Mt Roberts + Lizard Point

Main Range National Park
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A reasonably well marked trail leading up to the summit of Mt Roberts, then proceeding on to one of the best lookout points in SEQ - Lizard Point.

Bird Watching
Scrambling or Climbing
Navigation Required
Camping Permitted
Maximum Elevation

Getting there

Driving on The Head Rd you will approach the top of the range, look to the right and you will see a small grass driveway named Brett Rd. There is enough room for 4 or 5 cars to park.

Route/Trail notes

Walk down the driveway and look out for a path cut into the bushes that will appear on your right (just as you approach the second gate). Follow down the rough trail over a small timber bridge. Eventually you will get to a section where the path will branch (one going left, one going straight ahead). The most well travelled path is the one on the left that will steeply ascend to a junction just below Mt Superbus. From here you will descend into a saddle then begin a moderate climb up to the summit of Mt Roberts (marked with a pile of rocks you can't miss). Continue along the path to get to Lizard Point (take care there is some minor scrambling which can be challenging in the wet, however nothing majorly difficult). Return the way you came or camp at the Lizard Point Campsite and check out the sunrise the next morning. This walk could be combined into a multi-day hike exploring Superbus and the Steamers. 


Nil, campsite costs may apply if camping. 

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GPS Tracks

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It was a foggy day. We managed to follow the steep track up to the Superbus junction without too much difficulty, although it was physically challenging. From here the track was a bit sketchy going over rocks and through thick rainforest nevertheless it was still traceable till we reached the Steamers Lookout. The lookout can be accessed by a little track on the left about 20 metres from the cliff face. The track then winds its way up to Mt Roberts which is identified by a stone cairn. From here the track hugs the right side of the cliff face. which on the day was covered by a dense blanket of fog. There is one spot where the track emerges onto a rocky outcrop with lots of Spear Lilies. Rather than going straight ahead and having to do some rock climbing, there is a track that goes around these rocks. Eventually, you reach the Lizard Point campsite and Lizard Point itself seems not that far away. It had taken us 4 hours to get there. We had views to the west but fog covered the east side. We stopped for a 15 min lunch break then it started to rain all the way back. We were sliding and slipping down the mountainside from Superbus junction on and we were soaked and cold. On the way back in the bushfire and regrowth section we lost the track twice. The main track was either 10 metres to the left of us, or 20 metres to the right . It could do with a few more pink ribbons in this area. I saw no more than 5 or 6 on the whole track. We eventually got back to the cars around 3.40 pm. It was an interesting adventure, despite being a miserable day. We all vowed we would definitely do the walk again, but on a nice, sunny day!

Jeff on 5 Sep, 2021

Was surprised how well marked the track is the entire way. There were a few ocassions we lost it but never took very long to find it again. Mt Roberts has no views (apart from one of the Steamers part way up). Lizard Point definitely makes up for it, probably the best lookout in SEQ in my opinion. The track was pretty muddy which made coming back down a bit time consuming given the steepness. Few sections of very minor scrambling. Can definitely be done as a day walk, we did this in 6.5 hours including the time spent enjoying the view at Lizard Point - mind you we didn't really take any breaks along the way.

Vonsnrub on 27 Jun, 2021


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