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Bare Rock track and Morgan's Walk (Main Range National Park)
10 Aug, 2020
4.5 hrs
Easy walk with some great views, and some beautiful scenery. You're walking through rain forest so the temperature will be quite pleasant.
Mt Cordeaux (Main Range National Park)
10 Aug, 2020
2.5 hrs
Very easy easy walk, even for those with low fitness levels. You start off directly from the carpark and go up a gentle incline to the top. Plenty of spots to stop for photos and plenty of nice clean rain forest air!
Mt Maroon (Mt Barney National Park)
10 Aug, 2020
6km return
5 hrs
Just did this one. It was a windy day, but our group of 3 managed it with no problems at all!! You're pretty much straight into it after the car park and it's a loose rocky dirt uphill slog until you get to the rock climbing part, this is probably a good spot to have a rest if you need it before tackling this section, as it is unwise to stop anywhere whilst negotiating this part due to rock fall risks.

Once you get past the rock climb part, there will be a rocky lockout to your left where, when facing east, you can see the summit to your right, and a false summit over your left shoulder. The summit is about 20 minutes from there and is easy with a small amount of scrambling involved near the top.

Once you are on the summit, you can take this as a perfect opportunity to enjoy some lunch and soak in the amazing views!!!
It took us just under 2 hours to get to the summit, and just under 2 hours to get back down, this included photo and snack stops.

All in all a very fulfilling climb. Make sure you wear good supportive shoes, have plenty of water, and snacks. Do not attempt this if you struggle with stairs or have bad knees as they will be taxed. Also don't try this if you suck at navigating as some times the trail will not be entirely clear. We had to redirect a daddy daughter duo a couple of times on the way down as they were heading straight into goodness knows where...
Mt Mitchell (Main Range National Park)
26 Jul, 2020
3.5 hrs
Very easy walk, i barely even noticed i was climbing until i got a view of the road below. It has a fantastic view on the way up and at the end. There isn't a great deal of room at the summit so don't go in a big group or it will get crowded and there are sheer cliffs all around. If you are going in the wet, walking poles would certainly help as the mud is super slippery and i stacked it a couple of times on the way down today. Unfortunately at this time there are a lot of weeds on the way up. Hopefully they will get taken care of soon. But still a very nice hike.
Mount Maroon Caves (Queensland)
19 Jul, 2020
4km return
2 hrs
What an epic trail!!! We did the cave route today, getting to the caves was pretty easy. There aren't any clear trails so you will need either Wikiloc or equivalent, or someone who has done it before. The caves are the easy part. The hard part was what came next if you want to do a summit push...

We went for the summit via the west ridge. There are even less trails to follow going that way. Definite bush bashing on this route. Lots of spiders and loose rocks and leaf litter making for some sketchy situations. Navigational skills are strongly advised in case your phone dies and you are alone.

Also when traversing along the rock wall below the cave, be careful for rock climbers above.
Lower Portals (Mt Barney National Park)
28 Jun, 2020
7.4km return
3 hrs
Not a bad walk. Took us about 50 minutes to get there from the car park. Then we went for some further exploring over the other side, had morning tea in a cave to shelter from the rain and then went down to explore further upstream.

It was slow going upstream because there were a lot of slippery boulders to negotiate and no real clear trail. The water was crystal clear but ice cold as it was winter, so no swimming for me!!

First part of the hike, easy as. Minimum to moderate fitness required if you go at a steady pace. It's fairly up and down and the terrain is kinda rough with roots and rocks everywhere. The second part of the hike, upstream, is a fair bit more challenging. You have to climb a steep hillside and come down the other side and follow the stream along. You will need grippy shoes because those boulders are super slippery. Nearly ended up in the drink a few times. If attempting this part make sure you have good balance and gear you don't mind getting wet.
Flinder’s Peak Circuit - approach from South (Queensland)
7 Jun, 2020
Very Hard
12km return
3 hrs
Just tackled this walk today, i actually found it easier than the normal way. Definitely longer. But most of the climb is done via the fire trails so it's a much slower ascent. Went with a mate of mine and had a brilliant day!

You start from the Sandy creek trail and follow that for a while, about 5.7 km give or take a few hundred metres, then you trek up a much narrower trail where you get to try out your rock hopping skills for a little bit, then to the top of the adjacent peak to Flinders. you will then go along a very narrow dirt trail along a slope, and then reach a section where you will have to do some good old fashioned scrambling. The ground can be quite soft and will give away under foot, eventually you will come to the rock scrambling part that is on the main trail, then it's business as usual from there.

You could go back the way you came, and it would end up being around 16-17km all up, or take the quick way down via the normal trail. Make sure you take water and wear sturdy grippy shoes.
Flinders Peak (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
17 May, 2020
6.5km return
3.5 hrs
Last time i tried this climb was in 2016. It took us pretty much all day. Had another go in 2020 and was up and back in about 3.5 hours including a lunch break up the top.

Its a great meaty climb that will really get your heart pumping! The higher up you go, the more challenging it gets and the better the views are!!

The first part of the climb is steep and dusty and is great cardio and a good leg workout, I'd probably say this part would be the most physically strenuous. But then you get to the rocky part and and it gets more mentally challenging. You'll need to pay attention to where you're going as a misstep can be costly. Especially if the rocks are wet and slippery.

Eventually you'll get to a steep rock climb about 2 stories, this will be the most technical part of the climb, but it will only take a few minutes to negotiate this part. From there it's about 15 minutes to the top where you can chill out, have a bite to eat and enjoy the views.

Careful going downhill especially on the steep dirty part as there are roots and loose soil that you could easily lose your footing on.

Good quality closed in shoes are a must! Yet i wouldn't say boots are essential, as i saw quite a number of hikers wearing only runners and they were doing fine. Also make sure you take water with you especially in the hotter months.
Boonah to Ipswich Trail (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
10 May, 2020
Very Hard
7 hrs
I tackled part of this walk today, the Hardings Paddock to Flinders Plum and back part. Awesome hike, nice and tough with minimal people around once you get past the Goolman lookout. However. Don't try this if you just want a leisurely stroll through the bush. Also it's probably best to go with one or two others of similar fitness as you will be isolated for a few hours. If you do go alone make sure you have a good sense of direction, enjoy your own company, and are confident in your hiking ability.

The walk starts easily enough, but soon you will be climbing a long, steep hill. It then goes relatively easy for a bit until you get to the Goolman look out where it goes steep again up to the lookout. Not a problem if you want to skip this part, as at the base of the lookout climb there is a left turn through a white metal gate, which is where you want to be going to head to Flinders. You'll then walk down a gentle incline and then you will need to take a right turn, then shortly there will be another right turn putting you on a U turn pretty much. Just stick with this trail for the next couple of hours. There will be a lot of up and down hills for a while, but just stay with it and trust the map and you'll be fine. You will go past Mt Goolman on the east side and you’ll see Ivory’s Rock to the west. Be aware, Mount Goolman and Mount Blaine look pretty similar, so don’t think you’ve arrived at Mount Blaine already, because you might start to freak out when you see the trail taking you away from it. Soon enough you’ll get to the Mount Blaine Saddle where you can either attempt to climb Mount Blaine, or continue on to the Flinders Plum picnic area. Just be aware, you will need to negotiate some rather steep hills to and from the picnic area.

If you are planning on doing this trip, it may be easier to start from the Flinders Plum end while you have fresh legs, as the hills in that direction a fair bit steeper. You will need good shoes and socks, and plenty of water and snacks, especially in hotter months. I went through 4.5 litres, however I was using a Camel Pak and tend to sip a lot more often than if I were getting a bottle out of my bag. Also take some band aids with you because if you are prone to blisters, it will be an excruciatingly long walk back.
Mt Blaine Summit Trail (Queensland)
3 May, 2020
1km return
90 mins
Quite a steep climb, requiring a bit of rock scrambling and using you hands as well, many loose rocks so make sure you are wearing sturdy footwear. No thongs or sandals!! Also don't try this if you are uncomfortable with heights as there are some near vertical sections on unstable ground. A minimum of moderate fitness to do this one, so if you get puffed going up a flight of stairs, or have bad knees, this one ain't for you.

Coming down, while definitely easier than going up, is also more dangerous as you pick up momentum, especially on the loose rocky section where i fell over (LoL) Other than that, it's an awesome bang for buck climb with great views, and a good workout for your thighs!! Not a lot of room on the summit so don't go with a large group.