Kondalilla Falls Circuit

Kondalilla National Park

Kondalilla Falls (80m) is one of the most spectacular and accessible falls on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The walk down to the falls is 'family friendly' with some rock stairs and a maintained path. Great views of the rainforest valley from the natural rock pools at the top. You can swim in the rock pools at both the top and bottom of the falls.

Bird Watching
Picnic Facilities
No Dogs Permitted
No Camping Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb


Getting there:

Head to Montville and 2km north of the town on the Mapleton Montville Road, turn left onto Kondalilla Falls Road, where there is a car park at the end. At weekends, this area becomes very, very busy and you will find yourself having to park in the adjacent residential streets.


Kondalilla Falls

Route/Trail notes:

The entire trail is well defined and maintained by National Parks. From the bottom of the picnic area just beyond the car park, join the figure of eight trail, which includes  the Picnic Creek Circuit (1.3km) and shared with the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk (58km). At the bottom of the Picnic Creek Circuit take the pathway steps (about 150) down to the rock pools at the top of the falls on your left. From there, cross the bridge and down the valley to the bottom of the falls and then back up the far side (another 150 steps) to rejoin the original trail and back to the picnic area.



Other References/Comments:

In the summer months, don't forget to take your swimmers.


Very sunny and dry conditions rn ☀️

We did the full circuit loop counter-clockwise as suggested! The descent wasn't too steep but I can see it being annoying as an ascent if done clockwise. Very busy as it was a Sunday afternoon.

Not much water trickling down atm and the lower pools were pretty stagnant and gross. Kinda flopped ngl, would recommend coming here after heavy rains.

🕷️🦎💚Fauna spots: Heaps of trapdoor spiders in their burrows, a couple of medium sized lace monitors, a cool red and black centipede

:) on 5 Mar, 2023

Wet and rainy. Waterfall and rock pools looked fantastic

Calum Burn on 22 Oct, 2022

Fantastic walk, relatively short and simple but steep enough to be a nice small challenge. The bottom pools seemed stagnant but the top pools were flowing and fresh. Saw a bloody huge goanna basking at the top of the falls.

Angus Small on 18 Aug, 2022

Spectacular falls after rain. Recommend taking this in the anti-clockwise direction, to take the steep stairs down and the more comfortable switchbacks out from the valley.

JamesR on 23 May, 2022

Bit muddy today but the falls and views are worth it!!

Kyles73 on 31 Jan, 2022

My favourite non-summit walk in Queensland!

The views driving up past Maleny we’re amazing! I thought the walk was pretty easy, aside from climbing the stairs up going back to the car park - not too hard just made me a little puffed. After reading the comments I also added the Flat rock trail to my walk and was definitely worth it! A little more challenging and more of a rough path but I loved it. There’s a really nice quiet place on the river to stop and have a snack.

On my way back on the Kondalilla circuit I took a swim at the bottom of the waterfall. It was such a memorable experience and the waterfall was breathtaking 100% recommend.

I tried to get to the car park super early as I heard it gets busy quite quickly, and lucky I did as when I got back the car park was full!

Jose on 12 Dec, 2021

Very popular and beautiful walk. Gets muddy when there is recent rain but I believe this walk is at its most beautiful when it's rainy. The waterfalls are at their best too.

AmyKT on 3 Dec, 2021

Amazing views

Norzaini Amin on 17 Nov, 2021

Challenging, beautiful and the best waterfall I have seen so far loads water, refreshing green.

Margaret Peril on 18 Jun, 2021

Very well maintained track. To get a good view at the base of the waterfall you’ll need to do a small scramble but otherwise not a difficult walk. Lots to see with plenty of places to stop to soak it in. I stopped many times including 30 minutes at the bottom and completed it in around 1.45hr.

I noticed google maps tried to take me a different spot than the signage. Make sure you search “Kondalilla car park”.

Jack McGrath on 2 Jun, 2021

A good walk, can be quite busy.

jgrun14 on Jun, 2021

Pretty easy trail with lovely views around the Rockpool and waterfall .

Olwyn on 8 May, 2021

Very enjoyable works up a sweat

Denise Wilson on 21 Feb, 2021

Definitely, a walk that is worth it. Pace yourself on the way back.

Rebecca on 15 Feb, 2021

Best time to go is after the school holidays and during the week. Stopped over in Montville for coffee and took the track counterclockwise. Had a quick peek at the rock pool up top, then down to the waterfall and up again to swim in the rock pool. Water was a little cool in February but refreshing. Saw a turtle above the waterfall at the rock pools. Amazing little getaway.

Anonymous on 4 Feb, 2021

It's a fairly easy walk with quiet a few stairs down to the bottom. Went for a swim in the rock pool above the waterfall which is a really nice little area to go for a swim. The walk is easy to follow and well signed.

Filmed the day on YouTube if this helps anyone https://youtu.be/_m9gbIv6VwE

Frenzy Adventures on 3 Feb, 2021

Completed this as part of the a Great Walk. Day one was a very beautiful walk through rainforest with the falls in full flow thanks to recent rain.

Bobbe on 21 Jan, 2021

When we went there was quite a bit of rainfall so the Track was a bid muddy but the waterfall was beautiful and I had a nice swim in the cold water.

Polarbear88 on 31 Dec, 2020

Definitely will take 2 hours. There’s 2 places to swim but the water is very cold so I didn’t bother.

Clem on 27 Dec, 2020

Revisted after heavy rains. Amazing. And muddy, but worth it

CM Betelgeuse on 18 Dec, 2020


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