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Honeyeater Track

At night, that was fun with a view at the end

drewmac on 7 Jun, 2016

Mt Barney via Logans Ridge and return via Gorge

That was great.
Went up Logans and came back down Logans

drewmac on 14 May, 2016

Mowburra Peak

Yep that was solid, beautiful day and nice views

drewmac on 8 May, 2016

Mt Bogong

Beautiful weather over Easter, lucky and spoilt.
Did it up Eskdale, camped at Michell Hut, wandered the top, out to Cleve Cole Hut, then down Staircase to Bivouac, camped at Bivouac and down staircase the next day.

drewmac on 26 Mar, 2016

Upper Portals

Nice place for a swim

drewmac on 21 Feb, 2016

Bare Rock + Morgan's Walk

Lovely views

drewmac on 12 Sep, 2015

Mt Cordeaux


drewmac on 12 Sep, 2015

Mount Bruce

Beautiful day, great views

drewmac on 23 Jul, 2015

Mt Meharry

Cloudy, blowing rain showers, no view, still good to climb it

drewmac on 21 Jul, 2015

Mount Tibrogargan Summit

Great morning, top views

drewmac on 27 Jun, 2015
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