Mt Cooroora

Sunshine Coast

Become your own 'King of the Mountain'.
Mt Cooroora at 446m (Tuchekoi National Park), is probably the most famous of the Sunshine Coast climbs, due to the King of the Mountain race held annually in July since 1979. The fact that it is a race from the pub in town, and the best time is 22:43, gives you the false impression that this might be quite an easy climb, but you would be wrong!
Take time out as you climb to enjoy the stunning views south across the Sunshine Coast and the 360° vista from the top.

Picnic Facilities
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
No Camping Permitted
Eucalypt Forest

Getting there:

From the Bruce Highway follow the signs to Pomona. Once in Pomona turn into School Street and then turn into Mountain Street. Park near the sign at the beginning of the walk.


Mount Cooroora

Route/Trail notes:

Follow the well worn track up through a wooded area, before a short descent and across a creek bridge. Easy!

Now the hard part as you start to climb along the path and up a series of concrete, rock chiselled and metal stairways. Watch your step, as in places the ground has been eroded.

About halfway up is a side trail with good views and a resting point. From here continue up three more sets of stairs and follow the chains. About 30m from the summit the chain ends and it is a scramble to the top. When the path levels out turn right and follow the track to the rocks at the true summit and fantastic views.

To return, just retrace your steps. It is recommended to 'abseil' the chains going down.



Other References/Comments:

Take a picnic and plenty of water.

King of the Mountain


Very steep. Scrambling required. The metal chain came in handy. I started at around 07:30 and there were heaps of people around- solo hikers, trail runners, groups, people with children, a couple with a dog. I definitely would not attempt this in summer time unless you were planning on starting before or at sunrise- too exposed. Nice views from the summit.

BalticAussie on 9 Jul, 2023

I did this with Judy and Jane when we were staying at Boreen Point. We are between 50 and 65, and fit enough, even so, it was a bit of a struggle. Also, I was scared of exposure risk a few times. But there was a chain to help. It was a very busy walk, with lots of people training on the mountain. How they could run, I don't know! We were very chuffed to reach the top! It is a very hot climb as there is no vegetation, just a jagged and forbidding rock face! Leave early!

Kaz Manley on 26 Jun, 2023

Blinking steeeep!!

Chris Wilson on 10 Jun, 2022

made up in 21minutes from carpark at 95kg then went down in over 3 hours as I choose to go down the other side of the summit eeeek (don't recommend)

Chesspeople on 13 Feb, 2022

Lots of scambling straight up..Amazing happy for the stairs and chains

TrinaAtley on 5 Feb, 2022

Nice day, overcast with a breeze after last night’s storm. Great walk

glenn mead on 5 Dec, 2021

Short Sharp Sweet & Sweaty!
Started at 8.30am which was definitely a bit too late for this time of year - there is no shade for the last third of the climb.
I found the climb a challenge due to the very steep ascent and descent - lung busting up and very hard on my knees down. About 35minutes up and 40minutes down. Spent some time at the top where it was mostly shady, cool with great views.
The chain and stairs reduce the difficulty and would make it a much safer climb. Didn't need gloves.
I enjoyed the climb and glad I did it, but feel that Mt Maroon and Flinders Peak were much more challenging (for me), both of which I look forward to doing again.

Carmen on 3 Oct, 2021

Mt Cooroora is on Kabi Kabi country. This was certainly a mountain - for my first time it took me 1 hour to walk up and 40 minutes down. Most of the hike is actual scrambling and walking up steps, and the chain is really helpful and makes it a lot easier so I would say you don’t necessarily need scrambling skills due to that. I went out and bought gloves for the chain after reading all of these comments, then didn’t need to use them at all once there (this could be as I regularly do heavy weights at the gym without gloves and probably am conditioned - if you’re the same then I recommend you save your money). I do think this walk requires a moderate level of fitness at minimum, and for me it was challenging but certainly not impossible or tempting to turn around at any point. I stopped a few times for breaks on the way up and the views are gorgeous for most of the ascend, then stunning at the top. The walk is well marked, some of the pathway is covered by a nice amount of shade, but there is also a lot of sunny spots. It was a fairly heavily trafficked walk even though I went later and on a weekday.

Babs on 24 Aug, 2021

Challenging walk. But great views. Really enjoyable.

Keithyburger on 24 Jul, 2021

This was my second time up. For fun I timed myself and it was 30 mins up and 33 mins down which might have been extended as I walked a different path down somehow but regardless made it back to the Carpark🤣😂So this time round it was later in the day and no sign of rain so everything was dry. My last time it was early and a drizzly day and everything was slippery. Still fun just slippery. This time even without the slippery it was still fun. As always great for fitness as it requires a fair amount of stamina to go up at a pace. The sky was clear at the top so it was nice to see much further in views than I had when the cloud sat on top of Cooroora that day. Such a great climb I'm always happy to go to that one☺

Valda on 29 Jun, 2021

Great hike with a bit of everything. Glad I brought my hiking gloves for the chain section.

Olwyn on 18 Apr, 2021

Pretty good slog up but views were great,mind your footing coming back down as its quite steep

Bribie 61 on 28 Feb, 2021

Impromtu hike up Mt Cooroora today.
Didnt quite make it to the top, but still a lot further up than I thought I'd make it.
Confident i will make it up one day. It wont be pretty, but I'm sure I can with a little bit more preparation.

CM Betelgeuse on 29 Jan, 2021

What can I say! I absolutely loved this mountain. It was sooo much fun. There was natural terrain and man made aids within the mountain. It was a slightly damp morning when we set out at 7am up Cooroora. The walk up was slightly steep and then the steel ladder steps with chain to aid was a nice aid. The chain helped when there was limited rock or step to get up. The rock climb was fantastic! I'm not exactly tall so I wad thrilled to be able to have so many grip options to help myself up. Compared to mount Walsh where I needed to stretch a little more for gripping. This mountain has been hands down my favourite for the rock climb and the summit although small has tree views with a gap where it's open for great photos. I will definitely be going back to this fun climb again for sure!

Valda on 20 Jan, 2021

Got the heart rate up, but the views were worth it!

Nikki Devlin on 27 Dec, 2020

Was a challenge for me, but very well worth it. Glad that I had read here and followed the advice to bring gloves. Appreciated the gloves and the chains to assist with climbing. Awesome views, appreciated the beauty of creation. Would do it again in a heartbeat!

Carl on 23 Dec, 2020

Good walk, it was raining a little on the way up so had to take it slow with 3 kids youngest one 9. It was very cloudy when we got to the top after about 50 min. So we didn’t have the best view, the sun came out on the way down so we got to see the view to the east. We were glad it was sunny on the way down so it wasn’t so slippery. Spent 2 hours in total with about 20 mins at top.

Kent on 18 Dec, 2020

Loved doing this one. Did it early in the morning when it was still covered in clouds when i went up. When the clouds burned off it was amazing. Will definitely do this one again. A reasonable level of fitness is required due to the steepness of the track up the mountain.

Chewie on 15 Nov, 2020

Have climbed this lovely mountain twice. Today for sunrise and again a few weeks after. Steep climb. Rock scrambling. Great views.

Tess on 12 Nov, 2020

Did this twice today. Missed sunrise because we left Toowoomba at 1.15am and I was salty so I climbed for sunset 28 minutes up and 16 minutes down from car park! Its lots of fun!

Chesspeople on 6 Nov, 2020


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