Mt Barney West Peak from Rum Jungle

Mt Barney Summit

A walk to the actual summit of Mt Barney (West Peak is higher than East Peak). It's got views, not as crowded as East Peak, and quicker to get to from Rum Jungle.

Scrambling or Climbing
Navigation Required
Camping Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Start at the Rum Jungle campsite in the Saddle area.  



Route/Trail notes

It's best to use a GPS device or app, because although there are footpads, there's no path as such.  Directly west of the campsite there are some large slabs.  Carefully make your way up these, then when the slope flattens a little (about 100 metres) start to contour to the right (roughly west-norwest).  You should find some blue or yellow tape markers along the way, though you will need to choose your route between the markers, contouring gradually upwards and westwards and using gullies to gain height where necessary.  There is no real exposure involved (despite what the Bushpeople's Guide says).

After gradually climbing for 500 or 600 metres, you eventually reach a point almost directly north of the summit at an altitude of about 1250 to 1300 metres.  At this point swing left (south) and head (roughly) straight up.  After about 200 or 300 metres you should reach your goal, marked by a cairn.  For the return journey, retrace your steps.  Once you get back facing east it's pretty easy to find Rum Jungle.



Permits are needed to camp in the Saddle area.

Other References

No guide books give any really useful directions, as far as I can find.  Another Aussie Bushwalking article talks about contouring to the left once over the first slabs, but that way appears to involve a bit of exposure.

GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


Easy walk if you camp at Rum Jungle

samkramer on 22 Jul, 2023

No view once we reached the summit because of low cloud, but there were views once we got a bit lower on the way back down. This is a good walk and seemed shorter and more straightforward than East Peak, perhaps because the summit area is not as spread out, with less chance of getting lost on descent. Unfortunately, one of our party slipped on the slabs about 60 metres short of Rum Jungle. He ended up dislocating his shoulder and had to be choppered out!

Michael D on 6 Nov, 2021

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