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Flinders Peak (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
10 Feb, 2023
6.5km return
3.5 hrs
Total time up is about 2 hours, and 1.5 hours down. Did this hike solo, which is best described as broken up into four sections.

The first section after the wide forest trails is about a 30-45 degree climb, reasonably easy, but do go at your pace, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the views as you climb.

The second section is about a 45 to 75-degree hike and scrambles in some sections. This is the longest section by time spent, with a lot of dirt and loose rocks, so take your time with this one to ensure your safety.

The third section is what I'd describe as akin to a plateau run from LOTRs, though it is more rocky ledges than green expanses. Very enjoyable; make sure you have good hiking shoes or boots. Not physically taxing, and I would even recommend that some stop the hike here and go back around.

The fourth section is the last push before the summit, a bit more steep climb and scrambling, with plenty of orange markers to guide the way. The summit is somewhat anti-climax, as it doesn't offer the best views. You get close to 360 views, but the telecom tower and the helipad kind of ruin it.

A fun little note is on the way back down. In the fourth section, an alternative misdirection route gets you into the secret cave. Very cool if you find it, though it is off-track.
Witches Chase (Tamborine National Park)
Feb, 2023
2.6km return
2 hrs
casual stroll with some forks and options, good views, lots of flora.
Somerset Trail (D'Aguilar National Park)
21 Jan, 2023
13km return
3 hrs
This is a reasonably easy walk, trail is easy to follow, though I wasn't able to find the clockwise direction, so I went anti-clockwise there and back - about 1.5 hours each way. Not much sloping or declines, so don't need to stop too much for the 7 KMs each way.

The hike (like most others) doesn't provide much guidance on how close you are to the lookout, so it can be a bit mentally taxing the first time around. Made worse by the fact I did this hike solo.

The views at the end of the track are spectacular though, one of the better vantage points around, seeing the horizon, water, and mountain ranges is breathtaking.

a bit of navigation skills is required, as there are unmarked forks in the track, which can cause you to get lost on the way back.
Mount Edwards (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
19 Jan, 2023
6km return
3 hrs
Did this walk solo today.

Novice mistake is to start too late, started at 11:20 AM, most of the track is not shaded, so it is quite hot. About 1.5 hours up and 45 minutes down. Took about 5 to 6 breaks on the way up as the steep climb really gets the heart pumping.

Not much in terms of views throughout the walk, except in the rocky section about half way up. The summit views are nice, does not offer views of the lake or water though.
Morans Falls (Lamington National Park)
18 Jan, 2023
4.4km return
90 mins
Quite an leisurely walk, need to go off track a bit to enjoy the star of the show which is the Moran falls itself, but well worth it. The views are spectacular! Be extra careful as it is a sheer rock / fall.
Mount Beerwah (Glass House Mountains National Park)
17 Jan, 2023
Very Hard
3.6km return
3 hrs
This one is hard and I didn't complete it. Attempted solo.

The first section which is hardest, is a very steep 60/70 degree rock face with some small holds. My mistake was visiting on a rainy day, had a couple of cracks at it, but ended up slipping a few times to the detriment of my knees, and shins.

Will try again on a dry day probably with an experienced climber or not solo would be good haha.
Mt Ngungun (Glass House Mountains National Park)
9 Jan, 2023
2.8km return
90 mins
This is probably the best bang for buck walk in the Glasshouse Mountains.

In total about 20 - 25 minutes up, and quite an easy stroll down. Multiple 360 view sections at the top, very rewarding for both yourself and for the gram :)
Witches Falls (Tamborine National Park)
Jan, 2023
3.4km return
75 mins
casual stroll.