberoowuccum, Mt Coonowrin and Mt Beerwah.

Bird Watching
No Dogs Permitted
No Camping Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Follow Steve Irwin Way to the Glasshouse Mountains Township. Follow the road to the west over the railway lines and turn left into Coonowrin Road at the T junction. Then turn right into Fullertons Road just after the State School and along this road to the car park at the base of the mountain.




Glass House Mountains Walking Tracks

Route/Trail notes:

A graded path starts from the sign post and information board. Follow the path, which switch backs up the hill till you reach a steep, loose, rocky gully, requiring big steps or light scramble/rock hop up. When you reach the top, it's a good place to have a rest, picnic and the view.

Return by retracing your steps.



Other References/Comments:

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Lovely morning with Steve. Such a pretty little walk with a great summit! On the way down, we saw a man running full pelt, like a Cheetah! He was so fast over the rocks that he defied belief! We had the summit to ourselves in strong wind on a sunny morning. A miracle, as this track is very popular. Breaky at the Summit Cafe was great. Lovely ambience there overlooking parkland, with native birds around. Friendly owner. I had magic vege fritters and lovely chutney. I found out it was master foods tomato chutney and she gave me the fritter recipe. Special morning.

Kaz Manley on 19 Jun, 2024

Such a good short but great workout outdoors in nature with a stunning view of the other mountains, you can get really great pics of Crookneck & the sunset behind it. Lots of places to just sit and take in the view at the top.

Forbsey on 28 Apr, 2024

Great walk! Saw a hawk hunting while at the summit, which was really cool, must have a nest nearby. He took a few swoops at us but left us alone once we grouped up.

Rach on 25 Nov, 2023

Fantastic views from the summit, always a very busy/popular walk. I made a 4-min video with drone footage and maps here:

Richard Pattison on 13 Oct, 2023

I’m so fortunate that this perfect summit is around the corner from my home so if I’m feeling like a more challenging walk or want to fit in a quick climb before work it’s my go to. Perfect amount of ease and challenge. Incredibly beautiful views at the top and lovely shadey and windy spots to rest. Only about 30 minutes up without stops.

Scar on Oct, 2023

Good little climb. Should be achievable by most. Amazing views at top!

Northerner on 12 Sep, 2023

Moderate walk, not overly challenging but good to get the heart rate up if you go at a faster pace. There’s a well defined track with a few stairs, beautiful outlook and plenty of places to sit and rest at the top. Completed to the top in about 35 mins walking fairly fast. Recommended for people looking for an easy morning hike.

Kristy on 10 Aug, 2023

great views, enjoyable climb, would reccomend

Erin on 15 Jul, 2023

Very easy walk, not very steep, just enough of an incline to get the heart pumping. Disappointing to see mindless vandalism to trees with initials carved into them.
Hiked on a Monday morning, during school term, and the carpark was full with many walkers. I can imagine it would be very busy on a weekend.

Thomas84 on 20 Jun, 2023

Left Brisbane at 4am and arrived just in time to see the sun rise. Took 30 mins to ascend. Gorgeous walk.

Stevie on 12 Feb, 2023

Beautiful ridge and view from top.

Dave Jay on 18 Jan, 2023

It's my first solo hike ever. I've been asking my children to do hiking with me for years but couldn't make them come. So I decided just to go by myself alone. I regretted why I didn't do it long time ago. But now I am happy because I can enjoy it.

Inna on 13 Jan, 2023

This is probably the best bang for buck walk in the Glasshouse Mountains.

In total about 20 - 25 minutes up, and quite an easy stroll down. Multiple 360 view sections at the top, very rewarding for both yourself and for the gram :)

supamanwalks on 9 Jan, 2023

Much easier than expected but still gets the blood pumping. Stunning views at the top. Suitable for all ages, but young kids and those with lower mobility should take care at the very top. Took approx 30 mins to get up and 15 to get down but I walk pretty quickly. Give yourself over an hour to 90mins if you want to soak in the views.

Marc Brownlie on 5 Jan, 2023

Nice short and easy hike that rewards with great views of all the other glass house mountains, definitely recommend.

David Pawley on 27 Dec, 2022

What a great walk harder than it looks. Ro ks can be slippery but well worth the views from the top

Jeremy Simmonds on 30 Oct, 2022

Best and easiest of the Glass House Mountains by a long shot

BushwalkerBro on Sep, 2022

Haven't hiked in 5 months so even though this is graded as Easy I did find it hard and had to rest multiple times. Parts of the track are vey rocky. The view from the top is beautiful and gets very busy.

Rach on 30 Jul, 2022

Steve had a one week break and we did this before I got COVID, Beautiful summit and lovely bracken groves on the way. The track was very busy on a weekday during school term. It would be impossible to find a quiet time I think. Sunrise and sunset are probably always very busy. We did this again in 2023. It is our favourite easy hike. We saw bee-eaters and scarlet honey eaters on grass trees near the summit. A friend of Steve's was at the top.

Kaz Manley on 11 Jul, 2022

Nice hike to a beautiful view. 35 mins to the top and 25 down. Would describe it as harder than “easy”, the official description. Some footpaths but some sections climbing over small rocks as well.

SueB on 2 Apr, 2022


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