Morelia Track

D'Aguilar National Park

This track takes walkers from the Manorina car park to Mount Nebo lookout. Trek through wet eucalypt forest containing groves of cabbage tree palms, recognised by their huge, fan-shaped leaves. At Mount Nebo lookout, enjoy spectacular views over the Samford Valley to Moreton Bay. The track is well defined and gently-sloping. Keep your eyes peeled for a few of the old track markers with distances marked in miles.

No Wheelchair Accessibility
No Dogs Permitted
No Cycling Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Travel along Waterworks Road at the Gap and follow the signs into the park. The Brisbane Forest Park information centre is just inside the boundry. Follow the winding road Mt Nebo Road


Maps are available from the Department of Environment and Science, Parks and Forests:

Route/Trail notes

The trail is clear and easy to follow.


No permits and costs involved.

Other References

Department of Resources topographic map: Manorina (9443-234)


One of my favourite walks. Beautiful rainforest pockets and an everchanging scenery. Easy walk and the lookout is worth the trek

Kelly Stardust on Feb, 2019

Easy walk close to Brisbane city. I loved how the vegetation constantly changed along the track and the lookout at the end :)

AmyKT on 18 Aug, 2018

Quick venture to mt nebo lookout with wife and kids. Narrow track and a only a glimpse of a view.

Coopsy on 12 Aug, 2018

Nice easy walk close to Brisbane with some subtropical vibes

Adrianlorax on 3 Jun, 2018

Easy to find, 25 minutes from the city.
Great for a morning stroll, ends with a decent view of the east coast.

GeoDude on 2 Jan, 2018

Very nice walk, easy, through the rain forest. The walk is long around 4kms, takes approx. 1h 30min.

alenka on 11 Nov, 2017

A nice walk after a nice drive. Very dry country though. Would be much better after some rain.

Hardinge on 17 Sep, 2017

did this walk with my 6 year old daughter, took us 1.5 hours nice and easy

andre on 16 Sep, 2017

Did this walk and combined it with the Atrax Circuit. Quite a nice stroll on a Friday around lunch time. The views are very nice from the lookout and nice easy walk to get there. If anything the Atrax Circuit component of the walk is a little more difficult as it has a few steps to go up and down but still relatively easy going to anyone with at least a little level of fitness.

ozsailor on 15 Sep, 2017

Nice and easy family rainforest walk!

Marcin Piotrowski on 23 Jul, 2017


Bruce on 10 Jul, 2017

great walk. good lookout at mt nebo lookout.a few leeches on trail.
lots of tiny leeches waiting to get me back at carpark.i managed to dust em all off eventually,at least 20 of the tiny buggers.and i did soak my boots with buggoff before i left.

gizmobazz on 20 May, 2017

We did this walk, very easy and gentle walk. The view at the lookout over the Samford Valley and out to Moreton Bay is a great reward for the walk. We came back along the Atrax Circuit, which is also worth while doing, rather than walking the whole way back on the same track. Some walking guides say that this walk is steep and gravelly. We didn't experience this, it is a good casual and interesting walk.

Hunter on 28 Dec, 2016

Nice walk close to Brisbane. I have bad knees and this track didn't pose any problems. Gentle gradient with few stairs.

kerfuffle on 11 Dec, 2016

I most recently completed this walk in December. It's a lovely walk with a nice lookout at the end.

Bobbe on Dec, 2016

A great walk! We went up the Morelia Track, and back down Mt Nebo Break (as I have an irrational hatred of walking the same way there and back). We did have to walk along the side of Mt Nebo road to get back to the car park, but luckily the shoulder was wide enough that this was safe to do so. We did nearly step on a brown snake within the first 5 mins of the walk, so do keep an eye out. Otherwise, it's a very nice easy track, with a beautiful lookout, and some steeper hills if you go back via the Mt Nebo Break.

Emily Mayes on 16 Oct, 2016

Great walk. Very easy. Only took us 1 hour 20 mins with stops to take pics etc.

Alisha on 17 Sep, 2016

Great walk. Very easy. Only took us 1 hour 20 mins with stops to take pics etc.

Alisha on 17 Sep, 2016

Nice easy and flat walk. Great views to be seen from Mount Nebo lookout.

rob.bushman on 14 May, 2016

Nice walk, great view at the end. Not hard at all.

Guy on 3 Jul, 2015


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