Larapinta Falls

Lamington National Park
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This walk is an extension of the hike to Westray's Grave (see along Christmas Creek. The other known walk on this route is to the Stinson crash site.

Without a word of hesitation I would recommend that if you go to Christmas Creek you must check out Larapinta Falls as they are absolutely spectacular and made even more special by the fact that you can swim right under the cascade which is over 30 metres high.

Absolutely worth doing, the falls are spectacular and there is nothing like swimming under such a large waterfall. Beautiful scenery though it is fairly well out in the sticks so be prepared.

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Getting there:

Follow Christmas Creek Road (south of Beaudesert, 1hr from Brisbane) almost all the way to the end. The end of the road becomes narrow and unsealed so drive carefully, it is accessible for a 2WD. After the first concrete causeway/bridge there is a signed car park (with a limit of 10 vehicles). There is some Telstra mobile reception at the car park.


QTopo online

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Route/Trail notes

The trip to Westray's Grave takes about an hour at a good pace, and is a nice walk in itself that follows Christmas Creek fairly closely. Start walking from the car park and follow Christmas Creek Rd until arriving at a closed gate which is signed as okay for walkers to pass through. Be respectful as you pass through here, close the gate again. Walk another ~100m along the gravel road until you arrive at the trailhead which is well signed and trodden. From here rock or log hop across the creek and continue on following the track to the grave.

This section is easy and features some great scrub/rainforest accompanied by the sound of the flowing creek. The track is sporadically marked the whole way with hiking tape. Fallen trees and vague tracks may hinder progress, keep in mind that the track follows the direction of the creek.

From Westray's Grave it takes approximately 1-1.5 hours to reach the falls. The idea is to keep following the creek, generally on the left hand side but sometimes crossing back and forth. The creek becomes wide and forks at one point not far from the grave, take the left (north) branch and keep following the creek until you arrive at the falls. The route is sporadically marked with hiking tape and does not always indicate an optimal route. There are some vague tracks on either side of the creek which can be faster than rock/log hopping at times, keep in mind to follow the creek and you'll be fine.

The return journey is simply retracing your steps and following the creek.

Several days after heavy rain it is ill advised to take this route because of slippery rocks, high creek level and unstable debris.

Definitely a good walk for spring/summer as there are plenty of swimming holes but is still nice in the colder months. Leeches are not overly prolific in the area. Lawyer vines are fairly common along the route and will dig into skin & clothes. Keep an eye out for stinging plants, snakes and insects. Allow a good 4-5 hours for the entire trek, more if it has rained recently. Don't forget to account for lunch. A GPS device and topo maps are recommended, but not required.



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Did this walk yesterday and it was great. Had attempted it once before but didn't give ourselves enough time for how overgrown it was after covid shutdowns. This time we started from the new and only carpark (after the first causeway/bridge, limited to 10 cars) at 9:30am and made it back to westrays grave at about 12:30 before doing Stinson wreck. The track is fairly well trodden at the moment so moving is quite easy, there's a bit of landslide and fallen trees around.

It hadn't rained in a couple of weeks but the falls were still full and spectacular. Just follow the south Branch of the creek up and down and you'll have no dramas, just keep in mind there is a major fork in it heading up, and keep left, bring a GPS if you're unsure. If you can't find a track just rock hop your way up.

asherbasher on 21 May, 2021

A lovely walk, although a bit muddy and slippery after the rain.
I definitely recommend this walk to those who are reasonably fit and are sure on there feet.
The walk take longer than expected due to the navigational requirements required, there are many fallen trees and you will more than likely lose the track many times

Olly on 16 Jan, 2021

Enjoyable walk on a perfect spring day to the amazing waterfall. Lost the track a couple of times on the way to the falls, but managed to pick it up by walking back to the creek and hunting for the tape. Was a 6.9km/2.5hr walk in (thanks to off trail parts) and a 4.4km/1.75hr efficient walk back. Still a bit too chilly to swim under the falls, but enjoyed watching the yabbies and eels in the little rock pools surrounding. Wore running shoes rather than hiking boots to help with rock-hopping agility.

Geo Kat on 5 Sep, 2020

The falls are truly spectacular, well worth the walk. We were keeping a good eye out for the Gympie Gympie.

JFoss on 5 Jun, 2020

did this by joining the Swiss Club for a sunday walk. made a new acquitance Gympie-Gympie!
great spot!

Linus Nyqvist on 8 Mar, 2020

Amazing hike to the falls. Lots of rocks and tree roots. Not recommended unless you are an experienced hiker. Complete early to avoid heat in summer. Follow trail markers fluro tape tied to trees along the path as it is easy to loose the trail.

Jimcar on 3 Jan, 2020

Stunning waterfall definitely put this one on your list!

Korina Meagher on 30 Dec, 2019

Super fun hike. You get to do a whole lot of rock hopping. Plenty of waterfalls to swim in along the way if it's a nice day for it. The return hike took me about 3.5hrs.

Kate on 18 Apr, 2019

This was the second time we did this track. All of palm tree leaves vovering the track and extra navigation to find trail markers. Keep close to the creek will always put you back on track

Dino the Explorer on 30 Mar, 2019

Rough afternoon in extra wet conditions, definitely worth it in hindsight, once my legs worked again. Pulled off 9 leeches, judging from the bites about that many again had released by themselves.

heezy on 28 Mar, 2019

The description above is my review =]

Matty Vee on 5 Jan, 2019

Awsome summer walk with plemty of swimming hoes includeing a spectacular waterfall

Jamie Johnston on 1 Jan, 2019


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