Mt Barney via Logans Ridge and return via Gorge

Mt Barney National Park

The climb up Logan's Ridge is challenging but offers superb views on a clear day. The first recorded climb was undertaken by Captain Patrick Logan, Charles Fraser and Allan Cunningham in 1828. The climb became too difficult for Fraser and Cunningham who turned back leaving Logan to climb on alone. This ascent should not be attempted unless you are an experienced rock scrambler and have a head for heights. Any climb too difficult for Allan Cunningham deserves respect.

Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting There

How do you get to the start of the walk? From Brisbane travel along Mt Lindsey Highway past Beaudesert and 1km beyond Rathdowney. Turn right into Boonah - Rathdowney Rd. Travel for seven kilometres to Barney View -Upper Logan Road turn off. Turn left and travel for 11.7km to the Yellow Pinch picnic ground. There is no camping at Yellow Pinch Picnic Ground. Camping is available at Mt Barney Lodge as are homesteads and cabins.


Which maps cover the area? Mt Lindesay Topographic 1:25 000 scale.

Route/Trail notes

A detailed description of the walk! Leave carpark and return 600m along Upper Logan Rd to Barney Lodge turnoff. Head west across the grassy paddock to an old gravel logging road and follow it southwest and west uphill to a gate. Continue west then north west along the road following the crest of a ridge. Head through a second gate and continue downhill to a third gate and the national park boundary. The road continues uphill in a westerly direction and narrows to a footpad. Continue uphill following this footpad to the base of Logans Ridge. From here it is a matter matter of following the path of least resistance all the way to the summit of East Peak. Don't be afraid to retreat and try a different route if the going gets too tough.

Once reaching the summit soak in the views (if you are not covered in cloud) before making your way down to Barney Saddle. It is now a simple matter of following the creek down the gorge until reaching Mt Barney Creek at the bottom of the gorge. This gorge is extremely rugged in places and requires detours around sheer waterfalls. 

Upon reaching Mt Barney Creek follow downstream to just above the Lower Portals before striking uphill on the left hand side (north) to the top of the ridgeline following an obvious foot track. At the top there is a crossroad. Continue straight ahead and downhill to join the Lower Portals track just below the Lower Portals. This is a good spot for a swim on a hot day. 

Follow this track downstream before crossing just above the Lower Portals campsite and make your way back to the lower Portals Carpark. Hopefully, you have organised a car shuttle and you have a car waiting for you or else it is a further 6km along the road to the Yellow Pinch carpark.


Do you need any permits? What's the cost? Nil unless camping

Other References

How can I find more info? Any guide books?

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Awesome route. Love the scrambling. What a great route. Not for the inexperienced scrambler or anyone with a fear of heights. It’s not really that difficult to find a path or route up this way, it kind just takes a couple of looks to find which way is easiest . All part of the fun. Took about 3/12 hrs to get up, then took SE ridge down. Awesome day

B_razzle on 11 Aug, 2018

Went up Logans Ridge and came down SE Ridge yesterday for the second time this month in perfect conditions.
Look out for the path that branches to the left as you approach the bottom of the mountain, this takes you to a new gate 800 metres from Yellow Pinch carpark and is a much better track than than the one following the road for 4km and cuts at least 20 minutes from the walk back. The track is easy to spot going up but not so clear coming down, especially if you are not looking out for it.

jgmansell on 31 Jul, 2018

Went up Logans and down SE Ridge yesterday in perfect conditions. My first time up Logans and loved it. It was definitely more technical than SE Ridge but I think it took less effort, probably because it was more direct and the fact that most of the walk was on rock so very solid under foot whereas the SE Ridge was very loose and made for lots of slipping. Neither of us had done this route before so we were a bit apprehensive but were pleasantly surprised overall. We did make a few wrong turns by not keeping on the high ground, if you do that you can't go wrong. It took us a total of 4 hours to reach the summit including all stops for photos and just to take in the views, and I am no spring chicken. This is the route of choice for me in the future.

jgmansell on 10 Jul, 2018

Set out from the YP carpark at 13:00 to ascend, party of three with packs incl. tent, sleeping bags, etc. Took us longer than expected to get to the base of the ridge as one member of our party was struggling a bit stamina wise.

Our plan was to summit and make it to Old Hut Site by 18:00, in the end we were at 1280 m at 18:10. Sunset was at 18:00 and with it being on the east side plus our exhaustion setting in, we realised that we couldn't do the last 30 mins and had to find a place to stay the night. Being at this point of the climb made this a difficult prospect as we were not keen to descend any challenging sections in order to find a safe, level area.

As an alternative, we traversed off the ridge to the north, and found a relatively flat (read: less steep) section of grass to spend the night. It was interesting to say the least. We were well prepared for this eventuality however, the weather was clear as expected and we all had warm gear to spend the night without setting up the tent.

Our only concern was water - we had 1.5 L at most at this point. However after spending a night under the full moon, when the sun rose we backtracked to the ridge, losing about 30 m of altitude in the process, and then with renewed energy found a possible way up. While this was quite difficult with our heavy packs, we managed the last 80 m or so of the ascent without any further incident. We reached the summit at ~ 7:30.

We then quickly made our way down to Old Hut Site and drank our fill at the water source, and had an early lunch to boot. Here we ran into "K2 Base Camp Guy" who was attempting all five peaks in one day. Insane.

At about 11:00 we set off down Peasant's headed for Cronan Creek. Here the predicted afternoon storm came a bit early and got us (and the trail) well and truly drenched. Made the going a bit interesting but not too bad.

Had another pleasant break & swim at Cronan Creek site 9 and then made the last little trek to the carpark, reaching it at 15:00.

In hindsight: on the morning of we did a quick excursion to Lower Portals. This 2 hour return trip obviously wore us out a little and we drank some of our water which we did not replenish before the ascent. If I were to do it over I would skip this entirely and save my energies for the real deal.

Also, being well prepared for various eventualities is a good idea. Do bring something warm, even if it's summer. Do set out early. Do bring enough water, and do bring a map and compass.

Lastly, for anyone tossing up various options, I would recommend SE Ridge as a good introduction to Barney. Logan's is certainly more challenging, though both would have their challenges if you're carrying heavy packs up.

Enjoy. Barney is simply the best.

Corn on 3 Nov, 2017

Great Trek! Went up Logans ridge and back down Logans ridge. So many amazing walks up and down Mt Barney!

GregB on 14 Oct, 2017

Have down South east ridge and Peasants ridge descent so many times. This was such a refreshing change with beautiful different views! Up logans ridge and then back down.. highly recommend!

GregB on 14 Oct, 2017

Awesome trek up Logan's then down Peasants. Took us 4-4.5hrs to get up, with some back tracking along the way (got lost a few times). Very difficult but manageable if you take your time. Heaps of fun and was even better knowing Allan Cunningham couldn't even make it up Logan's! There was a nice steady stream in the creek near Rum Jungle. Please do not litter, and it you need to take a s#it, don't do it on the PATH!

gravitys_grin on 1 Aug, 2017

Logans ridge is an awesome test of ability and mental power.
Do not attempt after or during rain as wet rocks are slippery which could mean big trouble. Moreso than ever, only go with someone who has done it before!

dalehikes on 19 May, 2017

Can empathise with previous reviewer re: camping on the ridge. Very easy to do with heavy packs, fading light and inexperience.

Take at least 4 litres of water per person. Can't stress this enough. When you've lost your tracking because you might have traversed when things became too steep, the lights going down fast, and so is your water supply, you ain't going to be in a very clear head space.

All that being said, Logans is a spectacular scramble. Very steep, VERY exposed, with mind blowing views. It's now the only way I'd want to get to East Peak as it's the quickest, steepest, most economical way of getting there.

We went back down after camping the night at Old Hut, via Rum Jungle, Egans Creek. Absolutely epic weekend, the Egans descent is truly special, and the very thing that makes Barney such a unique and remarkable place. I cannot think of anywhere else that blends high rugged exposed outcrops with pristine Gondwana rainforest.....anywhere to be honest.

iano on 14 Apr, 2017

Went up Logan's Ridge and down via SE Ridge. Challenging climb, and the track can be hard to follow in some parts. Take a rope for back up. 5 hours up, 2 back down SE Ridge. The creek is running and makes a great spot for a dip on the way back to Yellow Pinch.

mattyc on 20 Sep, 2016

Actually did up Logans and down SouthEast. Approx 5hrs to top and approx 3 descent. It was awesome! Taxing. Very sore next day.

SunJunkie on 30 Jul, 2016

That was great.
Went up Logans and came back down Logans

drewmac on 14 May, 2016

Challenging and thrilling walk/climb up Logans Ridge with Innis from Mt Barney Lodge, who knows the way and is an excellent guide. Views are spectacular over the valley and of East summit. Didn't make the summit, stopped 200m below after 3hours and returned the same route -- overall about 6.5hours back to camp.

Varina Nissen on 12 Oct, 2015

I found Logans fairly straightforward and easy to follow. Nothing too tricky along the way. The descent was long via Rum Jungle and South Ridge. Nice day and very nice place to be.

Anonymous on 18 Jun, 2014

Nice challenging walk. We included West Peak and a diversion up Moonlight creek to above the waterfall to explore the approaches to Leaning Peak.

Grumps on 23 May, 2014


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