Best to do this walk early before the heat of the day. From the base it's a steep rock climb/scramble up that seems to go on forever. Once past this initial climb, you reach the Organ Pipes. From here it's a moderate walk/scramble to the top. Views are amazing from the summit. Take your time coming down, use your feet and hands to control your descent as it's steep. If you're willing to sacrifice your pants to the rock, a crab walk/butt scoot down is effective for grip and won't make you slide Take water and some energy food as you'll be tired and need to get some energy, especially in the warmer months. Approx 3hrs. Great if you like a challenge.

Take care with this walk/climb, but go soon. A small group of Australians calling themselves the "Jinibara" have Non-Exclusive native title to the national park and want to prevent others paying homage to this wonderful mountain by climbing it. Be proud of your achievement if you reach the summit, but only if you feel confident on the steep rock.

No Toilets
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


Serious exposure on the slabs, and quite polished rock. Be aware of the people above you who might accidently knock rocks down on to you. I made a 4-min movie with drone footage and maps here:

Richard Pattison on 13 Oct, 2023

Love, love, love!!!! Challenging and rewarding! Keep this open for all Australians!!!

Sonja Wentzel on 21 Aug, 2023

This one is hard and I didn't complete it. Attempted solo.

The first section which is hardest, is a very steep 60/70 degree rock face with some small holds. My mistake was visiting on a rainy day, had a couple of cracks at it, but ended up slipping a few times to the detriment of my knees, and shins.

Will try again on a dry day probably with an experienced climber or not solo would be good haha.

supamanwalks on 17 Jan, 2023

I don’t often use the term “that was hard” but that was hard!
But I loved It.
Take it easy going down I saw someone slip at the end and I did the same. (Both are fine it was only about 10-15metres)
We started at about 8:30am, when I do it again I would definitely start a bit earlier because it was very hot.

Be sure to wear pants you don’t mind if they get dirty or ripped because I ripped my pants on the way down haha.

Carla on 4 Oct, 2021

Went for a look to this one as Tib was closed. Nice walk up the fire trail. Manicured with large rock steps. Got to the base of is all I can say. It looks like a great challenge and an amazing feat for anyone that is courageous enough to take it on. From what I could see and those who have successfully been up. There is a will traveled path to follow as it's lighter in color than the rest of the rock. There were some hand foot holes but not many and the face you climb up is steep and approximately 10- 15 meters high and apparently that's the hardest part. Many didn't go up myself included and many did. I saw young girls with their father go up and a grandpa coming down. Most people came down a little to the left of where others were going up however I saw two girls come down the way most went up. One girl went slowly carefully the other appeared to lose her grip and slid approximately 10 meters and ripped a hole in her pants... luckily she didn't tumble and only slid as she could have really hurt herself. Beerwah was not ever really on my list but I must admit I'm more curious about it now🤣😂

Valda on 28 Jun, 2021

Challenging but fantastic walk.

Let us hope this remains open to my children and their children, and is not closed by the native title holders.

Anthony on 19 May, 2021

This was a beast of a mountain. It was my first climb on the more difficult of the Glasshouse mountains. You definitely need a head for heights here, very grippy shoes, and a good level of fitness.

If this is your first time attempting this mountain, go with someone experienced who is willing to help you out and go slow. I found the hardest part was the first few metres, after that, it was pretty doable. Once you get past the climb/scramble section it's a pretty normal walk from there to the summit.

The views are 360 degrees and fantastic!

I actually found coming down waaaaaay easier than going up. I used a combination of crab crawling and sliding on my butt.

Do not do this if it's rained or looks like it is going to rain. Forget about it completely if you have anxiety issues, weak knees or any dizziness or vertigo issues, and pack light, you don't want any more weight than you absolutely need.

Nittus on 9 May, 2021

Go early and be prepared for scrambling most of the way. Absolutely not a hike or walk

Kell on 25 Apr, 2021

So rewarding! Difficult climb but so many cool sections.

Kaina on 17 Apr, 2021

This was my first mountain climb ever and I have never done rock scrambling in my 18 year life. The first part of the climb freaked me the **** out, there were numerous points where I felt like I had nothing stable to hold on to but my mate who worked on the Glasshouse Mountain rescue teams helped me get past these points. Didn't help that he frequently pointed out places where people had suffered injuries along the way haha. After the first 15 minutes or so the climb tapers off and the view at the top is amazing. Like someone else said, I surprisingly found coming down the mountain far easier as you can just shuffle down on your backside. Would 100% recommend the climb, however be very careful at the beginning because even a small slip can result in a substantial fall down the volcanic rock!

obamajongun on 15 Apr, 2021

We went up yesterday at around 6:30am with a new guy who has never done it before. It was rather challenging as we were showing him the way up the slabs. Rain hit hard and the slabs became too slippery for him, so he bailed and went back down before the caves.

In the rain, you really need to be a competent and confident climber on the slabs.

There are a few routes on the tourist route to make it easier or harder depending on your skill level. The goat track is a nice little cheat for the start of the climb (which you can avoid the initial slabs). There's also a few decent hand holds to climb up to the immediate left of the starting slabs.

Going up the slabs, if you follow the crack in the rain, you better be competent at crack climbing - otherwise the slick rock will send you packing. I climbed the crack up until the rain got too heavy for it to be safe, so moved to the rocks to the left before the caves.

Following that, the rest of the scramble was really easy and fun. There are some shortcut routes you can take up if you're happy with climbing a vertical face with big exposure. Otherwise, follow the path of least resistance the entire way up. :)

Have fun!

Chadwick Jones on 2 Apr, 2021

Amazing walk with steep rock scramble at the start the first rock scramble is the hardest I would recommend a high level of fitness when attempting this walk but despite the effort the view at the top was amazing.

Polarbear88 on 7 Feb, 2021

Very hard climb at the beginning, quite steep and long. I couldn’t have done it without the help of more experienced climbers in my group. Once past the Organ Pipes it became a lot easier. I’m in my 50’s and above average fitness, but I lack confidence in climbing heights. Did the descent crab wise on my backside. I felt more relieved than elated when I finished. Glad I did it, but not rushing to do it again.
There are now toilets just a short way along the path from the car park.

Olwyn on 27 Dec, 2020

65 minutes up today! Its steep but if you have faith in your ability to climb than the most challenging part is simply a confidence thing.

Chesspeople on 11 Nov, 2020

Left Toowoomba 11.30pm to Coorparoo 1.00am left Coorparoo at 3.30am got to Beerwah at 5.00am my climbing partner and I had known it was difficult but wow! Its crazier than expected. After doing this today I am not surprised that so many people get rescued here. I climbed up in my $20 Kmart boots! They have good grip which is absolutely necessary. It was sooo much fun and the views were incredible. Be safe and don't go if it's raining or hot.

Chesspeople on 2 Nov, 2020

A lot harder than expected. More a rock climb then a bush walk but totally worth it. Most exiting walk ever!

Matt Mihelcic on 28 Sep, 2020

Pretty hard. Got some gnarly rock climbing parts. Barefoot climbing recommended.

Joshua Hartshorne on 28 Sep, 2020

bring grip shoes and trust your shoes

★ sam ★ on 16 Aug, 2020

Did the climb again with my partner Dion and his little brother Micha, who is 16. We did it after doing Tibrogargan, around 11am, in winter so not too hot, l wouldn't do it at the same time in summer. It is a bit hard at the beginning because there's a climb with not many handholds but when you reach the end of this section the path is not too difficult. The view at the top is lovely and there's a beautiful section of rocks about 2/3rsd of the way up. We had fun .

Daniela Paroletti on 27 Jun, 2020

Awesome climb. Went up the non-tourist scramble on the Eastern face. Felt secure the whole time and the trail is very well marked with pink paint. Went down the tourist trail on the way down. Very busy but worth it for the round trip (3h11m). Will do this again.

Rod Hewins on 31 May, 2020


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