Morelia Track

D'Aguilar National Park

This track takes walkers from the Manorina car park to Mount Nebo lookout. Trek through wet eucalypt forest containing groves of cabbage tree palms, recognised by their huge, fan-shaped leaves. At Mount Nebo lookout, enjoy spectacular views over the Samford Valley to Moreton Bay. The track is well defined and gently-sloping. Keep your eyes peeled for a few of the old track markers with distances marked in miles.

No Wheelchair Accessibility
No Dogs Permitted
No Cycling Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Travel along Waterworks Road at the Gap and follow the signs into the park. The Brisbane Forest Park information centre is just inside the boundry. Follow the winding road Mt Nebo Road


Maps are available from the Department of Environment and Science, Parks and Forests:

Route/Trail notes

The trail is clear and easy to follow.


No permits and costs involved.

Other References

Department of Resources topographic map: Manorina (9443-234)


Beautiful, simple walk. Plenty of shade. Quiet track. Beautiful secluded sun baking spots.

Brenden on 12 Aug, 2023

Track is open

Clem on 13 Jul, 2023

Track currently closed: Went to do this walk yesterday, but its closed for upgrades and maintenance until 'July 2023' according to the sign.

Went up the road and did the Thylogale Track instead which was a nice concession.

Southgate on 22 Apr, 2023

Fairly cruisy, took me 1.5hrs including 15mins at the top. Gentle slope the whole way.

Willem on 11 Sep, 2022

Fairly cruisy, took me 1.5hrs including 15mins at the top. Gentle slope the whole way.

Willem on 11 Sep, 2022

Fairly cruisy, took me 1.5hrs including 15mins at the top. Gentle slope the whole way.

Willem on 11 Sep, 2022

A very pleasant walk, easy grade, good condition. One tree across path which has been there quite a while, judging by the worn off bark where people are hopping over it. Views down to Samford (to right at the top) but otherwise surrounded by trees and no other views even from the slightly higher point (to left at the top).

Elaine P. on 10 Jul, 2021

With vicki

Katrina on 6 Feb, 2021

Easy walk through rainforest with beautiful birdsong and changing terrain. Took approx 1.5 hours return to Mt Nebo lookout

Lyndel on 31 Jan, 2021

Nice easy walk, limited but very good views from Mt Nebo lookout. Worthy walk

Angus Small on 15 Jan, 2021

Well maintained track, easy walk, pretty area.
One of the loudest places I have ever been! Not sure if it was this day or time of year but the cicadas were deafening to the point of being unpleasant (especially for children).

Cassablanca on 21 Dec, 2020

Nice easy walk with nice views.

Lotus on 21 Oct, 2020

quite shady, not too steep, track is in good condition, nice lookout at the end of the walk. carpark can get quite full, i advise arriving before 9am.

Rach on 27 Sep, 2020

Easy and relaxing walk, with great view on the top but limited space. The outlook view is a bit of hided by the trees though. People who is sick of the car might find the road to the mountain is a bit of hard with lots of zigzags.

Hui Xiao on 6 Jul, 2020

From Ipswich, if you head out through Fernvale and head towards Somerset Dam, you can head up towards Mt Glorious, Mt Mee and Mt Nebo through some absolutely beautiful scenery 🌄

Today I hiked the Morelia Track at Mt Nebo.

This track will take you from the Manorina carpark to Mount Nebo lookout.

This track is gentle sloping with some steep sections and nice and easy to follow all the way 👟

You will pass through some beautiful lush rainforest that is filled with the sound of birdsong 🦜🌿

When you reach the lookout you will be greeted with views over the Samford Valley to Moreton Bay 🏞

If you team this hike with the Atrax Circuit, it is about 7km round trip.

It took me about 1.5 hours with stopping to take photo's along the way.
This is an easy little hike but will get your heart pumping

Enjoy 🙏💕

Instagram :- misslissy79


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Mel on 5 Jun, 2020

Easy walk away from crowds. The Cabbage tree palms are a sight to behold.

Wanderlust on 29 May, 2020

Good walk. Easy to find parking at 'Manorina'. Was a lovely walk through lush rainforest with lots of birdsong. Combined this walk with the Atrax circuit. View at the top was good but not as great as was expecting - there was only a small area where you could see out from and we had to wait due to a large family taking photos.Distance = 6.67km, time = 1:53.

Vic and Ale on 16 May, 2020

Easy path to and from the lookout, an enjoyable short walk.

boots_n_all on Jan, 2020

Pretty easy walk. Went a bit late so the route was very quiet and we had the view all to ourselves :)

:) on 21 Jul, 2019

One of my favourite walks. Beautiful rainforest pockets and an everchanging scenery. Easy walk and the lookout is worth the trek

Kelly Stardust on Feb, 2019


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