Baxter Falls - Northern Approach

Kondalilla National Park

This walk leads through open eucalypt forest, dropping almost 300m down to the suspension bridge across Baxter Creek and the Falls to your left. The water falls into a 'bowl', before cascading into the bottom of the creek. Access to the 'bowl' is thought to be by bush bash to the left, but was not tracked.

Bird Watching
No Dogs Permitted
No Camping Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Head to Mapleton on the Blackhall Range and in the centre of town turn down Obi Obi Road and then left into Suses Pocket Road. There is no access into Suses Pocket Road, an no car parking provided.


Baxter Falls

Route/Trail notes:

Walk down Suses Pocket Road, go through the gate and follow the tarmac road down for 200m before turning left onto the signposted track for the Great Walk. This well defined track then zigzags down the slope towards the creek, with plenty of steps to negotiate. At the bottom you can cross the metal bridge and then turn left along the creek to the falls, or turn left along the creek before the bridge.



Other References:

This walk forms part of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk (58km) and you can continue a further 3.4km (Medium) to reach Flaxton Mill Road car park. See 'Baxter Creek Falls - Southern Approach'.



It's a bit muddy and a few leeches at present but the falls are gushing. It's well worth it. Lots of bird calls along this track too.

Hogey Bear on 1 Apr, 2024

Heaps of rain the day before so the track down was very slippery but the falls were in full flight. Really nice little track well worth the effort, as usual in the Mapleton area the humidity is very high so bring plenty of water to balance the sweat factor.

Bribie 61 on 17 Feb, 2024

Loved it, hiking down into the gully to be at the base of the falls. Keep in mind you won’t have mobile service for most of the hike.

Joanne on 7 May, 2022

Nothing to add to other comments. It's just good. We were heading to Thilba Thalba to camp.

S.C Hiker on 3 Jan, 2022

Completed this as part of the Sunshine Coast Great Walk. Day 2 is easier than day one with less uphill walking and drier forest which meant you didn’t have to watch your step as much.

Bobbe on 22 Jan, 2021

I walked this track today with a friend. We parked on Obi Obi Road opposite Suses Pocket Road. The walk along Suses Road is pretty, many whip birds. The gate leading to the track has very smart handles. The walk down to valley is very beautiful, magnificent tress many with birds nest ferns. The track is narrow with many steps and zigzags back and forth. The suspension bridge across the creek is solid and fun to cross. The falls and the pool below are gorgeous, great swim. The walk back is demanding, all uphill, a reasonable level of fitness is required.

tim on 7 Oct, 2020

This walk passed through private property on Suses Pocket Rd. There is no parking provided as stated at Rd entrance. The road is private and the residents are friendly but report up to 6 vehicles per day invading their privacy and reversing over plants etc. Let's all try to be respectful and do the right thing.
The falls are well worth the walk .

Terri T on 26 Jul, 2020

Recommend doing this walk from the Southern entrance as there is space to park there and a nicer walk in. We tried the Northern entrance via the gravel road and were told off straight away from residents. There's nowhere really nearby to park either so may as well just head to the other entrance.

MELG on 14 Jun, 2020

Great walk. A lot of interesting vegetation. Of course, the suspension bridge was great and the falls were quite photogenic. The walk is steep but quite manageable. Shame that there is not parking handy. I had to park out on the Obi Obi Road road and walk-in along Suses Pocket Road

Graeme "Watto" on 2 Jun, 2020

Nice walk through pleasant rainforest, but I recommend the Southern approach if you like a bit more of a challenge (I think the scenery's better too).

cc on 4 Apr, 2020

Loved this walk. Love the waterfall and bridge. Path bit muddy from all the rain but not a difficult track. Zigzags all the way down. Keep an eye out for red mushrooms. Park up the road and walk to Suses Rd. Would do again when less water flowing to be able to explore more around the river.

Linda on 22 Apr, 2019

We had done this walk after heavy rainfall so was muddy in some sections heaps of water flowing from waterfall the suspension bridge is a cool feature did this with my 8yr old son

Shara on 21 Apr, 2019

There is no parking here. This is part of the SSCH Great Walk, and it just happens to cross Obi Obi Road at this point. You cannot drive into Suses Pocket Road. So you need someone to drop you off at the intersection, or better start this walk at Mapleton Falls where there is plenty of car parking. But be warned, this section requires a good level of fitness, especially on the way back. It's all uphill and quite narrow with steep drop offs at times. Also, it can be very slippery after a bit of rain.

Wanderer on 12 Apr, 2019

I recommend only doing this walk if youre after the bushwalking. It was a lot of effort for this small waterfall and you can go to bigger and better ones with less effort. If youre after a swim.. Goodness knows whats in the water here. But at least at the closeby gardners falls and kondalilla falls, swimming is alot more popular there, maybe less gross things in the water? Or not. The walk back was tiring and felt like it took forever.. Just alot of uphill in the humidity. Alot of big rocks near the waterfall that are suitable to sit and eat on. I post photos of my hikes to am based in the Sunshine Coast :)

Hannah MC on Feb, 2019

Park about a km away and walk into the park. A beautiful walk

Sharon Abbott on 26 May, 2018

It had been raining on the day and the days before so the track had muddy and slippery sections. The entry to the track is on the left of the sealed road about 150m down hill from the gate where we parked. The track itself wasn’t too bad despite the conditions. Was worth the walk.

David S on 25 Mar, 2018

Loved walking to the falls. The suspension bridge was great! Great place to have a picnic.

Marisa on 14 Dec, 2017

Absolutely stunning after heavy rain, thoroughly enjoyed this hike!

courtlalala on 10 Dec, 2017

Nice surprising lil find. Relatively easy walk.

J on 14 May, 2017

Our third 'falls walk' of the day and one where details were a little sketchy. However, it was well worth the trek to find this little haven on Baxter Creek. It is amusing that National Parks signpost this as Baxter Falls from the north and Baxter Creek Falls from the south!

F.A.B. on 19 Apr, 2017


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