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Upper Portals (Mt Barney National Park)
11 Nov, 2023
3.5 hrs
The drive up the dirt road is not to bad, I did it in a 2015 Forester with zero issues, maybe if it was raining it may get a bit tricky?

The walk down to the creek is ok, nothing special, but once the main creek joins up and you can do some rock hopping the scenery gets spectacular and the portals are incredible! The walking is not hard at all, a bit steep on the way back but it's not to long. So overall well worth the effort.
Stinson Crash Site from Christmas Creek (Lamington National Park)
28 Oct, 2023
15km return
8 hrs
Steep walk, I did it after and during rain and it was very slippery. Went on to point lookout as well. Overall was an enjoyable walk.

Took just over 5h door to door from the car
Larapinta Falls (Lamington National Park)
14 Oct, 2023
15km return
5 hrs
Nice walk, spectacular waterfall. Takes a bit over 3h return in the dry. It's just under 11km in total.
Mt Barney North Peak (Mt Barney National Park)
23 Sep, 2023
Very Hard
10.7km return
6 hrs
This was a tough walk, once you leave the Logan's track the bush is overgrown with lots of vines some of which have thorns. Once I got into the ridge there were a lot of trees down. I don't have any idea if I walked up the best way. The big slab of rock below the peak was a long climb, not as technical as Logan's but very long and exposed, I was not expecting this. I then went across to East Peak and down South East Ridge. Took a long time, just under 7h, but most of that was spent pushing through the vines and dead trees.
Mt Barney - Up Logan's Ridge Down SE Ridge (Mt Barney National Park)
2 Sep, 2023
Very Hard
7km return
8 hrs
What a fantastic walk, well worth the challenge, the views on this route are probably my favourite from the different tracks I have done on Barney so far. What a brilliant day out, cannot wait to do it again.
Mt Barney - Up Mezzanine - Down SE Ridge (Queensland)
5 Aug, 2023
Very Hard
14.5km return
6 hrs
Wow, that was a bit scary, I've not had to climb like that before, very exciting.
Mount Edwards (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
30 Jul, 2023
6km return
3 hrs
Nice walk with the kids.
Mt Barney West Peak (Mt Barney National Park)
22 Jul, 2023
Very Hard
17km return
8 hrs
What a fantastic walk, I did it via South Ridge up and down, I will add a GPS track. If you can stay on the track from Rum Jungle campsite it's pretty straightforward.
Mt Barney West Peak from Rum Jungle (Mt Barney Summit)
22 Jul, 2023
2km return
90 mins
Easy walk if you camp at Rum Jungle
Mt Merino Lookout (Lamington National Park)
8 Jul, 2023
7 hrs
Perfect day for the waterfalls and the views.
Cougals Cascades to Boyds Butte then Mt Cougal East Peak (South East Queensland)
2 Jul, 2023
8.8km return
4.5 hrs
A good walk with great views but the lawyers vine is miserable.
Rowlands Creek (Mt Jerusalem National Park)
1 Jul, 2023
6.8km return
2 hrs
Nic easy walk, we road our bikes.
The Steamers (Main Range National Park)
24 Jun, 2023
18km return
2 days
What a great walk, I managed to get to the Old Mill Road car park in a Forester, there was not too much water in the creeks and the track was not too muddy. I got a bit lost at the start so won't upload my GPS track, next time I do the walk I will upload a plot. Although it does seem that people are walking this walk from different start points so I may start a new walk from Old Mill.
Mount Maroon Caves (Mt Barney National Park)
17 Jun, 2023
5km return
4 hrs
Did this one with my 11 year old son, he was keen to do the loop up to the summit and back down the main track, was a big day, slippery in spots and not much of a track to speak of.
Northern Rivers Rail Trail - Tweed Section (New South Wales)
11 Jun, 2023
50km return
2.5 hrs
A pleasant ride.
Mt Barney East Peak - South-East Ridge up and South Ridge down (Mt Barney National Park)
27 May, 2023
Very Hard
15km return
10 hrs
Sunny today, worth every moment, managed it in 5h 45m, what a day.
Mount May (Mt Barney National Park)
25 Apr, 2023
9km return
5.5 hrs
Good challenging walk, no sign of the cairn of rocks that marks the walk out to the other peak.
Warrie Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
15 Apr, 2023
17km return
5 hrs
Goonengerry National Park Waterfall (New South Wales)
19 Feb, 2023
2km one-way
30 mins
Nice easy stroll.
Hell Hole Falls (Mt Jerusalem National Park)
19 Feb, 2023
5.1km return
105 mins
Nice walk on fire trails to a nice waterfall.