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A full days walk to the summit of Mt Razorback will test your fitness and scrambling abilities. It starts as a steep uphill walk then as you join the ridgeline you will carefully traverse a razor sharp ridge with drop offs on either side followed by some precarious scrambling up loose cliffs. Not one for beginners but with enough care it is very achievable.

Scrambling or Climbing
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Getting there

From Beaudesert drive along Kerrys Road until you reach a gate (shown in photo). Can park just prior to the gate at the Stephens Road turn off.

Route/Trail notes

After passing the gate walk along the road for around 10-15 minutes. You will walk over a cattle grid and see a track following the fence to the left. Walk along this fence line until you reach the top of a ridge. From there head right and follow another steep and well marked track up until the main ridgeline. Here you will find a barbed wire fence you will need to cross (there is a section near the corner where you can easily walk under it). This is where the razorback part of the hike begins, the ridge will become narrower and narrower with a huge drop off on either side. The track is reasonably well marked however there are some points of confusion as you get closer to the cliffs. Generally you will verge to the left of the cliffs and follow the track until there is a small scrambling track to get to the top of the cliff and rejoin the ridgeline walk. There are ribbons marking the way so keep a look out. The track up the main/last cliff is very steep, and has a lot of long grass and loose rocks. Be careful, take your time, and if you find yourself walking somewhere that isn't a decently marked track, chances are you have missed a ribbon, or a scrambling section because the track to the top of the big cliff is well marked the entire way. You will see a memorial for a hiker who fell right near the top of the cliff.

From here you have some options. 1) Can enjoy the view then return the way you came. 2) Do a big circuit and descend from the other side of the mountain 3) climb to the summit and return the way you came. Be aware there is only a faint path, heavy scrunge, and no view at the summit, so unless you are peak bagging the best part of the walk is to the top of the cliffs and back along the Razor.


There is a sign on the gate at the end of Kerry Road which indicates you should call 0488 204 349 prior to entering. However this may be before entering the property rather than the road which allows you to access National Park. Unless you get in contact may be easier to park just prior to the gate at the turn off to Stephens Road and walk in.

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The first couple of kms after the cattle grid are very steep, a real leg burner. I got past the last part of the ridge where the track is under the cliff edge, the path runs through grass and loose dirt. It was very slippery at this point with very few trees below. After slipping a few times and the track becoming harder to find I decided to turn around. Would have loved to have made it to the plaque. May be next time.

samkramer on 22 Aug, 2020

Full days walk, we went all the way to the summit. If I had to compare it to mountains I have done before I would say it is similar to Mt Ernest and Spicers Peak. There are some fantastic views, and some very precarious cliffs. When we arrived we were a bit surprised to find the sign on the fence, we decided to do the right thing and call the number - we had no reception so this meant driving back to Beaudesert. When we did get reception and called we discovered the phone was disconnected. Because of this we decided not to drive in but instead walk, there are plenty of signs saying it is private property but my understanding from other people who have done this mountain is that the fields on the left and right of the road are private, however the road itself and the track are okay to use. The track is pretty easy to follow for the most part, but beyond the cliffs to the summit, they get very faint. I would personally recommend not walking to the summit as there is nothing to see there anyway (besides a small pile of rocks). Even in winter we saw snakes in the knee high grass you have to walk through so we were pretty on edge. The walk to the top of the cliffs was excellent despite being very slippery and steep. Do not do this track in the wet!! All in all a good day up a lesser known mountain.

Vonsnrub on 2 Aug, 2020

I climbed this with Vonsnrub. There is a very steep incline to reach the ridgeline and once you are on it, it's exhilarating. I cannot say this for the rest of the hike beyond this with plenty of bush bashing through knee high grass and tough rainforest for a summit with very limited views. I would recommend continuing a bit beyond the plaque on the other valley side for expansive views of the valley. However, you will need to wade through knee high grass.

This is a great hike for experienced climbers up to the plaque and an average hike if you decide to bash through to the summit.

BabyElephant on 2 Aug, 2020


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