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Baxter Falls - Northern Approach (Kondalilla National Park)
17 Feb, 2024
3.3km one-way
90 mins
Heaps of rain the day before so the track down was very slippery but the falls were in full flight. Really nice little track well worth the effort, as usual in the Mapleton area the humidity is very high so bring plenty of water to balance the sweat factor.
Mt Wellington - Summit Lookouts (Wellington Park)
1 Feb, 2024
Very Easy
400m return
30 mins
Mt Hobwee Circuit (Lamington National Park)
15 Nov, 2023
18.2km return
8 hrs
Good walk on a hot day as mostly under forest canopy. Not much in the way of views but as stated by others the summit is a nice place for a lunch break. Took me about 7 hours including a couple of meal breaks & I don't walk that fast, if you haven't walked Coomera Falls do that on the way back as an extra treat.
Moonlight Crag, Balancing Rock and Castle Crag (Lamington National Park)
10 Aug, 2023
3 hrs
Good easy walk to some landmarks around O'Reilly's Guesthouse, all 3 can be easily done in a couple of hours.
Albert River Circuit (Lamington National Park)
8 Aug, 2023
21.8km return
7 hrs
Lovely walk, track can be wet & slippery in places. Views from Echo point are great & heaps of waterfalls along the valley.
Kureelpa Falls (Mapleton National Park)
10 Jul, 2023
2.5km return
1 hr
Walked the shorter version & it had been pretty dry so falls were pretty quiet but you can see how big they would be after a downpour by the lay of the rocks.
Might walk in the long way next time & go after a rainy period
Gheerulla Valley Circuit (Mapleton National Park)
13 Apr, 2023
6 hrs
Good day to walk, the creek hadn't seen much water but its still a lovely walk. Plenty of areas to take a swim on a hot day.Climb up out of the valley is a workout, going anti-clockwise on the circuit.Great veiws from Thilba-Thalba.
Westray's Grave from Christmas Creek (Lamington National Park)
14 Mar, 2023
7.5km return
3.5 hrs
Pretty solid walk, track is ill defined in places, took around 4 hours with a 1 hour break at the gravesite. Lovely walk mostly well shaded & pleasant with the sound of the creek always close by.
Baroon Lookout (Kondalilla National Park)
7 Feb, 2023
4.9km return
2 hrs
Nice short walk, noisy cicadas on the day i went
Emu Mountain (Mt. Peregian) (Sunshine Coast)
17 Jan, 2023
1.6km return
1 hr
Good views from the top & much quieter than Mt Coolum
Gheerulla Falls (Mapleton National Park)
5 Jan, 2023
2.8km return
1 hr
Nice walk, very wet & drizzly that day but kept it cooler to walk
Coonowrin Circut (almost) (Glass House Mountains National Park)
13 Sep, 2022
2.25 hrs
Good views of Mt Beerwah on the west side of walk, when you get to the end where the "Private Property"signs are you can bush bash the last 100 metres(scrub is not that thick) & you can see a gate which is the corner gate of private land, then follow the fire trail from there back up to Murphy's road saves backtracking about 5 kms. The fence line at the end is very noticeable so you won't be trespassing on any ones land if you keep a lookout
Mt Tinbeerwah (Sunshine Coast)
7 Sep, 2022
1km return
45 mins
I took the advice of another hiker on this site & walked up the Mt Tinbeerwah goat track from Old Tewantin road, this route probably makes the hike a Medium walk & a lot of more fun than just the walk from the carpark to lookout. Trail is well defined so no issues getting lost. Highly recommended
Mount Cooroy (Sunshine Coast)
21 Aug, 2022
3km return
2 hrs
Great weather early in the morning for this walk.Terrific views from both lookouts & can't argue with tea & damper at the bottom of the climb for purchase at the Spring Festival. Good atmosphere with heaps of people climbing up the mountain. Probably will have a go again next year or the year after
Mt Tunbubudla West (Glass House Mountains National Park)
2 Aug, 2022
4.7km return
3.5 hrs
Pretty slippery under foot especially coming down, nice & quiet, only saw 1 other walker on the day. I took the right hand track(?) around the cliff face which I wouldn't recommend
Morans Falls (Lamington National Park)
22 Jul, 2022
4.4km return
90 mins
Short walk with the reward of a great waterfall, it had been raining for 2 days when I went down this track so plenty of action from the falls. Very misty from low cloud so views were limited that day
West Canungra Creek Circuit (Lamington National Park)
20 Jul, 2022
6 hrs
Rain around so creek crossings were challenging, especially the last one(walked clockwise), great easy walk down to the Blue Pool then on to the more challenging parts, GPS is very handy for following the track in places as its not always that obvious
Point Glorious (Mapleton National Park)
20 Mar, 2022
6.7km return
105 mins
Walk up the gravel road is not exciting but in the morning it was well shaded & pleasant. The great views from the lookout make up for the track up.
Mt Cooran (Sunshine Coast)
16 Jan, 2022
1.3km return
1 hr
Great views even though it was misty on the morning we climbed up
Mount Cooee (Glass House Mountains National Park)
3 Oct, 2021
4km return
2.5 hrs
Fairly straightforward walk up, great views of Tibro up close & Beewah etc further to the west