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Box Forest

This circuit is 10.9km and is an easy walk. It took me about 4 hours and that was with stopping for lots of photo's, many oohh's and aahh's and lunch at Picnic Rock.
Walk this circuit in a clockwise direction and exit via Elabana Falls and Picnic Rock. The track is easy to follow for the whole circuit and is well signed.

The waterfalls that you encounter on this hike are glorious shows of stunning, shimmering, breathtaking beauty that are deep in a majestic forest. The sound of the rainforest bird's and the thundering of the falls, the crisp, clean smell of overnight rain, the sight of moss covered boulders and the sheer beauty of the rays of sunlight as they break through the canopy hitting the ancient, old giant trees that whisper to your soul as you touch them....
This is definitely one of Mother Nature's finest that you must come and experience for yourself 💕🙏

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Mel on 9 Jul, 2017

Mount Edwards

The start of this hike is at the picturesque Fred Haigh Park at Lake Moogerah 🏞
This park has bbq's, shaded picnic areas, toilets as well as a lovely little cafe.
To get to the start of this hike you need to walk over the dam wall🏞 Please take note that the dam wall access is only permited 6am - 6pm ⏰

It took me about 1.5hrs to reach the summit and I actually found it more challenging than Mt Cordeaux/Bare Rock. I am on the tail end of the flu and laryngitis though, so my health and fitness aren't much to go on at the moment 😕

The hike is only about 3km but from the halfway point it is pretty much all up hill. From this halfway point you will see Little Mt Edwards straight across and straight up is the summit of Mt Edwards ⛰

When you reach the summit the view and the feeling of gratitude and love is a moment where no words are needed because you just relish being in the Now 🙏

There are plenty of places to find in the shade to just be and feel love 💖
This is a great hike that I would say a moderate level of fitness is needed. The track is very visible all the way up. I would definitely recommend doing this one early in the morning 🌄 and in our cooler months ❄ There is a lot of scrub 🌳🌾 that covers this mountain and I can only imagine how hot and steamy it would get in sumer time 🏜

It only took me about 45min to get back down.

👟⛰ 💕🙏

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Mel on 8 Jul, 2017

Mt Cordeaux

This beautiful hike will take you through some stunning rainforest with moss covered ancient old tree's and boulders 🌳glorious Crows Nests, Staghorns and ferns 🌿 The crisp Winter morning air on your cheeks and the sound of Bell Bird's and frog's 🦅🐸 can be heard throughout the forest as it starts to come to life. My kind of magic 😉 and that's even before you reach the summit!

The view from Mt Cordeaux is very beautiful with views South, down the length of the Main Range National Park, Moogerah Peaks, Mt Barney and North to the Mistake Mountains ⛰

I would highly recommend hiking the further 2.8 km (about 20 min) to Bare Rock. Here you will be greeted with spectacular views of the Scenic Rim and what a pretty bloody glorious place to stop for something to eat 🍏🍉🍓

I would not classify this as a hard hike but a reasonable level of fitness would be recommended 💪
It took me about 1.5 hours at a reasonable pace to reach Bare Rock stopping to take MANY photo's along the way 📸
I spent about 1 hour on top of Bare Rock just soaking up the Winter sun and watching the clouds roll in and out of the mountains and valley's 🌬
The hike back down only took about an hour.

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Mel on 18 Jun, 2017

Minyon Falls Loop

I loved this hike 👟 It took me a little over 3 hours but that was stopping to take lots of photo's, rock hopping and playing in the water at the bottom of the falls👣 and waiting for 27 minutes for a snake to slither off the path 🐍
I wouldn't say a hard walk but moderate.
With dense rainforest🍃🍀 amazing old tree's that I am sure when you touch, you can feel them breath 🌳 the coolness of gorgeous boulders at the bottom of the falls...You won't be disappointed 💕🙏

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Mel on 28 May, 2017

Mt Tinbeerwah

Very easy walk 10 minutes up if that. Definitely worth the detour💕 Amazing views all around 🌄 It would be beautiful at sunset 🌅 Wonderful place to take visitors and show off one of our stunning coasts 🙏 Definitely child friendly 💖

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Mel on 30 Apr, 2017

Mt Cooroora

Loved this hike! It took about 2 hours but that was with taking in the view from the summit 😄 This was the most rock scrambling I have done and I loved every bit of it 😍 I would say a medium level of fitness is needed. Kids can do this hike but I would not be taking little children as the rock scrambling would be a little challenging for them 😥 Do yourself a favour and stop off to refuel and grab a coffee ☕ in the beautiful little town of Pomona after the awesome climb ⛰ Will definitely be back to do this one again 💕🙏

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Mel on 15 Apr, 2017

Mount Coolum

Great climb to start with! Great for families. Beautiful views from ontop! Not a hard or long climb. It will get the heart rate up. About 20 minutes up and less coming down.You feel like you achieved a good climb by the time you get to the top 🙏💕

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Mel on 9 Apr, 2017

Wildhorse Mountain

Short and sweet 😉 Beautiful views of the Glasshouse Mountains. Definitely worth the short detour 🙏💕

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Mel on 9 Apr, 2017

Mt Ninderry

It took me about 30 minutes to reach the top with stopping a couple of times along the way. Beautiful views from the top ⛰ Lots of different tracks at the top for you to take in different directions, but I think you would eventually get back down mountain no matter which one you took. Be prepared to see a few sad plaques up on top 🙏💕

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Mel on 2 Apr, 2017

Twin Falls Circuit

Easy walk with some of the most amazing waterfalls I have seen 😍
Just beautiful after the rain 💖
Easy walk that would be great for kids. About 1.5 hours taking photos along the way🙏💕

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Mel on 25 Mar, 2017
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