The Steamers Via Creek

Main Range National Park

A mostly offtrack walk navigating a picturesque creek, The Stern, The Mast and The Funnel.

Scrambling or Climbing
Navigation Required
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Follow Emu Creek Road to the end of the road (4WD required after rain) 


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Route/Trail notes

End of emu creek road, follow faint trail to clearing and follow 4wd track to creek, up creek for 3km until it seems to end, then steeply bushbash up the hill on the left until the ridge line is gained, go right and follow the faint track to top of The Stern, retrace steps back to where the ridge line was gained but instead go straight on to the mast, follow the track past the mast and across the saddle to The Funnel, at the far end of the funnel, bushbash down a steep rock strewn slope down to creek and go back the way we came 


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Other References

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GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


Did this as part of a bigger multi day hike and this section is completely overgrown at the moment. Plenty of undergrowth to throw your footing off, complete with plenty more lawyer vine and ESPECIALLY Gympie Gympie. Absolute forests of it complete with every possible height of stinging leaves from the creek to a majority of the way up . Do not attempt unless you are comfortable bushbashing relentlessly through this uphill without any semblance of trail to follow.

Creek was flowing pretty well so we just waded/hopped upstream. Took us 3 hours (and many stings) to gain the main trail on the Steamer ridge. Steamers were awesome, as was mount steamer. Copped a fair bit of unforecast southerly winds and cloud during the night.

Emu creek road was pretty wet after some rain last weekend and we couldn't make it past the track (in a stock pajero) after the creek crossing after the road branches, parked up on a nice patch of grass instead. It's also impossible to reach the South Branch remote camp at the moment by car, massive 1 metre deep ruts for the last 50m or so before reaching the camp + nat park gate.

asherbasher on 25 Apr, 2024

Went back for an overnight for sunset and sunrise and it didn't disappoint. Very overgrown and what sections of trail that are there are slowly going.

Chewie on 27 Mar, 2021

Absolutely amazing and one of the most spectacular views. Very steep incline to get up to the ridge line. Totally worth the effort to get to the top. We started from old mill road. Don't under estimate the effort required to complete this one. Not for the inexperienced and a good fitness level required. Must have a GPS or topo map and compass for this one.

Take plenty of water if it's hot, went through nearly 6 litres of water and was glad i took the extra water with me in the end.

Chewie on 7 Feb, 2021

Just did this one for the second time, i love it!!! Fantastic views and a rewarding challenging climb!!

You will need a 4wd or other high clearance vehicle to get there. The start is quite easy. but then you get to this section of extremely steep, and loose dirt terrain. I used trekking poles, which despite their dorky stigma, proved a life saver on more than one occasion, cos if you slip and start falling, you could go for a while.

Once you get to the top of the hill you will encounter a vertical rock face, turn to the left and follow that along for a while until you come to another steep section similar to the first, just not as evil.

Once you get to the top of this you turn right and head along the ridge until you get to one of the best views in SE Qld. Be careful negotiating parts towards the end of this section as it is vertical drops all around and not a lot of sprawling space.

You will have limited to no phone reception for about 99% of this hike, so bring plenty of water, snacks, a first aid kit and a PLB. Good shoes, long pants, and trekking poles are also advantageous.

You will also need fitness from the high end of moderate to high levels as those hills are hard work. If you have trouble negotiating steep unstable terrain, give yourself a lot more time than is recommended, or give this one a miss.

Nittus on 17 Oct, 2020

Amazing views. really loved this, challenging way to get there!!

glenn mead on 31 Aug, 2020

Tough one!

Andrew Specht on 18 Jul, 2020

Make sure you bring lots of water, it was 33 degrees out and I went through 6L of water

JakeTheHiker1 on 27 Jan, 2019


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