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Mt Barney - East Peak - Up Logan's - Down South (Mt Barney National Park)
29 Sep, 2018
Very Hard
5km one-way
6 hrs
Straightforward ascent up Logans, with a group of 3. Easily stuck to the ridge, nothing overly difficult. Few exposed sections needed a bit of care. Carried 3L of water and drank the lot just before the summit. There is still fresh water in the saddle but it's pretty dry. Need a few more good storms. Back down via Egans Creek, very dry and not that interesting. With decent rainfall Egan's however is quite stunning.
Mount Coolum (Sunshine Coast)
11 Apr, 2018
2.6km return
90 mins
Simple walk. My 3 and 5yo both did it easily. If you stand vertical and walk up a couple of flights of stairs then you could climb this. View from the top nice, wouldn’t say spectacular. Good way to wear your kids out.
Mount Beerwah Summit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
8 Apr, 2018
Very Hard
2.9km return
3 hrs
First time up this hill. I have no idea why the description classifies this as very hard (which is is), then goes on to say the climb's slightly easier than Tibbo, which it is not. Make no mistake, this is a near vertical ascent from the get go. Don't get fooled by the relatively short distance, you'll sweat your guts out. I wouldn't say it's exposed but it's sharp and steep. Experienced scramblers will have little to worry about, but the climb is achievable by most fit/able walkers with care and patience. Very little shade and if the suns out you'll fry, lots of water, a hat and sunscreen are a must. Prepare to get quite dirty as well, the caves below the organ pipes are full of soft fine clay like sand. The signs suggest 4 hours return, that's on the money. I took about 2.5 to 3. Spectacular views from the top.
Mt Barney via Logans Ridge and return via Gorge (Mt Barney National Park)
14 Apr, 2017
Very Hard
15km return
9 hrs
Can empathise with previous reviewer re: camping on the ridge. Very easy to do with heavy packs, fading light and inexperience.

Take at least 4 litres of water per person. Can't stress this enough. When you've lost your tracking because you might have traversed when things became too steep, the lights going down fast, and so is your water supply, you ain't going to be in a very clear head space.

All that being said, Logans is a spectacular scramble. Very steep, VERY exposed, with mind blowing views. It's now the only way I'd want to get to East Peak as it's the quickest, steepest, most economical way of getting there.

We went back down after camping the night at Old Hut, via Rum Jungle, Egans Creek. Absolutely epic weekend, the Egans descent is truly special, and the very thing that makes Barney such a unique and remarkable place. I cannot think of anywhere else that blends high rugged exposed outcrops with pristine Gondwana rainforest.....anywhere to be honest.
Toolona Creek and Mount Wanungra (Lamington National Park)
3 Jul, 2013
6 hrs
Recently re-opened after extensive storm damage. The creeks & cascades are thundering at the moment. Wear gore-tex footwear & warm (woolen) socks as you're gonna get very wet. We passed a group asking how many creek crossings there are - close to a dozen folks, and no, you can't skirt around them, not with this much water. Leeches also out in force, but anyone doing this circuit should be fairly accustomed to these little critters by now.

The time this walk takes will depend how fit you are, but don't begin any later than 10:30am or you'll probably be caught in the dark. Once you have cleared the cascades - there's still at least another 4-5k until you hit the Border Track junction at Wanungra/Bithongabel. Doesn't matter how many times I do this circuit, this ALWAYS catches me out. Bitho back to Green Mountains however is a cinch and can be done in an hour flat if you still have some energy.