Baxter Falls - Southern Approach

Kondalilla National Park

This walk leads through open eucalypt forest, past rocky outcrops and down the side of the gorge to Baxter Creek with its suspension bridge and beautiful waterfall.

Bird Watching
No Dogs Permitted
No Horses Permitted
No Cycling Permitted
No Trail Bikes Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Head to Montville on the Blackhall Range and 4km beyond Montville at Flaxton, turn left into Flaxton Mill Road. Follow this for 1.5km and the car park is on your right opposite Old Mill Lane.


Baxter Falls

Route/Trail notes:

The walking track is signposted from the car park and starts off fairly easily through an open rainforest environment and past Flaxton Camp for 1.8km. For the next 1.5km you drop 230m to the bottom of the gorge. The track narrows, twists, turns and becomes considerably steeper with steps and the vegetation denser and more tropical

At the bottom cross the suspension bridge and back and then follow the path down to the falls on your left. To get the best views, you can step stones to the far side, returning by the same route.



Other References/Comments:

This walk forms part of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk (58km) and you can continue a further 1.6km (Medium) to reach Suses Pocket Road. See 'Baxter Creek Falls - Northern Approach'.

Toilet facilities can be found at Flaxton Camp.


Was drizzling then raining but the walk was still quite popular. Well-marked and not too difficult- lots of kids were able to do it. Went for a swim at the waterfall. The water was really nice and refreshing on a humid day. Not much wildlife around when we were there- just some butterflies, kookaburras and dragonflies. The suspension bridge was a real novelty.

BalticAussie on 26 Jan, 2024

Nice walk down to falls. Then we went across suspension bridge and hiked a further 5klms to mapleton falls.

ian parker on 14 Aug, 2022

I loved this walk. I went with my partner and 9 year old step son who had never hiked in torrential rain and mud. While the walk was extremely messy and wet. The views were well worth it. Water was very muddy as it had been raining for 3 weeks straight but a great walk none the less.

xxxNickyxxx on 21 May, 2022

A relatively easy walk down to beautiful waterfalls, bring swimmers as the water is cold but just perfect to swim in. A harder climb on the way back up. Saw a huge black lizard and a wallaby along with some other friendly walkers.

Paula Wiseman on 18 Apr, 2022

jay on 1 Apr, 2022

The start of our walk to Thilba Thalba walkers camp. Nice walk and relatively easy section

S.C Hiker on 3 Jan, 2022

Great walk.
A little muddy but still managed.
Well worth the walk as falls are flowing.

Matt on 24 Nov, 2021

Arrived at 8.30am on a beautiful spring morning. Easy walk to falls where there was quite a large young crowd enjoying the swimming holes under the waterfall, and provided us with some amusement whilst having our snack! Walk back was a bit more "puffy" . Took approximately 2 hours in total. Definitely recommend this walk.

Carmen on 5 Sep, 2021

A great hike down and back! There was plenty of water in the falls after recent rain, it was beautiful!

Nads on 6 Feb, 2021

Completed this as part of the Sunshine Coast Great Walk. Day 2 is easier than day one with less uphill walking and drier forest which meant you didn’t have to watch your step as much.

Bobbe on 22 Jan, 2021

Took 3 hours start to finish. Going back up was steep so took extra time.

KLEEWDO on 5 Sep, 2020

I am a 12 year old boy who is writing a review on the Baxter's creek circuit. This walk is a tough 7.5KM walk that goes down into a valley and comes back up on the way back. The walk starts off with a wide track that is undulating for about 2KM, then there will be a sign that says Mapleton falls, but you're not going there. Just before the suspension bridge you will turn right and walk 100m and you will be at Baxter's falls lookout. When you turn off the wide track there will be a skinny dirt track and it will be a very steep downhill and this will go on for 2.5KM thereabouts. When you get to the bottom, like I said turn right and walk 100m and you will be there. The waterhole is nice to swim in but not in winter because the water is absolute freezing cold. The way back up is harder though because you have to hike all the way up what you just came down. In total, it's about 7.5KM, and a really beautiful walk with a nice refreshing swim at the bottom only in summer I recommend. Hope this info is useful to you, have a nice day! XD

TheN8tureBoy on 4 Jul, 2020

I did this walk with my 65 year old parents. It had been raining and even rained a little bit when we were walking so the track was muddy and slippery in parts. I was a bit worried about coming back up as the decline seemed to go on for ages but it was actually fine and I wasn't puffed at all (although I did have a couple of rest stops waiting for my folks to catch up). It took about 2 hours and just under 7km. Was a very enjoyable walk and the waterfall was great at the bottom.

ChasingWaterfalls on 20 Jun, 2020

Beautiful walk, easy on the way down and a bit of a heart pumper on the way back due to the incline however it flattens back out in time for you to catch your breath and stroll back to your car. The falls are a beautiful sight at the end and deff a must do if you’re in the area! The waterfall was flowing well today after recent rains.

MELG on 14 Jun, 2020

Did this yesterday...all the info posted already is spot on....took us about 2 hours 20 minutes return....a little puffed on the return leg as its quite steep....the creek and waterfall are worth time ill venture further on to mapleton falls on the same track...

Greg Brady on 9 Jun, 2020

Fantastic walk. Would be an amazing place for a swim in Summer!

Shassen79 on 31 May, 2020

I thought this walk was 3.8 km in total but that is one way... our 5yo has very tired legs after hiking there, swimming in the freezing water and then hiking back. But she did it and was very proud of herself when we learned how far it actually was.
It’s a beautiful, well-maintained walk. Close to the falls it drops down steeply but the first half of the walk is very easy-going.

Emily on 4 May, 2020

An awesome walk through magical, lush rainforest. Lots of walking up-hill on the way back but manageable as it's not too steep.

The water was extremely cold but very refreshing. Recommend going when it's quiet as there aren't many places to sit around the water.

cc on 28 Mar, 2020

Great walk, cool suspension bridge in the valley, creek needs some rain. on 14 Jan, 2020

Nice walk, 3.5 & 6 yr old managed it well. Loved the bridge & falls. Water was freezing, as expected. Will be back again

Anonymous on 11 Aug, 2019


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